Suicide Cultist Refuses Treatment – Chicago Med (Episode Highlight)

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– Okay, this is gonna be uncomfortable. [squishing]
– [groans] [coughs] – Sorry about that. – [wheezing] – I apologize for Dr. Manning. It–it’s hard for her
to understand why you’re doing this. – [wheezing] – I thought you’d want
to know that, um, because of
your friend’s deaths, everybody is talking about
Angels of the Earth right now. I mean, the Internet’s
going crazy. – We knew it would. – So thallium, huh? Clever. A chemical compound
not found in nature. A poison that deteriorates
the body in much the same way that climate change
affects the Earth. It’s poetic. – You’re smart. – You know,
you’ve gotten pretty much everything you wanted. And all that’s left now
is to wait? I think you’ve suffered
enough, Meadow. And I’d like to help ease
that transition and give you a couple of
sleeping pills if you let me. – [groaning] Suffering is the point. – Look, Gaia put a bag
over her head. There is no one on the Internet calling her out
for taking a shortcut. Trust me. – [whimpering] – It’s just a thought. – [groans] Okay. I’ll take the sleeping pills. – Good. – [groans] [somber music] – Give Meadow 5 of eszopiclone. It’s okay. Meadow has agreed
to take eszopiclone. Once she’s out, she will
no longer have the ability to advocate for herself. And a strong legal case
could be made that we then have the right
to act under implied consent as surrogate decision-makers
on her behalf. So you can replace the NG tube
and administer Prussian blue. – [groans]


  1. I just love Chicago med even if I'm just 10yrs. Old and I'm a filipino

    BTW tnx for all the likes ?

  2. Omg I love this show!!! I’m only 12 and I go to a youth club and they say that this show is scary ?

  3. Why isn’t euthanasia legal?? I mean, you can take a coma patient off of life support, but you can’t give too much morphine to an ACTUALLY suffering patient who is in agony???

  4. Does a hospital have to disclose to the patient that being unconscious gives them implied consent over your body? And do they have to disclose that the pain medication you consented to is going to make you lose consciousness? Because I feel like Dr. Charles, as much as I like him, left a whole lot unsaid to the patient here that scares me as a US citizen. I KNOW it's a tv show, but I'm asking how realistic this is.

  5. Dr Charles speaks to Meadow on the premise of respecting her wish not be treated. She's taken thallium;a highly toxic substances as a protest against climate change and was dying.

    Offering her pain relief and sedatives to ease the transition is called 'end of life' care. Meadow consented to that, but not life saving treatment to stop the poison, to do that without consent,would need a court order.

  6. Honestly people who tried to commit suicide shouldn’t be legally allowed to deny treatment that will save them

  7. Why can’t the nbc app be available everywhere like why do they have to have it blocked in certain places

  8. I know I shouldnt but I would want to let her die because I just cant see her in pain and also because I think I'm gonna kill myself too

  9. I hate the fact this series makes me excited lol xx first it was the musical then this, aswell as PD and fire lol xx

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