Tessa Majors murder: Teen indicted in slaying of Barnard student

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  1. This so called kid definitely deserves life without parole and anyone who helped him carry this terrible crime. If you're old enough to commit crime, especially murder then rot in a cage. No Mercy.

  2. The two juveniles will be released w no bail and remanded to the Mayor's Mansion
    The new sitcom will be called
    Blah Blah Blasio & the Stabbersons

  3. This is not a kid it’s a monster, criminal apprentice. They born angry and die angry. The beautiful student killed on her way to school. Bad seeds always are around. Life in prison. It’s doesn’t change

  4. Governor Andrew Cuomo will not let the kid be tried as an adult. Too many black votes at stake in the next election if Cuomo allows the kid to be tried as an adult.The kid is going to get away with this by serving one year in some cushy juvenile detention center in New York state. He will be out of the juvenile detention center in one year or less. And then Cuomo is a hero to all the black voters in New York state, because, well that is just the morality of blacks.

  5. You know when that kid gets released back onto the streets, I will be smiling when knifes another NYC resident, and maybe this time it will be a Jew, a communist, a liberal, or an illegal alien or all of above…..I HOPE>….

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