Suspect In Custody, Hostages Released From Los Angeles Trader Joe’s | MSNBC

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  1. Rap Singer after cappin 2 ho's? Welcome to American/Hollywood/Trending….. put him in a Gap/American Eagle/Apple/Starbucks/Chevy/Verizon/Disney/ Commercial with a White girl

  2. No no, that's not the suspect, that just an upstanding member of the public, willingly helping the police with their inquiry's and volunteered to wear the safety bracelets so the police could protect him better.

  3. I wonder if the woman killed in the supermarket was hit by the police bullets? Hope that wasn't the case. But, either way, sad that an innocent person was killed.

  4. This does not fit into the "racist america" narrative that MSNBC constructs, the racist cops were supposed to shoot this oppressed, unarmed black man.

  5. My daughter lives one block from here. Guns cause terror!!! Enough of this free- for- all about guns. Melt them down and build some steel bridges.

  6. What Happens After Getting Freebies Under Obama 8 Years …Then Having It Taken Away Cause Job Market Is Good Again…

  7. There was a highschool teacher just north of g.r., mi that fed a live puppy to a big turtle during class. That happened about five months ago.

  8. Could not find his name or picture in the news and it's not being made into a big deal. This is how i know he is not white.

  9. 9/10 of these comments deal with race and/or conspiracy theories. People of all races commit crimes and this isn't a false flag to take our guns away. The Trump era has really let a lot of loons out to fly!

  10. If blacks and whites are doing this now days bumsh -why can't we be friends why can't we be friends why can't we be friends forever oooooooooooohhh……

  11. I wonder what trump will say white mental problem Mexican we need to close the borders send them back blacks ?

  12. Americans love their GUNS, so live with your guns and innocents will go on to
    NRA needs more people like this to get more sales of Defensive Arms they called it

  13. What happens next ? He will go to jail for 25 years and a week from now, nobody will remember this, due to another gunman getting the limelight.

  14. This Democrats mobs Masterminded planning to confiscate guns from the every gun owners.Sad day for USA.

  15. just another day in good ol US of A isnt it>>>> right to bear arms will give you these issues so live with it or change how things are done…

  16. now where is that story about the grandfather who let his 2 year old granddaughter get shot because he had the right to bear arms

  17. Did the police take him to Burgerking also? Just a question. You know how they treat you when you're skin privileged.

  18. Why do some people turn things like this into a race thing immediately? I read the dumb a## comments about rioting and blaming Trump, which is obviously some low IQ white supremacist troll trying to start something. We see you but we choose not to feed you troll. Meanwhile, all the sensible people can continue to process this for the tragic act that it is regardless of the color/race of the individual.

  19. You know you thought it was a white when you saw "Hostages" in the title and then when it wasn't you couldn't wait to come here and place the race card. We all know the game. If one person of color steps out of line that justifies your racism and then you expect everyone to just forget all the other mass murders, killing sprees, and murder suicides by whites. We know the truth about you Right Wing Nazi's. Keep trying.

  20. Black Bowel Movements Matter .. .. .. right Libs ??
    Can't wait for Mad Maxine Waters to demand the police release ALL body cam video footage which will prove this poor niggarz was just the Victim of racial profiling by the Police

  21. How long till Comrade Traitor makes this an opportunity to slam "others"? When it's one of us whities, crickets.

  22. Take your LAST look at the outside….no more, French fries, cell phones, pum-pum, no more, I'm going to the store, no more nuffin….

  23. Bet 100 bucks police killed the only person that died. And probably won't admit to it, so no compensation.

  24. Wow this certainly died down fast once it became evident that the shooter had quite a bit of melanin in his skin.

  25. This guy shot his grandma over an argument. I thought “only white people” did these type of crimes? Lmao BLM guys ❤️

  26. LAPD should stick to planting crack on black people instead of smoking it. Because they are cracked out if they think her famy isn't going to sue despite the PR campaign that the new chief is engaging in. No matter what the pc sound bite that the neighborhood may be repeating, we all know that the police were negligent and acted irresponsibly and are now trying to hide behind the suspect.

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