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I’m on my way to Seoul to travel to New York for 5 weeks. I live in Daegu, and I am going to Seoul Station to meet people on ktx. The sky was clouded by dust. A view of springtime. I crossed the Hangang Bridge and watched the outside scenery. When I ride a train or a car, I like to cross the bridge over the river. I arrived at Seoul Station. I met with my friend at Seoul Station and we went to the airport rail terminal. There was a doorway on one side of Seoul Station. I bought a ticket and took the elevator down to the direct train ride. And I got on a train. On one side there was a place to put my baggage and I was seated. “I am now on the way to Incheon International Airport by rail. “I will be arriving in 50 minutes by 12:10 train.” “Airport railroad is very comfortable to use for the first time, I think.” “There is a space for a carrier in front of you, and there is a seating area” I was very tired because I could not sleep a lot because I packed the day before. But I had a lot of trouble before going on a trip. I think it was more like a one month living trip in one city. It is the scenery outside the window on the way from Seoul to Incheon International Airport. The window looked blue because it was blue. The cherry blossoms on the roadside. The snowflake – like cherry blossoms were beautiful. (Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 arrives.) I finally arrived at Incheon International Airport Terminal 2. The plane to North America is here. I arrived at Incheon International Airport. The second passenger terminal in 2018. I visited once when I returned home last year and now it is the second time. When I returned home, I could not look around the room well. Today I had time to look around. I stood in line to take a ticket. When I arrived in the United States, I was standing in line because I was asking questions, and after I had been ticketing, I sent my baggage. When I look at large buildings, I become interested in ceiling design. The second passenger terminal looked like this. Tickets. I was very hungr and I came back downstairs and ate meals. At Terminal 2, there was a Korean restaurant, including a ‘burger’. After leaving the United States, I do not think I would eat Korean food often. The cold noodles and bossam meals that I ate here. Bossam was delicious. Good luck. I packed my baggage and checked it. I finished the meal and left the restaurant. The airport was closed on weekdays because it was daytime. Now I’m going upstairs. We had all kinds of convenience facilities such as drugstore, optician, capsule hotel. One of the two that brought the carriers, I heard it at the courier to send one back. When I thought about it, I seemed to have a lot of luggage. So I dropped in to the courier to save my baggage. I used the courier service at the airport for the first time. It was like a useful service at the time of entry and departure, especially when you enter the country because you can send one carrier. And roaming. I was on a five-week itinerary, roaming for about four days. I’m going to buy a rickshaw chip for one month in the US. I’m going to take the departure procedure. Go past the place I had been ticketing before. “Now I am going to the US, I also have a few meals and now I’m going to check out the immigration. ” “I think something is exciting. I also think that many more interesting things will happen. “I will take the immigration examination and go inside and shoot.” After the immigration check, I went to the gate to get off the plane. If you know the ticket to New York at first, I heard the thought of hoping to hear other American cities via. I searched for the price of the ticket, so the non-direct route and the route route were similar. So when I left Seattle 12 hours, When I got back, I was ticketing a flight to Atlanta for 10 hours. I had time to stay in a western city, in New York for a long time, and on my way back to a southern city I thought I could feel the western, eastern, and southern feelings of America even a little bit, so I ticketed it. On the way, ‘jumba juice’ showed up. I was selling sandwiches and fresh fruit juices. Thirsty, he drank fruit juice. I was curious to see the robot machine and people in front of it. I look more closely and use the guidance robot. I watched it. A sculpture that looked like a shoe. The design was unusual and pretty. I looked down at the sculpture below and there was a reception desk. There were cafes in the second passenger terminal and there were many good shops to use. I planted a big tree even though it was indoors, and it felt fresh and fresh. I felt a lot of balls in the interior landscaping. I was delighted to have used Delta Air Lines in my last trip to the United States, and issued a ticket to Delta Air Lines. Upon departure, Korean Air became code-share and the departure plane got on Korean Air. There was a play facility where children could wait and use. “I’m at the airport now and I’m taking a break. I have to board the plane, but I still have an hour to rest. ” “I’m excited. Maybe the next video is in the airplane or Seattle and I’m going to shoot the video. Hi!” I walked through the ceiling design while walking the gate. At first glance it seemed like a snake scaly pattern. The gate of the Korean Air plane I ride is 257 times. I arrived at Kate and sat in a nearby chair for a while. Outside the window, I looked at the airplane waiting. The boarding has begun. I stand in line. “I’m standing in line to board now.” “I’m standing at gate 257 and I’m leaving soon. Hi.” I’ll show you a ticket and go to Bangge. I think traveling is more exciting before I start. It was a little bit worrying about the long trip as well as the joy of starting a trip. I walked toward the plane hoping that I could travel safely and safely. I will be departing late afternoon in Korea time and arrive at Seattle time about 10:30 am. My final destination is New York, but I will stay in Seattle for a half day and go back to New York. I got on the plane. The seat I ride is Economy seat. I was forced to reserve a seat in the middle when I tried to sit with my companions. There was a lot of leftovers in the seats, and a lady who sat next to me moved to the corridor with the permission of the crew. Thanks to that, I was able to sit in the middle of the room easily. We now have an airplane. When you ride an airplane, it feels like when an airplane climbs up the runway. I like that feeling. Seattle, the first city to travel, is the largest city in the northwest of the United States and is the northern center of the Pacific coast. I am going to the Seattle Tacoma International Airport. I stay for about 12 hours so I can not go to many places and I will go to the downtown area. So I read a book on Seattle related content. There was an Iranian sticker inside the plane. I was so tired and sleepy that I could not sleep a lot last night. So I put this sticker and fell asleep. By the time the meal was out, the lady who was sitting next to me woke me up. We chose the beef potato dish of gondre herb bibimbap and beef potato dish. With pineapple juice. The beef potato dish was beef stew. With bread Salad and dessert. After the meal, I had a chat with a woman who was sitting next to her and a Vietnamese woman who sat next to her. I have been traveling for a long time, so I have to share a few stories and share a long story. Vietnamese women and aunts could not speak English I talked in different languages, but I used a translator, and I communicated my intentions in the middle. A Vietnamese woman said she was going to Seattle to marry an American boyfriend. Auntie had a lot of years, but she seemed young enough not to be seen by that age. Your son and daughter are in Seattle and will stay for a few months. When I talked like this, I did not get bored for a long time. I saw a movie. Looking at what kind of movie there is, I saw ‘A star is born’ which I saw twice at the theater opening last year, so I saw it again on the plane. I really like this movie. The movie content, especially the songs, is really good. “Shallow,” “I’ll never love again,” “Always remember us this way,” “Maybe it’s time,” and so on. It is a movie that can not forget the feast of the famous song and the eye of Jack looking at the beloved one. I was passing through the Pacific Ocean. I did not feel bad either. So I ordered the second meal in a porridge. A cute frog-shaped ‘Bob’s friend’ forced me to laugh. ‘Bob’s friend’ is sprinkled on the porridge. And I ate delicious. The announcement is coming and I’m about to arrive soon. I could see the outside scenery. The plane was over Seattle. The plane landed and arrived at Seattle Tacoma International Airport. When I got off the plane, I heard that the airport staff talked to me in English, and I realized that I had arrived in America. I walked to get the US procedure. “Wow, it’s the sea” Thank you very much for looking at the aspect. The next story is about getting to Seattle Tacoma Airport and going to downtown and Pike Place Market.


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