Sources: Jeffrey Epstein Dies By Suicide In Manhattan Jail Cell

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  1. All the main stream media is making sure to say that this was suicide and nobody is believing that this high profile prisoner who was on suicide watch committed suicide. We've had enough fake news.

  2. …..I posted this a few times over the weeks on other Epstein's media videos, "…… Another Princess Diana job coming up." …..How right I was. ….So the 24/7 CCTV footage should sort all this out right.

  3. Don't anyone believe this lie, he was under suicide watch, also all jails have cameras now to monitor prisoner activity if not in the cell outside the cells. Complete fabrication by the powers that be to silence any potential truths from being revealed. He was far to dangerous to be left alive by the elites more than likely poisoned.

  4. Suicide my ……. he has been suicided, murdered ,assasinated taken out so lots of the crocodiles in the swamp can have a breath of relief…is this the end of the story ?

  5. bullshit corrupt fuckers they killed him so he couldnt talk anymore and now the rest of his rapist cahoots are safe

  6. Maybe detectives should look to see if there were any checks written to prisoners in that cell block from the TRUMP ORGAINIZATION!!!  I'm just thinking out loud…

  7. Corruption…wealthy people/politicians molest young girls and the so called media and justice system protect them…just another day in the American dystopia.

  8. Is this going to be investigated and some heads are going to roll, whether it will be the right person only time will tell.

  9. How is that possible when he's on suicide watch?….he should be near naked,….no belts…with 24/7 video watch….we want proof. How stupid do you think the US people are? How very convenient that with an accused being dead, all criminal ( not civil) charges against him vaporize. Yeah, we sheeple are really, really that stupid to believe this. Where's the video, how did he hang himself?…..with what?

  10. Suicide Watch Definition- An intensive monitoring process used to ensure that a person cannot attempt suicide. Usually the term is used in reference to inmates or patients in a prison, hospital, psychiatric hospital or military base. Suicide watch is mostly designed to prevent hanging, which is the most common suicide method in prisons and hospitals.

    Hmmmm….🤔 Great watching, If he was in fact on suicide watch that is. I have a sneaking suspicion they’re going to say he wasn’t on suicide watch lol. Maybe he’s in witness protection now who knows lol. I don’t put anything past anyone anymore.

  11. The Clinton's had him murdered before he could talk. Everyone new that this was going to happen, to cover up the DemocRATS, members of the liberal Fake News Media, Hollywood CASTING COUCH, Deep State, and Globalist involvement in PEDOPHILE AND SEX RINGS!

    Let's see how you spin this one Fake News? We know the truth!

    God's judgement eventually comes to all EVIL LIBERALS. Including those who falsely accuse President Trump of being a racist.

    DemocRATS suicide watch in effect. So, Epstein is either dead, or he made a deal in exchange for names.

    "Apparent Suicide" Sure liberal Fake News!

  12. Suicide my ass, more like another murder commited by the Clintons , people mysteriously die when the Clintons are about to get bent over . This wasn't a suicide , people arent this stupid

  13. billionaires dont commit suicide.
    They have cash to get out of crimes.
    Deep state smell . . . .
    Dead man cant talk.
    the real question now is how do you commit suicide in a suicide watch cell ?
    What happened to the video ?
    closed casket funeral will mean he's not dead.
    CIA – calling card if we dont see body.
    I said it first, he's not dead.

  14. 🇺🇸⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 Elites skate again. Likely, video mysteriously not working. Shocking, whoda thunk it, no one saw this coming. Witty commentary.

  15. Maybe the phrase 'suicide watch' means nowadays that you are watched while comitting suicide to ensure that you do it right?

  16. Of course……they sell suicide kits in jails……especially to people in his circumstance…..with free shipping to the cemetery to bury all he knows.

  17. Do we even believe he is dead/wasn't sprung from prison under the guise of needing medical attention? He went to a NY hospital – if there's anywhere that is controlled by democrat pedos that would write fake death certificates etc it's there

  18. Also… Stop calling him a "financier". He's not a "financier". Other than managing Wexner's money and getting his $77MM home from him for $10 (!)…..there are no records of any financial dealings that Epstein did to allow him to amass his Billions…even though he reportedly did have a short stint at Bear & Stearns……nothing of substance regarding financial deals can be found that would make him that rich. No one in the business recoginizes him or can recall any dealings he did. Stop reporting this by simply repeating things that are unvetted.

