Taylor Swift | House Tour 2019 | New York City, LA, Nashville & Rhode Island Mega Mansions

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I go on tumblr and it’s like a window
into what my fans are going through they post about their lives they post about
what they’re into they post about Taylor Swift has been making major headlines
lately because of drama with her old record label despite all that she just
performed at the American Music Awards and also surpassed the legendary Michael
Jackson’s record of 24 American Music Awards Taylor won six awards just this
year the top award artist of the year and for more
she was also given an honorary artist of the decade award bringing her total
count over the years to 29 Emmys all that drama you’ve been hearing about
with Miss Swift had to do with her long-running feud with industry boss
Scooter Braun who also owns the masters of her first six albums
Taylor claimed that scooter wouldn’t allow her to perform songs from her old
albums at the award show like she wanted to because he owned them I’m sure you’ve
seen the recent tweets Taylor directed at scooter because they were everywhere
stars like Gigi Hadid Selena Gomez Justin Bieber and more have taken
Taylor’s side and in the end scooter even claimed he was never stopping her
from performing those songs anyway this whole beef goes back a few years and
it’s honestly exhausting but today we’re gonna be focusing less on all of that
and more on Taylor’s successes Taylor is 29 years old at the time of this
recording and has 123 million followers on Instagram everyone knows her as a
singer and songwriter who always manages to put out hits
I’ve been lucky enough to sit front and center at her 1989 concert tour and
she’s such a talented artist she deserves all those awards like I said
we’re gonna be looking at Taylor’s success and with an estimated net worth
of 360 million you already know she had a lot and apparently around 80 million
of Taylor’s portion is actually invested into real estate woman has collected a
lot of property hey guys it’s Kara and we’re doing another house to her here on
famous entertainment but it’s gonna be a little different today
since t-swift has a handful of homes seven properties we know for sure we’re
gonna make a list and show you guys all of that her properties span over four
states we’ll be looking at her homes in New York City LA Nashville and Rhode
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in the comments down below and whose home you’d like to see we’ll start with
Taylor’s real estate in the Big Apple first we have Taylor’s Tribeca penthouse
or what she’s made into a duplex in 2014 the singer bought not one but two
attached penthouses is an old building that was built in 1882 in the Tribeca
area of NYC she actually purchased the apartments from the Lord of the Rings
director Peter Jackson for almost 20 million bucks Taylor converted the two
apartments into one large condo that spans over 8,300 square feet and has 10
bedrooms and 10 bathrooms which is unheard of in the city other features of
this epic duplex apartment include plenty of exposed brick a great room a
billiards room and a sweeping staircase Taylor’s place definitely has a vintage
vibe clearly that ginormous penthouse wasn’t enough for Taylor so next on the
list is the neighboring town hoshii purchase located on the same street as
the Penn Hills Taylor bought this three-story home for 18 mill it’s over
5,000 square feet with four beds and 4.5 baths
Taylor’s townhome isn’t exactly haunted but it does have a weird past apparently
a famous French politician served house arrest there for assaulting a hotel maid
back in 2011 besides that Taylor’s home has great
features like a luxury master suite home movie theater a gym heated floors a
rainfall shower and even a separate guest suite with its own entrance and
finally also on the same new york city street Taylor now owns another condo
that’s slightly smaller than her other two properties there we know miss Swift
used to rent a place in West Village on Cornelius Street which actually became
the name of one of her recent songs it’s really fun to know that this home was
super-gorgeous but she only lived there for a limited time and it seemed
like she couldn’t stay away from Franklin Street in Tribeca in 2018
sources confirm that Taylor purchased yet another condo for 9.75 million right
beside her other properties in Tribeca and an off-market deal this place is
just over 3500 square feet but we don’t know much more about it yet for Taylor’s
fourth home on our list we’re moving out of NYC and on to Rhode Island do you
want to go outside and check out the other situation this estate was built in
1930 and sits on the highest point and Watch Hill spanning five acres of land
apparently miss Swift bought this place for over 17 million back in 2013 and
paid in cash she uses his lavish vacation home to throw parties with her
friends especially for the fourth of July Taylor’s Watch Hill estate in Rhode
Island is almost 12,000 square feet and has seven bedrooms and nine baths
looking at the size of this place you already know the living spaces inside
are generous there’s also a ton of privacy a pool in the backyard 700 feet
of shoreline and views of the bay clearly there’s enough room for all her
guests moving on to Taylor’s fifth property
this one is her first place in Nashville Tennessee she got this place when she
was only 20 years old for just under two mil and it was actually her starter home
her penthouse condo is a corner unit located right in the heart of Nashville
in the Music Row neighborhood obviously perfect for Taylor it spans 3,240 square
feet and has three beds and 4.5 baths although we don’t have many pictures of
how Taylor decorated this place according to her it’s whimsical eagerly
oh it’s all good her starter penthouse isn’t the only
real estate Taylor owns in Nashville number six on this list is Taylor’s a
Greek Revival estate aka her mansion in the Forest Hills suburb of Nashville
looking at the aerial view you can see how big this home is Taylor’s Nashville
mansion was built in 1934 by the ambassador to Denmark at the time and
the main house is 5,600 square feet with four beds and four baths
there are vaulted ceilings and marble fireplaces and a classy design
throughout the place moving outside there’s obviously a pool and just beside
it sits the detached 2,000 square foot guest house
although Taylor purchased this home in 2011 for just 2.5 mill these days it
would be worth almost 4 million finally last on our list of miss Swift’s
properties is our home in Beverly Hills because every celeb obviously as a house
near Hollywood this iconic mansion used to be the home of Samuel Goldwyn and his
family one of Hollywood’s most renowned film producers Taylor bought this home
in 2015 for 25 million as the first person to own it after the gold winds
she even requested to turn this estate to a local landmark because of its
history since Taylor’s request was approved in 2017 she began restoring the
mansion the Georgian Revival style estate is almost 11,000 square feet and
has seven beds and ten baths inside there’s an old Hollywood vibe and Taylor
intends on keeping the home just the same as it was originally built some
features of the home include a gorgeous dining room where Sam Goldwyn and his
wife those fabulous dinner parties the likes
of legends including Charlie Chaplin and Clark Gable and a private screening room
of course outside there’s a pool cabana tennis court covered patio and plenty of
Gardens so now we’ve looked at New York City Rhode Island Nashville in Beverly
Hills and our list of Taylor Swift’s home is finally complete I wasn’t
kidding when I said the woman had a bunch of properties on top of these
seven houses Taylor has she also recently sold another Beverly Hills home
she previously lived in it was a Cape Cod style cottage and a bit smaller than
some of four other homes it was still really nice she definitely made some
money off of that sale – yeah and actually an interesting dynamic happened
considering she’s still dating British actor Joe all when there’s also rumors
that t-swift may be looking to buy up some real estate in his hood – but who
knows my boyfriend planted a an olive tree in my yard for Christmas we’ll see
if she decides to buy anything international okay well I’ll walk you to
the door I want to know what you guys think after seeing all Taylor’s homes
which one was your favorite there’s a lot to choose from but my personal phase
have bought it be her rhode island vacation home and her Beverly Hills
estate because they’re so classic okay guys now I’ll be reading out some
comments from previous bids on our Will Smith house tour Alan Morales said so
happy for Will Smith he works hard for everything he has and good for him
that’s kind of the way it works you know and I was below I’m loving all these
comments from the Will Smith fans I agree he’s been working for years now a
Nirvana 365 also commented on the same Will Smith fist saying damn 42 million
dollar home OMG IV like OMG a two million dollar house tour lol this is
like the god of real estate we also got a request for the weekends house tour
and we did his as well so keep your eye out for that well I mean I don’t mind
that you know it’s just more like the experience yeah alright guys that’s all
I could find on Taylor Swift’s multiple homes across America I hope you guys
like the list what did you guys like best about Taylor’s homes and were there
any that I missed let me know in the comments and let me know some other
celebrity houses you’d like to see follow me on Instagram
if you want to chat more and I’ll see you next time with some more videos bye you you


