Singapore Airlines Economy Flight Experience & Food Review | Tokyo to Los Angeles

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  1. The free earpiece package at the entrace of the aircraft contains the earpiece adapter that can fit any 3.5mm earpiece. You can also request for one from the crew during the flight

  2. Gr8 vid. I did SIN to LAX / SFO on SQ numerous times Versus SIN to JFK twice on Qatar airways..Qatar airways is a notch higher.

  3. Just got back from Tokyo, and flew Singapore/economy, and I absolutely loved it. Great service, friendly faces and decent food. Already planning my trip back next year and will be flying with them again!!

  4. A few years ago I went on a flight from Auckland to New York to meet some family and DAM They Spoiled me xD on my way back i went on Qantas and Singapore Airlines Definitely won!

  5. For a moment I thought you were in a premium economy cabin. SQ really knows that travelers need not suffer on a long haul flight – even in economy.

  6. Thank you singapore Airlines for blessing the world with a great airline like Vistara..Whatever Sia touches turns 5 star automatically

  7. How much does it cost. You could get on a flight just to get your stomach full! 😀 I don't even have this variety of food on a daily basis. 😀

  8. I love your video. It is very detailed and easy to watch. I also love Singapore Airlines. Their customer service is really excellent. So, what I did when I had my vacation to the Philippines from London, I flew with Air China, also a Star Alliance member, to try and experience if the service and flight experience will be the same since they belong to the same group.
    You may check out my video about my experience with Air China. Just click the link:
    Be patient!

  9. I just want to complain about singapure airline customer hotline in jakarta and bogor
    My flight ticket back to hk on 30june 2019 jakarta singapure- singapure hongkong was wasted, On my flight day I get dehidration and vomited since night 29 that imposible for me to flight to hongkong I am under care one clinic in bogor, and my problem is I cnt contack all cust hotline jakarta or bogor, wheres call cust hotline 24 hr, really diappointed ?

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  11. I love all your videos I saw this video that you came to la I wish I could have met you but went in July now keep making the good videos I enjoy them all ??

  12. Nice vid. I like how you made it nice and short (I don't really like vlogs as they tend to talk too much XD)

  13. Singapore airlines exceeds business standard with what other airlines have to offer. Respect to Singapore!

  14. Would like the price,probably more then 1000 dollars… I guess even if alot of airlines have terrible economy class ,isnt that bad for a dieing industry,but i would take comfort over food.

  15. take the direct flight sfo 2 sg in 15 hours … non stop…. it is an experience… SQ is the only airline that stewards help you 2 store your luggages into the storage compartments n regularly replenish n clean toilets… more than adequate cabin staff who r ready 2 serve passengers hand n feet… no request is impossible or too small… choice of food caters to all races n religion n the cultery is NOT PLASTIC…in addition every half hour u r served snacks from apples to instant noodle… also there r latest movies shown on board… including magazines n newspapers… the plane is cleaned n NOT smelly… n debis is whisked away by the cabin staff… finally cabin staff r beautiful Singapore girl ,,, not your grandma in usa flights…. no few male staff…..

  16. Omg!! I remember being a little girl and getting a haagen daz icecream on my Singaporean flight too <33 now I'm 27 – very pleasant memories!!

  17. This summer 2019. I ll try s pore. Hopefully good flight. From NYC to Jakarta. 28 hours flight. Im so excited ?

  18. OMG I'm glad I ran I ran into this video. I booked my flight to Tokyo with Singapore Airlines. It looks like it will be far better than my flights with United last time

  19. Great flight but the breakfast is more like a second dinner and pretty heavy. It'd be nice to have a light fare choice, but overall it's still head and shoulders above all other trans Pacific flights.

  20. SQ still keeps the 3-3-3 economy configuration which is awesome. I’ve been fortunate to have flown them in business and bro, it’s awesome! I got an affordable business class ticket during one of their Presidents’ Day sales!Talk about good food! I also got to see Keanu Reeves up in First in my return flight to LAX. Hope they sponsor you! I’m sure you’d make a dope video! But overall you can go wrong with SQ. But lately their SQ12 arrival time has been so late.??‍♂️

  21. My best flight was from Switzerland to Singapore with Singapore Airlines. I was never bored despite having a long flight. Always nice fight or snacks and good movies to watch. Very nice airline.

  22. My first travel experience to Bangkok was using the Singapore airline. which is a transit from Brunei to Singapore and from Singapore to Bangkok. Even thought I'm using the economic class, it's still feel really comfortable and the flight attendant is really nice. Looking forward for my next travel using the Singapore airline. thumbs up!

  23. Glad you had a positive experience on Singapore Airlines as it's my national airline. Usually it cost a little more than other airlines but it's worth the extra dollars especially for long flights. Enjoy watching your videos Paolo, I get hungry seeing you eat all that food!

  24. Although I have only been on Singapore Airlines 2x, I still can't forget their superb, amazing, excellent experience flying with them. Superb planes, amazing services and excellent food plus the comfor of flying with them. And until now, I still love them. The best airlines ever! ???❤️❤️❤️

  25. Thanks dude. I loved the video. I enjoyed watching it. Singapore Airlines are fantastic. I try to fly with them whenever I can. They always take good care of me.

  26. This is why I love economy food more than business and first. In business and first, they usually take the food out and serve it on a plate. But in economy, the food is kept in the container and the aroma is still there when you open.

  27. Singapore is also my go to airline whenever I visit Japan. Their economy service is far much more superior than any other airline I've ever flown

  28. Singapore airlines is my favourite ….I hv flown with them from the uk at least once a year since 2014……My 2nd fav is KLM . 🙂

  29. Thank you for being such an excellent reviewer ! I felt like my son was telling me about his experience rather than a PR lecture!!

  30. You should go to the Qatar airlines… It's known for being th best airlines in the middle East and I support that points… It's really nice

  31. i wish to look that awake and happy in flight.
    I'm alost like a dead walker when i'm taking flights…

    Going to book a flight with singapore airlines thanks to this videos!

  32. Singapore Airlines is the Best airline! I like that you point out all the details in service that I experienced with them as well! their crew really goes that extra mile to make a passenger (even in economy) satisfied! They won Best Cabin Crew and I think that is well deserved!

  33. As a singaporean, I'd pretty much prefer Japan airlines. Much better in all aspects and the attendants are way more polite

  34. Thank you for sharing this experience. I actually am flying to Tokyo Japan through SingaporeAir lines in December, and was a little bit nervous. But watching this Vlog really put me at ease because it really showed me what to expect. Hopefully my experience is the same as yours.

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