  19. You know…., as a Christian, GOD would of forgiven his sins, no matter what sin it is. But instead of going to the LORD for repentance, and trusting in the LORD for his salvation, he decides to listen to that other voice, Satan, and kill himself. So now, Satan has just added one more soul to his dungeon, which is HELL.
    One of the Ten Commandments(loved the movie) did say, "Thow shall Not Kill". And that includes yourself.
    Look, each and every one of us, including myself, on this planet, is a sinner after you are born. So let's not cast any stones.
    A life lesson….for the human race.
    Peace to All!!

    59-year-old Black Air Force VET 🇺🇸 And railroad lover 🚂//Toot Toot//

  20. Propaganda! This STINKS SO OBVIOUSLY-> he was “ON SUICIDE WATCH” Do you comprehend the complete absolute lack of possibilities a person Under CONSTANT MONITORING -> who is given NO ACCESS TO MEANS -> would HAVE THE MEANS.?!?! Get a clue people!! One more body to add to Clinton’s crime syndicate hit list kill sheet.

  21. You gotta be a fucking moron if you think this wasn't a hit.

    This guy knew who all the pedos were in power around the world. This was an assassination, period.

  22. Sure he did CBS, it's not suspicious at all that someone with information on Hillary Clinton and other people just mysteriously die on suicide watch. How stupid do you think people are?

  23. OMG absolutly nobody believes this lie…. Literally nobody…. A real eye opener awakening to the MSM…. NOW EVERYONE SEES THE PRESS LYING TO THEM…. Even blind Democrats see this one

  24. I’m sure there are other rich politicians as despicable as this guy who just made a clearly evil getaway. Gates of hell will be open to him for The atrocities he committed. It’s unfortunate that the victims will not have their day in court against him. He’s a monster and good ridden. He will get what’s coming to him in hell.

  25. I don’t believe this he bought his way out with all his money 💰!!!!!! A coverup 🤔👎👎👎👎👎🤔🤔🤔🤔

  26. He did not die of "suicide"…that is impossible while you are already in a suicide watch cell designed to prevent that and clothed only in a paper towel like material jumpsuit and sheets while being monitored 24/7with both video and physical surveillance…..impossible…
    We CANNOT let them sweep this under the rug…the elites are just pissing on our legs and telling us it's raining at this point

  27. Surprise Surprise !! It was just a matter of when…..and the FBI as usual will do nothing to properly investigate this murder, but protect the interests of the upper class. The FBI is too busy carrying out their TOP PRIORITY mandate to investigate and arrest the increasing number of African-Americans with self awareness ( see utube on The Young Turks – Leak reveals Trumps’s Dark Secret)-

  28. Who ever arranged to knock off Jeffery Epstein did a sloppy ass job. Would have been smarter to knock him off before he was arrested. Now his death looks all too convenient.

  29. He looks just like Obama so he must be a kenyan pedophile. Bill and Hillary Clinton assassinated Epstein to keep him silent for good. He was going to roll on them and other leftists. His security camera was malfunctioning in his cell… i call bullshit on suicide… i wanted to see this pedophile get the electric chair on pay-per-view. I woulda paid a dollar to see that… Id rather see him suffer to be honest. Because the CHILDREN HE RAPED AND PIMPED OUT TO THE ELITES… EVEN ONE OF THE QUEENS OWN… WHITE SUPREMACIST NAZI KKK ANTIFA CORRUPT MAINSTREAM MEDIA ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE FAKE NEWS TERRORIST LEFTISTS LIARS ARE CHEERING BECAUSE THEIR SLAVE MASTERS ARE GETTING AWAY WITH CHILD TRAFFICKING AND CHILD RAPE… WHY YOU THINK THEY LOVE ILLEGAL ALIEN CHILDREN SOO MUCH…… DEMS USE THEM AND CREEPY UNCLE JOE FONDLES THEM WHILE EATING THEIR HAIR AT THEIR EVERY WEEKEND #SPIRITCOOK … DISGUSTING

  30. Trump got up to a lot of questionable behavior with Epstein in the 90s – and so he has a lot to benefit from Epstein's suicide. The Clintons??? This seems to be Trump at his best convincing everyone to look elsewhere besides him and all the news networks are falling for it hook, line and sinker.

  31. On l'a tué avant le procès de peur d'inculper son ami TRump dépravé sexuel comme lui .Pourquoi vous en parlez pas.Celui qui n'a aucune dignité ne peut prétendre qu'il est libre car esclave de sa lâcheté.

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