The 5th Annual Los Angeles IPA Festival 2018 at Mohawk Bend

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(mellow music) – [Gary] Why is it IPA, right? -[Tony] You and I have been
through this before, right? – [Gary] Right. (laughs) – [Tony] I mean, basically, that goes back to Ken Grossman and Sierra Nevada. All of a sudden, we’re
using these new hops, we have these very creative brewers, and we have a palate that was kind of tainted in the right way. – [Gary] What’s your approach to judging a contest like this? – [Victor] I would say you look for balance. What I look for, my palate goes maybe more towards stone fruit. I want it kind of to finish
bright and crisp and clean. – [Julian] You really have to
focus in and rely on sensory. Like, how does this really smell? What does this really taste like? And overall, do I like the beer? Is this something I wanna drink? So, really just trying to, for me, just trying to close my eyes and just kind of absorb all
the aspects of the beer. – [Alex] Aromatically,
it kind of has to hit a lot of notes for me. It’s a West Coast competition, so working out really turbid beer. And then you taste it. Is there balance to the
hoppiness and the aroma, versus what you’re actually tasting? And then you really start
dissecting the beer. (upbeat music)
(crowd talking) – [Gary] When
it comes to aroma hops right now, what are you into? – [Julian] Mosaic is still one of my
favorite modern hop varieties. When it’s good, it’s just
got such a wide aroma of flavors and aromas. – [Victor] Hallertau Blanc is,
it’s poppin’ right now. That and El Dorado,
they usually need to be blended a little bit, but I can usually pick those out pretty readily and I love using-the
Galaxy is another one, that big tropical fruit. – [Alex] We’ve been working
a lot with Idaho Seven recently, I think it’s a cool, relatively new hop on the market. I’m curious to see how it changes as it kind of becomes
a more mature hop crop because they do kind of
change from year to year. And then Mosaic, I just love. (pulsing, jazzy music)
(crowd chattering) (DJ announcing) – [Evan] Hi, my name is Evan Price. I’m at Green Cheek Beer Company. So our beer, it’s a really simple recipe, here you go: 100% pilsner malt, simco for bittering, Mosaic for whirlpool, a dry hop equally of simco, citra, and Mosaic. 7.1% ABV. California ale yeast. That’s it. About two months ago I
made this west coast IPA and I was like, alright, shit man. I think I finally hit, you can hit all of the right components, the aroma and the flavor, but getting the balance right, getting the balance right is the thing that the brewers marinate and focus on more than anything else. (jazzy upbeat music) – [Tony] The new definition of balance inside an IPA… All that has changed. And hazy’s a part of it, and juicy’s a part of it. – [Gary] The
judging that happens here, kind of predicts where
the tastes are going, or you think that it kind of speaks more to where we are right now? – [Tony] I’d like to think
it’s where we are right now. – [Gary] Yeah. – [Tony] I mean, if you look at the judges. You’ve got hugely successful,
multi-award winning, decades-long careers that are there. And here’s some guys that are pretty young and fresh and just starting, so I like to think of this as being kind of the nexus of all that. (thumping bass)

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