Should I Jump Off This Roof? – Chicago Med

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  1. She's more worried about their fake followers unfollowing them than holding them accountable for supporting suicide? Wow.

  2. One of the truest things ever… Even in real life, this thing called the internet is just about making some of us hopeless….especially from not using it right! So use it right, people!

  3. What is wrong with those viewers they're sick and cruel for wanting that guy to kill himself, why do they want to see him do that, what has he ever done to them?. I can 't believe they started unfollowing just because he wouldn't jump off the roof.

  4. I think this proves that we shouldn't be worried about what people want us to do. Especially when they clearly don't care about us.

  5. This was very clever of Dr. Charles. To prove that their followers don't care about him. That they are sick twisted people who only want to see him hurt for their own entertainment.

  6. My faith in humanity is confused.
    I love Chicago med and their work in the show reveals some of the best humanity should offer.
    But those 'followers'… that was just sick.

  7. "It took us over a year to get 1mil followers" Dude, people in the real world who actually work harder than you get to a million followers after YEARS of what they're doing. I seriously don't understand why the producers put that in the script. It just makes my blood boil.

  8. Dr Choi's reaction when he found out she wanted to film him was funny. Love Dr Charles. This series is awesome as is all the Chicago series. Great actors.

  9. How can someone choose something so stupid? Do they want to be accountable for supporting suicide? In which case, have they no shame? And letting your life be controlled by what your video followers want? Sadly there are people who do idiotic things like that. Next time you want to choose something like that, where one choice can leave you accountable for supporting suicide, think twice. Would you like to have been the one who were told to jump off a height like that?

  10. The problem is, giving a child a laptop and they can be someone else, encourage things they usually wouldnt do beyond the computer because they believe they have no accountability for the actions of the person. This is the sad reality of cyber bullying, mental manipulation of those who believe they need their fans to feel a purpose in life and the lack of control over a generation who believe it's amusing to tell someone to kill themselves.

  11. n a t u ra l s e l e c t i o n .

    seriously, though, that's exactly how some 4chan discord /chat would be like.
    and some people would do anything for validation – for "likes", people would, and do, do ridiculously stupid things for "likes", eat laundry detergent "challenge", etc.
    they aren't friends!
    followers don't care.
    you're another few bytes, between watching "family guy" clips, and 5-min-crafts, "how2 make candy floss with pink colouring, sugar, and a hand-dryer from a local bathroom!".
    time to log-off and tune back in irl.

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