  1. Merry Xmas and vhappy super duper sweet very prosperous New Year 2020 babe my fellow Leo Born Miss Taylor Swift’s Hi5x GOD bless you xxx mucha Gracias bravo et viva xxx xoxo

  2. I am reading all the comments and there's a lot saying JB did not take taylors side that may not have bin true but stop hating on this girl it is mean if you are going to hate go somewhere else please!

  3. my family lives in Rhode island about 10 mins away from her house. Anyway one day I was walking around at watch hill and I SAW HER she had like 4 body guards around her people screaming and crying the best part was her red lipstick

  4. Everyone: JB did not tale her side! Do your research!!
    Me: * imagining how is it like to have 7 houses that are huuuuugeee *

  5. Can you imagine if she was your daughter. I cant imagine how very proud her parents are. Knowing your child will always be ok financially has got to be the ultimate reward of years of the hardest job there is…..PARENTING. That has got to be the best feeling ever as a parent. Having 3 sons and struggling monthly to even pay rent and feeding them i can't imagine not having to worry atleast about that. It would be huge bricks taken off your shoulders. I'm smiling for her parents. So happy for her, she works hard for all of it. One of the best qualities you can show your kids is hard work ethics even if you only work for bills.

  6. 19 years military police MP Army marine corps navy air force campus military police MP George Washington president white house

  7. I live near her Rhode Island home I live 10 minuets away from it I used to go on the beach and take pics of her house and she has a little sign in the beginning of her driveway that says I knew you were trouble before you drove in

  8. um im not sure but i did research and im pretty sure it said justin didnt take her side but im not sure
    BUT i pretty sure he didnt take her side ty

  9. Who else misses Taylor’s country music if you do give it a like. Also if you were a fan when she first stared then comment on this.

  10. Just wondering…Do they get lost sometimes in their big big house ? Good parties of hide and seek in this seems-like castles mansions

  11. Hey y'all – sorry I got the information wrong about Taylor/Justin/Scooter. I was more focused on the information about the homes. Thanks for correcting me 🙂 xo

  12. Excuse me, JB did not take Taylor's side what a horrible research. Anyway I LOVE YOU TAYLOR, you deserve everything you have because you're very hardworking ❤❤❤

  13. Seriously!? Taylor Swift is a human too, for the god sake stop showing her house! Now there's gonna be paparazzi and crazy fans over her house i-

  14. Tay, that's super you have a big house n stuff. But that dont impress me much 💁‍♂️ but I wouldn't mind seeing you naked 😊

  15. So do these places just sit there when she isn't there? Not sure why she would own so many places on 1 street in NY. Lol I hope at least someone is getting to enjoy those beautiful places she owns.

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