Texas Hill Country Cottage By Kanga Room Systems, United States | Small House Design

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Texas Hill Country Cottage By Kanga Room Systems, United States | Small House Design


  1. great tiny house only suggestion would be to not use Christmas music for your audio. I don't have a problem with it, others it may turn off

  2. This is one of the best tiny houses I've seen ! I love it ! I like it just as it's pictured….it's awesome !

  3. the video was squashed after I saw the staircase. I don't think there's any good reason they couldn't have built a little bit bigger staircase in this place. I'm no contractor Carpenter but I am an accomplished handyman and I have built my very own 700 square foot cottage/tiny house and it's all about the drawings. Despite what people may think a tiny house is as challenging to draw and build as another average size house. With that said I will tell you that the ability to comfortably squeeze in an extra inch out of a tight space is VERY DIFFICULT

  4. No shower in the bathroom? Show the loft furnished so people can really see what it would be like to live in basically what is a large shed.

  5. It's beautiful! The multiple porches really give it a bigger feel. Prob best I've seen but I can't do the sloping walls master bedroom. I lived in a cape briefly and hated scraping my arms and shoulders on the walls and having to strain my neck….def need a build with a full-height, boxy ceiling haha

  6. Love the design, the porch and conservatory which I would use lots, very tastefully decorated and feels homely but airy too

  7. I see alot of great tiny homes like this, but the problem I have with them is the fact you have to sleep ina loft where you cannot stand up have to climb stairs or a ladder to use the bathroom at night when your sleepy (so you have to wak yourself up enough and then try to get back to sleep) why cant they make a murphy bed or as one tiny home I seen a elevator bed goes up into the roof part (where a loft would be) and comes down with pulley or in one case electric motor. I mean there are lot of options to avoid a dangerous thing like a loft.

  8. Why pray tell is Joy to the World playing and there is absolutely nowhere referencing Christmas…or Hanukah for that matter. Oy Vey Maria!

  9. Very nicely executed. Much like cottages and nicer cabins in North America before the 1880s. A rectangle with covered porches and enclosed sunroom is the best living arrangement under 1200feet.

    The loft is good with the ladder for children, but adults will find it annoying. Easily handled with a open stair pitch for some owners and an alternate exterior staircase that can serve as an exterior closet.

    Do this as 500sq foot on ground and 200sq foot in loft or greater on both and it would serve any couple, allowing for elegant summer entertaining as well.

    I liked the music. Who knows if Jesus called The Christ was born in July or not. Dec solstice, Yom Kippur, Spring, Ides of March or July. Clerics were guessing 1700 years ago.

  10. While I'm not crazy about the furnishings, I do like the layout. Someone figured out how to put the kitchen and bathroom on the same side without the bathroom opening to the kitchen!

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