#SmartCityPitch: San Francisco

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San Francisco is one of the most
transportation rich cities in the country. We’ve got some immense issues and
challenges. We’ve got the great land use, the great street design, and people are
coming and using transit but it’s overwhelmed. At the same time, the people that are
driving are finding it really hard to get around the city. Too many people are getting
hit by cars and they’re getting killed. We also have a population of our city that can’t afford
to get around, where they are physically not able to get around. Everybody can
benefit from increased mobility. Reduced travel times and reduced costs. That time
and travel is time that people aren’t spending with their families or their
not spending at their jobs. In 2000, I had a stroke. This is what put me in the wheelchair. This is my car, this is my baby. I’m not a sit at home type of person, I’m out most of the time out doing something. No one
solution is going to help make our city smarter. We can’t focus on one corridor
or one street. Our smart city proposal is really one that we think is
holistic. We’re focusing on smaller parts across
the region, the city and particular neighborhoods from an integrated
mobility app that can allow you to route, book and pay. To collision avoidance
technology on our largest vehicles. Free Wi-Fi in the neighborhoods.
Improving bike sharing, car sharing and electric vehicle charging access in the
neighborhoods. Having a street with five lanes of traffic is actually not helpful
to anybody. We’re trying to bring balance to our streets for people who are walking,
cycling, and taking transit and sharing. So if we can figure out a way to get
people around in higher occupant vehicles ,you can fill gaps in the transportation network. You
can provide services where we’re not currently providing services. And we
reduce the need for parking which means we can start convincing about parking
structures into affordable housing. And then we’re gonna create a community
challenge and we’re going to invite the neighborhoods to say, “I’m ready for this.” Neighbors will be able to reconnect with the
neighborhood, shop locally and really help reinvest their local dollars in their
neighborhood. My husband and I both decided to get rid of our cars. We got this big old
cargo bike with a little bit of this electric motor to help us get up the
hills. We’ve done a real good job of just taking
advantage of what our neighborhood and our city has to offer and how we can
just get everywhere we want without a car and do it that way. This city is only 49 square miles. And every time a car goes down you’re contaminating 49 square miles so you need to
get people out of cars and in some clean vehicles. From the day the cable car was
invented right here in San Francisco to today when we are hosting 12 companies
that are testing autonomous vehicles. We are a leader in transportation
technology. And with some of the nation’s top data analytics programs and
researchers on our campus, University of California – Berkeley can lend immense
support in helping San Francisco meet the Smart City Challenge. We have a society
in our city baked in of early adopters who llove to learn test and play new ideas. That’s our
culture. We have the ecosystem of all the providers, the strongest support network
from the universities, and we have the ability with all that different
topographical neighborhoods in our city. To really test this in different
applications, you should know the scale of your neighborhoods across the whole city to the rest of the cities around the
country ,and then ultimately around the world

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