Skycentrism: Horizonless Manhattan

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This animation was made to visualise a new generation of maps. On the site the link to which is in description
below it says: “thats’s how maps should work” “it lets you simultaneously and seamlessly view a city from the point
of view where your are standing and from a bird’s eye.” The aim of these future maps is to make it
EASIER TO NAVIGATE through cities in your car. In fact this animation shows..the true shape of the Earth. Many say that if we lived inside the Earth we would be able to
see like on the left side of the video, but we don’t so.. it proves that we live on a convex Earth. The
reason why we don’t see like this is.. that the sunrays don’t go straight, they eliptically BEND UPWARDS. That’s why wee see like on the right side of the
animation. Bending sunrays make it impossible to see further. The true is though..the higher we get from the ground the more we
see but the horizon is still on the eye level and flat.


  1. you deserve more views, i'm searching for more information about skycentrsim (cause i've got a little problem with ''lord steven christ'' lol) i think he's making a good point, and more and more people from different horizons are trying to find out what's goin on with all those nasa lies and conspiracies…thank you for your vids

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