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– [Prez] My name is Prez,
and I work at Thrillist. Around these parts, I’m known
as the 5 Dollar Lunch Guy. Every episode I’m going to put
you guys onto the very finest New York grub for $5 or less. (water draining) – [Friend] Yo, Prez. – Yo, what up? – What’s an enchilada alternative
that is seven letters long and ends in o?
– Uh, taco? Ooh, relleno. – No, but I am impressed
by your $10 word. – Oh OK, I see what’s going on here. It is, burrito — yo, I got your answer. Now the folk history of the burrito, aka “the little donkey,” goes a
little something like this. During the Mexican Revolution,
a taco vendor named Juan from Juarez was wrapping his food in very large flour tortillas
and then tablecloths to keep them warm while transporting them on backs of donkeys. Now, as the food of the little
donkey, aka the burrito, became more and more
popular, burrito became the official name for
these very large tacos. Now, I’m not too sure
how pleased Juan would be with the appropriation of
his food, from Trader Joe’s to Taco Bell, but I’m sure
he’d be more than proud that the folks from Chinelos are keeping his delicious tradition
alive in Uptown New York. It’s five bucks somewhere, let’s do it. (upbeat salsa music) If you have to choose between
a mild or a spicy burrito, what are you going for? – I used to be mild, but
I actually am now spicy. – There you go.
– So people change. – There you go, there you go. – Probably a mild burrito.
– Mild, OK, well, OK. – I’m kind of into the pain
because after the pain subsides, you get a nice relief.
– Exactly. – It feels good to be normal. – Exactly, exactly, there you go. So what do you feel is
maybe the difference between an authentic Mexican restaurant
and, or Chipotle or Qdoba? – I think that a lot of times the non-authentic restaurants
have a lot of filler. – We live in New York, where
Chipotle is like the Starbucks of burritos, so it’s not surprising that most people have had them,
or eat them on the regular. Sometimes spicy, sometimes
wet, sometimes naked. Here we are, 530 136th
Street, Chinelos II. Now, the storefront promises a few things: tacos, lottery tickets,
an ATM, and all that stuff, and the outside kind of shows
itself as a deli grocery. On the inside, it’s
actually a no-frills eatery, delivery and takeout joint,
and they even have a few seats for people who wanna
chill out with their food. Let’s get inside. Hey, what is your name? – Hey, I’m Giselle.
– Prez, nice to meet you. Is this your first time here? – No, technically I’m
cutting class right now. – Well, you know what, you
know what, if you’re going to cut class, you might
as well hang out with me and be on YouTube and all that stuff. In regards to burritos,
what would you say is the difference between
coming to a place like this and maybe like a Chipotle or a Taco Bell? – This is just fresher. It’s
not like trying to be trendy or anything like that. Any good Mexican place you’re gonna go to is always gonna have like really spicy sauces. – You can kinda tell the
authenticity of a Mexican spot through its heat.
– For sure. – So I’m here for the chorizo burrito. Should I have it with the
salsa verde or the salsa roja? You know what, I’ll get both.
– Both? – Yeah. (salsa music) Yeah.
– The green and the red? – I’ll get the green and the red. – OK.
– Hopefully I don’t die today. Anyways guys, let’s go eat. All right guys so here we
have it, our burrito, and it’s damn beautiful, nice work of art if I’ve ever seen one, wet,
nice little cross-hatching with the cool crema,
and of course, you have your salsa roja, which
allegedly is super-hot. Can’t wait to burn my tongue with that. And your salsa verde, of course. But straight away, let’s
cut into this thing. (moans) Oh, yeah. (upbeat music) Mm, yep, mm, hold on, I need
a little bit more, hold on. Mhm, so let’s break down
why this burrito is so good. I mean get a look at this thing. Of course, you have your
Mexican rice and beans, slow-cooked, of course; I
love a good slow-cooked bean. Then, of course you
have your fresh lettuce, your chorizo, which is infused
with like peppers and stuff. There’s a bit of heat to that
thing, like from the get-go. So even without the salsa
verde and the salsa roja, you’re getting a little bit of heat. But don’t be afraid: It’s not something that you can’t handle,
you know what I mean? You’re strong, you can do this. But it’s balanced out by
the rice and the beans, and the cool crema, so, you know, I’m definitely feeling this right now. Now, I think it’s the time to
put a little bit of hot sauce on this, of course, she
gave me both the salsa verde and the salsa roja, but today I feel like I’m prepared to die so let’s just… (squirts) Do that, rest in peace. (upbeat music) (coughing) Holy crap, holy crap. Can we cut, can we cut? Let’s try the salsa verde. See if we can get maybe
a little bit out of that. I know some of y’all in the
comments are gonna be bad: “Oh, he’s butchering this burrito.” Guess what? Your boy don’t care. (laughing) I mess with that salsa verde. It’s a lot more of a fresher
sauce than the salsa roja. Salsa’s like a smoky punch in the face, and the salsa verde’s
kinda like that loving hug that you get after you get that
punch in the face, you know? And the coolest part about is it’s joined to the hip with the bodega next door. So after I get my check, I’m gonna walk it over to the other side. I don’t know, you can
pick up some pork grinds, some drinks, some Mexican
delicacies, or snacks. And then you’ll be on your
merry way, two-for-one. (upbeat music) I am absolutely stuffed — all
of this was only $5. Let’s go pay. Thank you so much, thank you.
– Thank you. – Hey, so I got one burrito,
how much does that come out to? – $5.
– $5, awesome. Here ya go.
– OK. – That’s it.
– Anything else? – Nope, that’s it, thank you so much. The food was absolutely amazing. – Oh, you’re welcome.
– I will be back. Anyways, guys, let’s go outside. Today’s mission was burritos,
but instead of heading to your favorite Taco Bell, we
headed up to Hamilton Heights and hit up Chinelos. Now
listen, if you’re looking for an authentic Mexican
experience, definitely hit up this place, and when you come
tell ’em “Prez me envió.” Now, with that being said today’s mission was an absolute success: it’s
in budget, it’s not a big chain and say it with me, “It’s damn good.” Anyways guys, I gotta get
back to downtown — peace. (camera shutters) (upbeat pop music) Hey, what’s going on guys? Thank you so much for watching my show. If you have any suggestions of
where we should go next time, leave them in the comments below. Also, follow us on Instagram,
@5dollarlunchguy. I repeat, @5dollarlunchguy, send us suggestions, send us DMs, you never
know what can happen. Anyways, I’ll see you guys next time. Follow, like, share, subscribe — peace.

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