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The motto of St. Joseph’s College is “To
be and not to seem.” That means that when one comes to St. Joseph’s College in any
of the capacities, staff, student, faculty, president, your life will deepen. You will
not be able to lead a superficial life with us. Sophomore year when I was able
to establish the political science club, a club that until a couple weeks ago I
was the president of. And for me it was one of the most defining parts of my career
here. Here at St. Joseph’s College I feel that we instill spiritual values in a
matter of service. Service to the other, but also service to the self and
personal growth, personal reflection. Looking inward and figuring out well how
am I being the best version of myself. Spiritual values are even broader than just
religion. Hopefully by the environment we try to create here at St. Joseph’s,
students will come to appreciate the life within them. To develop an inner
life. It is through our daily efforts that we become embedded like the
fragments of a mosaic in the identity and longevity of an institution which
where for of us feels very much like a second home. I like being involved in
Relay for Life because it gives me the opportunity to give back to my community
and those who are not able to fight on their own. I can help those who have been
through crazy experiences and it just inspires me every day to continue to
help others. Every time I go down there even you know recently when I’ve been
down as an alumni I always remember that what they give me is more than I could
ever give them and they’re sitting there in gratitude. Seeing the joy in their
eyes and seeing how how much they really genuinely appreciate what we’re able to
give them is something that I can’t put money on. Well coming in to St. Joseph’s,
I’ve always been the timid, the shy student. I avoided getting involved. But I wanted to reinvent myself coming to college with new experience, a new year for me. So I decided to get involved in all the clubs I could, all the service opportunities, I took advantage of. And you know all opportunities I got from
St. Joseph’s made me become such a leader. Oh my gosh, so proud. I can’t! I can’t contain myself!

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