Terry Crews Felt Like Someone Died When Brooklyn Nine-Nine Was Canceled

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-This is so exciting. “America’s Got Talent:
Champions Edition.” -Yes.
-Very intense. -It’s the Olympics of talent. I mean, what people
don’t know — some people may know,
but there’s 190 iterations of “Got Talent”
all around the world. There’s like, South Africa,
Germany, Norway, and you know, you really
don’t have bragging rights until you win America. America is the one.
We are the flagship. So this is the Olympics
of talent. Seriously. -And you see some
pretty intense stuff. -Yeah.
-Do you ever see an act where you come home
and then you just immediately have to tell your entire family
about what you’ve seen? -Oh, my God.
There was one — this group, Duo Transcend. And these guys were up
50 feet in the air doing acrobatic moves
on a trampoline — blindfolded, by the way. -The blindfolded part
was insane. -Blindfolded.
But you gotta understand this. This was what was insane —
it was his wife. Now, first of all, I drop a
co-worker, I’d be like, “Oh, man, my bad.”
-Yeah. -You know what I mean?
“Man, go get better. I’ll talk to you later,” right?
-Yeah. -Your wife, dude.
If you drop your wife, where do you go from there?
-Yeah. See, I was thinking about it
a different way, which is I’d be up there, and I’d be
thinking back to the fight we had two days ago.
[ Laughter ] And she’s be like,
“I got you, baby.” -I know!
-“You just put that blindfold on and jump, I got you.”
[ Laughter ] -No!
-I don’t know if she’s going to have me.
-Oh, no. You’re so right.
You’re so right. -Every now and then I’ll have
family members give me feedback on this show. Do you have — do your wife
and kids give you feedback on how you host
your show? -All the time.
All the time. They’re like, “You’re shouting
too much. You’re shouting.” But I — but I have to say this,
you know, my family — we’ve been watching “AGT”
for a long, long time. And they always like
everyone else. You know what I mean?
Like, I’m like, “I’m finally on ‘AGT!’
It’s me!” They’re like,
“Yeah, you’re all right.” And I fight to get that kind of
validation from my family, but this is the deal —
I’m very thankful because they always keep it real,
you know what I mean? You’re in a world of sycophants.
-Oh, yes. As a family. -You’re in a world of people
who are like, “You’re the best, Terry.
You’re so amazing.” And my wife is like,
“Look, man, sit down. Your breath is really bad
right now.” And I’m like, “Oh, yeah.
Oh, I do need something.” You know? So I learn to enjoy
the comments and the criticism from
people who love you. That’s very, very important.
Only from people who love you. -Yeah, and if they can
give it in a loving way, that is all the better.
-It is good. -Very exciting as well that “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”
is coming back. -Yes! Yes!
[ Cheers and applause ] -It just, you know — you know,
it really is — the thing that people
always say is going to happen and so rarely does, this was
a show that went away. Fox said, “We had a great run,
and thank you for everything,” and then NBC picked it up
and now it’s going to end up, at the very least, having
three seasons on NBC. -And then Fox went away. -Yeah, and then Fox —
[ Cheers and applause ] -No, I got to tell you this.
You know what? The big thing is that,
first of all, you know, you have to understand,
when you create a character on a TV show,
it’s a real person. -Yeah.
-It literally is a real, living person. And when they cancel your show,
it’s like a death. I mean, it literally flatlined. And we were all walking around
like, oh, my God. Like, they killed
Terry Jeffords. How could you do that?
You know what I mean? -Yeah, yeah.
-That’s literally what it was. And we were saying our goodbyes.
There was a mourning period. And then the Internet
and the people — a hundred million comments and texts and posts that were
like, “What are you doing?” -Yeah. -And they brought us
back to life. And now, not only —
right before season seven, we were already picked up
for season eight. This feels like not only did you
come back to life, but you’ve been given
the keys to the city. You know what I’m saying?
-Sure. -And it feels so great.
Our fandom is amazing. -I can’t wait to see
what you’re doing in it. That’s just in a couple weeks. And thank you so much
for being here. -This is great. Thank you.
You are awesome. -Always. Terry Crews.


  1. I''m in Australia, and hadn't heard B99 was cancelled or picked up again, and I read the subtitle and almost had a heart attack but then it was fine and Terry Jeffords is not dead and I DON'T LIKE ROLLER COASTERS, OKAY?

  2. Reminds me of a 2nd date i had. Thought itd be cute to pick her up over my shoulder forgetting i had hurt my back and instantly collapsed n dropped her on her head. Was an amazing few months of dating. Im assuming thats how long it took for a head injury to heal and she came to her senses.

  3. Terry Crews is Terry Jeffords with all that working out🤣 Never have I seen a show tho that I literally love the entire cast. Even the sub characters. An underrated show! Nine-Nine! (In Terry's voice)

  4. I was interested in hearing about Brooklyn Nine-Nine but I had to sit through all that America's Got Talent crap first. Misleading title

  5. Listen. I'm in the Philippines and if you shout 99? loud enough, someone's bound to scream back 99! Also, Gina, why T_T

  6. This is said with admiration and love, Mr. Crews: it's pronounced sick-oh-fants, not psych-oh-fants as much as it would make sense.

  7. You could not pick two more opposite people in terms of how the internet feels about them to appear on the same night than Terry Crews and Gwyneth Paltrow.

  8. don't know who this guy is, but his american exceptionalism is in very poor taste. i turned him off immediately. love seth's show but thumbs down for this jackass.

  9. "They weren't racist to me, so it must be fine!" Is a weird way to defend black women, Terry. I'll always defend you through your #MeToo saga, but this is disappointing.

  10. Man, Terry Crews is the most positive and energetic person ever. I've been awake for a day and a half because my insomnia meds haven't kicked in, but now I feel energized enough for another few days. TERRY CREWS POWEEEEEEEERRRR!!!

  11. Can't lie but hearing the B99's coming back for not one but two seasons makes me want to make a binder full of happy words 😭😭😭

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