Stephanie Beatriz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s LGBTQ Impact

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-So we have
to talk about your character, Detective Rosa Diaz,
because “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” you’re going onto
your seventh season. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yay! -But your character had a pretty
big moment in the 99th episode. -Yeah.
-Tell us about it. -Yeah. Our creator, Dan Goor, is
a really, just wonderful human. And he had sort of been toying
with this idea for a while, like, maybe Rosa
is part of the queer community. And it ended up being one of
the things that I’ve heard, especially kids and their
parents talk to me a lot about. Like, a parent will come up
to me sometimes and say, like, “You know, my kid and I had
this whole discussion about it after watching the episode,
and it was — you know,
it was this easy sort of slide into talking about LGBTQ issues. And then, a month later,
my kid came out to me.” You know, like,
that’s the kind of stuff that, like, when you think about TV —
like, TV creates social change. Like, whether you know it
or not. And something as simple
as a character on a — on a network TV show being bi
is actually a really big deal. -It’s a huge deal.
It’s an absolutely huge deal. [ Applause ]
And I just want to add to this. You know, I’m not sure
your exact journey or story, and we would need
to get into all of that. But I mean, I remember last year when I came out,
it was terrifying. -Yeah, it’s terrifying.
-It’s such a scary experience, and so it is so important
to see people on screen where you feel like,
“Oh, that’s me.” -Yeah.
-Like, “I’m seeing myself.” It’s such — It’s a feeling
you can’t even describe so… Even on behalf of me,
like, thank you to you. -But that’s also
what you’re doing. -Because —
But I just thank you. I appreciate that.
-You’re doing it. You’re, like,
actually living it and — And in this kind of space, in this space in particular,
nobody’s been here before. You’re the first like you, and that is such
a miraculous thing. -We should hug.
I want to hug you. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Let’s hug! -That’s beautiful.
I love that. I love that. So —
And we just met today. -Yeah.
-But we’re already in love. -We’re already in love.
-We just met today. I mean, on the show, you kind of
speak in a deadpan voice. -Yeah.
-Do people ever get shocked when they meet you? Because you obviously
don’t sound like that. -I think a lot of times,
people don’t know that it’s — that I play Rosa Diaz on TV. What happens sometimes
is I get, “You know who you look like? You look kind of like that girl
on ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine.'” And most of the time, I’m like,
“That’s me.” And people are like,
“No, it’s not.” [ Laughter ] -So, humor me for a second, ’cause I would like to combine
two things that you love. So, you’re character, Rosa Diaz,
with “The Real Housewives.” What I would like to do is,
I would like to give you a card with a real — a tagline. -I thought you were gonna be
like, “Lisa Rinna’s here!” [ Laughter ]
“What? How?” -I’m gonna give you a card
with a “Real Housewife” tag, and I want you to give it
the old Rosa Diaz treatment and deliver it.
-Oh, my God. -All right, here we go.
These are some of the catchphrases
from “The Real Housewives.” -I’m too blessed to be stressed.
I’m too sexy to be thirsty. [ Laughter and applause ] You can stab me in the back, but
while you’re there, kiss my ass. [ Laughter and applause ] I’m back to being Zen.
Namaste, bitches. [ Laughter and applause ] -I mean, that was amazing.
Amazing. How’s it going over there?
Is the romance happening? -Oh, yeah.
-Are you about to get a son-in-law right now?
Maybe. Stay tuned to find out.
Stick around. We have more with Stephanie
when we come back. [ Cheers and applause ] Whoo! [ Cheers and applause ] We are back
with “Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s” Stephanie Beatriz.
Now we’ve got to talk about your upcoming project
with the one, the only, Lin-Manuel Miranda. I mean,
can we take a moment here? It is the movie adaptation
of “In The Heights.” What was it like
filming in New York? -It was very, challenging.
New York is a challenging city. It will chew you up
and spit you out. But it was really fun shooting. I mean, Jon Chu’s directing it.
It was an amazing cast. Incredible, like — These, like, incredibly
intricate dance scenes and, like,
huge numbers happening, like, on the street
in New York City. And, like, I’m not — I’m not what I would call
a professional dancer. [ Light laughter ]
-I mean — -And I’m not what I would call
a professional singer, either, but I’m doing both in this
movie, so go see it this summer! -I mean,
that’s what it’s all about.


  1. My 8 y/o son loooooooves B99 and watches it on repeat(so me too lol). The episode where Rosa comes out, we did have a discussion about it and he was so chill about it. You guys did a great job on this topic

  2. Are all LGTBAQI whatever you people are as delusional as you guys what your guys are doing to this sociaty is really wrong and twisted

  3. To me it’s so incomprehensible that people post comments like „they‘re both not bi. Rosa has a boyfriend. They’re doing harm to the real lgbt people.“ Like no, YOU are doing the harm by trying to separate us. You cannot speak on someone’s behalf. You don’t know their inner world and feelings, let a alone their experiences. Stop harassing the courageous women who are trying to show bi visibility.
    My love goes out to all you perfect bi girls. Don’t let anybody shame you for living your truth. I am gay and don’t understand the hate you often get. Also from our community. We all need to learn to respect more and hate less.

  4. Omg what my two fav ppl in the whole world in the same frame. I’m gonna have a heart attack. No but for real I love you both to death and you inspire me to no end.

  5. It's weird to think that when Rosa ever did the high pitched girly voice in the show it was actually her being her 😂

  6. Aww fuck they did it again fucked with the time space continuum now I'm in a alternate universe with no Ellen DeGeneres Lilly if u could start scaring your guest plz it will fill a void 😁😁😁

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