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  1. Capaldi's humour really got to shine in the Christmas specials between S9 and S10. This scene, for instance, 12 is hilarious

  2. The Return of Doctor Mysterio was terrible! Such a shame because it was the only new episode in 2016. Fingers crossed this years Christmas episode is a lot better. Peter Capaldi deserves a decent send off and for some people this will be the end of Doctor Who.

  3. I'll be glad to get the Series 10 box set so I can enjoy watching "The Return Of Doctor Mysterio" again. I haven't seen it again since Christmas Day last year.

  4. Sooooo…
    Can the doctor call this guy whenever he needs a hand?
    Or is just another planet that look like the earth?

  5. I Just watched this exakt Episode on TV and then this came out…
    It feels so good, to actually know what this Episode is about!!!

  6. Hello, im a big doctor who fan from Brazil, and im looking for a way to watch/ dowload/ buy the series, can someone help me? All the sites I find dont work in my country and Netflix took Doctor Who from Brazils catalog for some reason.

  7. Is it just me who thought the acting in this episode was really poor (aside from Capaldi and Lucas). It's like they're all trying to hard to be serious despite the episode supposedly being "fun"…Justin Chatwin seems to be desperately trying to look cool, but dressed as a superhero like that it just doesn't work….

  8. doctor who used to be a down to earth sci fi show, over the yrs it has become contaminated with over the top ego and obvious ending's that spoil the story line ,

  9. There's something weird about the way they cast people as Americans and try to act in an American persona. They just don't really get it right. Take this superman guy. His face doesn't look like a typical American. He has a weird bone structure that looks more like a feminine Brit. When he talks it's in a weird whispering voice. Like he's trying to be guttural and flat but it comes off as creepy and unnatural.

    And remember when Capaldi was at NASA reading the message on Mars surface and everyone in there kept saying "Damn"? It was just weirdly wrong. Just like in the Nixon episode. Or when they comically portrayed the President with the Toklofane during the masters take over. "We can rule over you if that's what you wish" Or that other NY episode with daleks in the 20's. The acting was so off. The BBC just doesn't do well when it comes to pretending to be American.

  10. i never got to see last year's episode with the ghost. i want to see that one before i see this one. =( will you do a re-release of that somewhere?

  11. Whovian since 81, I just came to say that I've started and not finished the last two Christmas episodes. Always a bit goofy.
    I aim to finish them before this year's.

  12. That cannot happen, if he stops the ship so instantaneously, the ship will be wrecked, the force will be too much. Why do you think in every goddamn movie and comic we see Superman struggling against a plane, because he slows it down gradually, so as to not harm the plane and those inside it from wreckage, or else he could just stop it with his little finger. But this is Who, and as Matt Smith said "you don't add logic to Who".

  13. There is a comic book sequel to Doctor Mysterioso. Ask your local comic book dealer to order a trade collection of the story for you!

  14. The biggest thing I'm wondering about is who is going to say "don't forget to subscribe to the official doctor who YouTube channel" once Capaldi leaves ?

  15. the most exciting thing about this episode was hearing synthesized music at one point.
    not because it was bad but because synths dangit.

  16. Even if the building wouldn't collapse from the weight of the guy holding the plane standing on top of it, stopping it immediately like that would slam everything inside to the wall with the force of the impact, wouldn't even be able to survive that by pressing against the wall pre inpact you'd literally just be liquified, wonder how possible regeneration would be when the entire bodys destroyed instantly 😂😂😂 wouldn't have taken much to make this scene more realistic, can't he fly?? Pretty sure he can fly… Just fly up to it and slow it down as gradually as possible given the distance, but no dude has to stand there so he can stare at the woman, like flying off wouldn't be impressive enough he has to catch it one handed while not breaking eye contact, showing off for a woman and now the doctors been liquified…way to go 😂😂

  17. to all of the people complaining about how the building still stands the doctor already explained shock absorber grant did not just stop the plane he stopped its momentum/velocity(whatever you want to call it) and everything inside of it and so it was like it was never falling in the first place remember the thing he ate make what he wants happen and that was become a superhero and with all of those comics one is bound to have the power of shock absorbtion.

  18. Just watched the Doctor Who The Ghost on season 10 DVD the other day, the reaction on Nardole face as the space ship career toward New York as the Doctor tries to save life on earth, i just crack up laughing. lol

  19. I like to think of all the ways this should have gone wrong. For example, the building underneath Grant should have been demolished. It would have been hilarious if, while holding the ship with one hand, the ships balance shifted and fell on something anyway. The air pressure in front of a ship falling fast enough to burn the air from the friction could probably have done a lot more damage than it actually did. And, as everyone should no doubt know, the Doctor should have died from his momentum (which would have been exceeding his terminal velocity) being stopped instantly.

  20. This broke my suspension of disbelif. New Yorkers were stunned and stopped doing stuff for something fantastical.

  21. Hmmm… this newer hero ("The Ghost") seems like the writer's way of adding Superman character into the story, but with a twist.

  22. Ya know, Grant is just a Superman nock off, but I don't care! I loved this episode. It may have all the superhero tropes, but the tropes are done well.

  23. I love all the witty comments spoken in this excerpt! Why can't there be an entire episode dedicated to witty comments like those in here. By witty, I mean the left-handed, giant bomb, and shock absorber quotes. Those are just hilarious as the Doctor would say!

  24. That "I think I prefer you in your superhero costume" part is one of the best superhero romance moments ever … and it's from Doctor Who.

  25. “That’s why you don’t stand a chance, he’s actually left handed.”

    Is that a princess bride reference!?

  26. That impact would atleast destroyed the whole city block, and no one would be alive, buildings will be destroyed, everything will be flying everywhere, and windows from miles away will experience the shockwave and break

  27. A clear indicator that Grant has Superman’s tactile telekinesis rather than just super strength. Not only did he safely slow down the ship in a millisecond, but he’s also holding it by its nose and it’s perfectly balanced.

    Also explains why flying to the air at high speeds didn’t bother the girl. Her hair was barely ruffled

  28. Mrs.Lumbar I realize I probably should have mentioned this earlier in the evening, but please don't slap me, I think I'm holding a giant bomb

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