Smile Makeover Chicago Cosmetic Dentist Patient Testimonials 2015

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Dr. Siegel came Highly recommended from other Friends of mine and other contestants that have been in the pageant circuit for being able to perfect the “winning smile” He had done a lot of work with some beauty pageants and I saw a lot of the results… the complete smile makeovers with a lot of his clients And I was completely sold at that point The previous Miss Illinois had worked worked with Dr. Siegel, and had procedures done After talking to those girls I learned that they all had wonderful experiences there and wonderful results From the second I walked in I was blown away with the staff and how everyone treated me… It was very warm and welcoming, very inviting I got to know the staff I got to know Dr. Siegel, They treated me just like I was family, like they’ve known me for years Even thought it was my first time there… Once I met Dr. Siegel I am like “OK this is my dentist” The work that Dr. Siegel did on my smile… it stood up to two trips to Afghanistan He is very professional, very methodic, very meticulous I think since I’ve gotten the veneers I have definitely become more comfortable with my smile I get a lot of compliments everytime I open my mouth now With my friends and family they joke that I smile too much now They are like who are you? like you never smiled before Ah! I am just smiling all the time and my facebook cant handle all the pictures I am putting on When all the procedures was done I felt great, I felt like a new person My new smile has definitely changed the way I feel about myself I love taking photos now. I’ve think I had three or four photo shoots since I had these put on I’ve always covered my smile and never smile on pictures… so its like a NEW ME! I saw his passion for his work and I see that this goes beyond just making money or what he does… it really is a passion Every year when I go to the military physical and I see the military dentist All of them are in awe of the work that Dr. Siegel has done They in fact to the point they call over other dentists say “you need to look at this” Dr. Siegel is hands down the BEST DENTIST I’ve ever had I would definitely recommend Dr. Siegel and Big Smile Dental YES! I would absolutely recommend Dr. Siegel to anyone looking to transform their smile My experience has been so positive that I even recommended that my dad and brother switch dentists and come here I would recommend Dr. Siegel to anyone I would definitely will recommend Dr. Siegel Not to mention my results have been nothing less than perfect and absolutely wonderful and I can honestly say that I wont choose another dentist again… smile makeover chicago chicago cosmetic dentist dentist patient testimonials who is the best dentist in chicago


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