Sir & Madame – Hyde Park, Chicago, IL

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I’m Brian from one half of Sir & Madam… And I’m Autumn, I guess I’m the Madam. We’re a clothing store based here in Hyde Park. We’re actually from Hyde Park as well –
met in grammar school at Ray School on 57th Street. So Hyde Park is home… We came to Sir & Madame to house our in-store brand and other brands that we felt aligned with us at the time and now we’ve gone mostly Sir & Madam – full lifestyle brand. When we were growing up in Hyde Park, Hyde Park was the the younger cultural like mecca. Yeah, growing up this is where you hung out. You can go have a drink, you can go to the movies, to nice restaurants… You know, we’re back to being a city within a city again. People that aren’t familiar with the south side when they come to the south side they like, oh well, it’s not what the news makes it out to be and they realize like you know, we have good stuff out here on the south side – good food, entertainment, and shopping, and you got a thriving neighborhood in Chicago. Some of our favorite spots in Hyde Park –
The Cove – I would have to say is like the number one spot… That’s the hangout. Mickey’s is a good spot. Yeah, it’s a good spot. Yeah I like Uncle Joe’s. And then I have to say I love Modern Cooperative, our neighbor… Best part about being a local business owner and employer of the community is just that we get to give back to a neighborhood that we really, really love. We get to employ people from the neighborhood so they can have this same opportunities that we grew up with. It means a ton to us just to have a presence here, and to be able to touch people, and talk to people, and inspire people, and be inspired by people…

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