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Patrick Vieira, the lynchpin of the most successful
Arsenal side of recent years, is now in charge of New York City FC, MLS’ 20th franchise
and part of the 2013 expansion. New York City FC play a nominal 4-3-3, with
Andrea Pirlo a deep-lying playmaker behind a shuttling, defensively minded midfielder
Alexander Ring, and Maxi Moralez, who has more licence to push forwards. Manning the flanks is Rodney Wallace and last
season’s revelation Jack Harrison , the Stoke born MLS Rookie of the Year runner-up
in 2016. David Villa is the lone front man. Defensively, NYCFC press hard in the opposition’s
defensive third, with Harrison and Wallace pushing up on the opposition full backs and Villa working hard to close down the centre backs, aided by Moralez. As soon as the opposition are able to pass
the ball around the back, or transition into the middle third, New York City FC back off,
and align themselves into a 4-1-4-1. Ball-winner Ring, a Finnish international
who attracted the interest of English clubs before moving Stateside, pushes forwards to
press, but otherwise the shape is compact, with minimal space between the defence and
midfield. NYCFC play a high line, compressing the space
in which the opposition strikers and attacking midfielders can play, based in part on the
fact that their home pitch is both short and narrow. Pirlo floats, waiting to receive the ball
once it is won back; he is an extraordinary passer of the ball, but his defensive duties
are minimal. NYCFC’s attack is based in a slow, possession-based
style at the back, with direct transitions down the flanks. The full backs push high, forming two passing
triangles with Pirlo and the centre backs. The centre-backs Chanot and Callens regularly
shift the ball horizontally between themselves, or back to keeper Sean Johnson, who rarely
goes long but instead looks to find his centre-backs. The full backs stay high and receive the ball
from the centre backs, with Pirlo an additional option, but no-one in the back five, which
resembles the W in an old-fashioned W-M formation, is afraid to pass backwards or horizontally
rather than lose the ball. When NYCFC do attack, they attack down the
flanks, especially using the direct running of Wallace. This mostly comes directly from the full backs
to the wingers on their side. Moralez is a short option for Pirlo, but this
is mostly to recycle the ball, so that Pirlo can dictate the game’s tempo and look to
ping long balls out wide to Harrison or Wallace in space, or send it back into the back four if there is no opening. At home or against weaker sides, Moralez hold
his position less and gets up to support Villa more, playing in ‘the hole’. NYCFC’s style seems predicated on patiently
keeping possession at the back, moving the ball horizontally in an effort to drag the
opposition midfield forwards, before moving it forwards swiftly to the wingers in space. At this point, the individual skills of Harrison
and Villa, or the ​pace and direct approach of Wallace, try to force an opening, with
Moralez supplementing the attack with late runs into the box. For more stats and stories, do go and follow us on Twitter at “uMAXit Football”. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe.


  1. Suraj, we really appreciate your opinion. You should consider opening your own channel and getting the fuck out of this one. Since, you know, these videos aren't good enough for your knowledge.

  2. If you're gonna do MLS teams, I hope you make a video about the Sons Of Ben and the formation of the Philadelphia Union

  3. Please do Spurs – they have evolved substantially this season under Potch with influence from Conte by adopting the 3 man defense, which has proved to be far more successful than the 4-2-3-1 this season according to the results. This Spurs side are pretty fascinating tactically. Potch, Klopp and Tuchel represent the future of football tactics, a revolution has arrived in the form of extreme pressing which I belive will have just as much an impact as the now clearly outmoded systems that Pepe and Mourinho enacted.

  4. What's so interesting in a middle table team from a poor league to make a video about their tactics?
    If you want to see tactics from MLS, why not Seattle Sounders, the curent champions or Toronto FC who had beaten NYC FC 7-0 last season.

  5. Do a video about the roles of fullbacks? If it is transitioning now under pep? As in from wide winger like roles from the last decade to coming in field and increasing numbers in the midfield? How true is that a wing back is a failed centre back or a failed Winger?

  6. Nice to see an MLS video. I know it's early in the season but I'd like to see one on Tata Martino and Atlanta United some time in the future.

  7. Do one on FC Dallas, Oscar Pareja is a great manager. Maybe one day he could make the jump to Europe/International football.

  8. Can you make a video on Jose Mourinho's flexibility in his tactics at different clubs? would be a great one

  9. Can you do another MLS team, Atlanta United? They are probably 1 of the most exciting expansion team in the history of MLS.

  10. analysis? more like you had a few pints and watched some highlights. maybe one game. rather underwhelming

  11. please make analysis video on francesco totti. i mean he's the last player from his era and people should know more about him

  12. Do a tatics vid about Chivas de Guadalajara from 2016-2017. They are r super super offensive minded. And they r first in the league rn. Saludos.

  13. Dear UMAXIT team it would be wonderful if u can do a video on tactics of mourinho's treble winning inter milan side and one on Cryuff's Ajax of 90s.

  14. Also, the 11 players you talk about have played 3 matches together total. You can see what they do in those matches, but they're still figuring out their tactics themselves, while Vieria is still trying to find the ideal starting 11. A video like this would be better midway through the season. But it's still pretty good. Thanks.

  15. Not sure where Viera picked his philosophy up from. But i think it speaks volumes about who City hope to replace Pep with when the time comes, when you look at the way his teams play, and read a few quotes from Viera and a few board members at the club.

  16. Great video.. Seems a liitle like pep. If you can do on NYFC can you pls do on Enyimba fc or Kano pillars npfl winning side of 2012-2014

  17. You could make a video about Middlesbrough' tactics this season and still make it sound elegant and Brazil 1970's esque, fantastic account!

  18. analyzing Fulham in the Championship could be interesting. High pass completion, attractive football and an inability to score penalties.

  19. This is a real head scratcher (If you dont look at it from a marketing POV)

    To cover a "Coca Cola F.c est. 2012" team in a league thats made up of Americans and patronised by former world stars instead of a European giant with bucket loads of history and tactical nuance is odd.

    But i applaud the effort. But again theres so many interesting subjects to analyise. Inter 2010 treble under Jose. Barca sixuplette season. The invincibles. The failed Real galactico era. Englands golden generation. The spain reign 08,10,12. How shite the scouse twats are. the list is endless.

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    No money in my bank account, I'm struggling to pay all the biillls…

  21. I hope you are gonna do a video on Chinese involvement on football, their transfer deals and how are they able to accomplish that…

  22. Basically a tactic where you need to be patient and keep control the tempo huh? seems nice but useless against a team which play high/long ball and combo defense + counter attack. In fact, high technical players needed for this play due to lots of passing precision and vision… well, that midfield 3 is enough for MLS (Pirlo who are on his late years, Ring who is a creative Finland's midfield and Maxi Moralez who "move too soon" from Atalanta).

  23. Interesting to see whether Arsenal will choose Vieira as Wenger's direct replacement or go for someone with more experience

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