The Brooklyn Family Bringing Mole to Many

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– Mole sauce is a very
special Mexican dish. It’s really the go-to plate
for any major celebration. Our mole sauce started
from just a family recipe; but now, we are making about
2,000 pounds of mole a day. We never thought in our wildest dreams that that was going to happen. (emotional violin music) (playful piano music) There are nearly one million Mexicans living in the tri-state area. Half of them are from
Puebla, where we are from, and they still want the
flavor from back home. (Damiana speaking Spanish) That’s what we eat, she said. My family has been producing
mole at Mole Poblano La Asuncion for several years now. The business is run by three
generations, all of them women: my grandmother, my mother and me. (uplifting violin music) Mole just means a sauce
with a lot of ingredients: chilies and spices and sugar and chocolate. We also use almonds,
raisins and sesame seeds. We toast all of those ingredients up and also have to grind them as well. That’s when we put the pot up, and then we start heating the oil with some garlic and with some onions. And when the onions and garlic are done, that’s when start pouring in our chilies, and that’s when we start
putting the ingredients. You have to have very strong
arms to keep stirring that mole until everything is completely
integrated into the sauce, until everything looks dark. Our recipe, it takes about two days. It has to go through
Grandma to get approved. (speaking Spanish) My grandmother moved to New
York from Piaxtla, Puebla in the 1970s because she had children and mouths to feed back home. (speaking Spanish) And then word of mouth started increasing. Now, the mole sauce is
being distributed in bodegas and Mexican stores and
restaurants here in New York and in the tri-state area, and
also all around the country. The longing for a little
something of where you come from I think played in our success
here in New York City. It’s authentic as it can possibly be. The most important part of our day is at 2 o’clock in the afternoon when we have lunch together as a family. I guess it’s a very big expression of how much we love our
job, we love our mole, and we love each other in the family. I guess that transfers also in
the mole sauce that we make. (electronic chiming)


  1. Puebla women are the ugliest of all Mexico, their bodies and everything.They are so ignorant and no personality at all.The young woman did not even have a definition for the word mole."Mole just means a sauce with a lot of ingredients"

  2. In Oaxaca Mexico, state is known as land of 7 moles and I'm sure among other names
    My family makes the red mole which leans more towards the spicy side

  3. to whoever has never tried this and is saying it looks gross. try it whenever you have the chance too, made by somebody from puebla or oaxaca. this is one of the best dishes I ever had in my life! you have so many flavors in your mouth it’s really hard to describe. amazing amazing dish when made correctly.

  4. I love mole my aily is from puebla tehuitzingo..i love you guys keep it up the good work.when ever im in new york im going for some…i feel like theyre my family ..

  5. I’m from Ireland I’ve never had mole, but it sounds delicious. When I read the title I wondered, why are they bringing a mole to see many people?

  6. 2:35 Er, no, it was more than likely well over enough to pay rent. It just doesn't seem that way when you funnel +50% of your paychecks back to your family.

  7. mole has probably one of the most complex and delicious flavour profiles in the world. absolutely beautiful. and it has chocolate

  8. To each his own but there mole is nasty as hell they make the worst Mole… so the mole from other states in Mexico would sell like hotcakes especially michaochan

  9. I hate mole but my boyfriends family inhales it! I honestly try to eat it with them to be nice to abuelita but I feel like it’s written all over my face when I start breaking a sweat trying to finish my 2nd bite ?

    It’s not for me but I am glad it is doing well in the US!

  10. I love mole, but most restaurants do it wrong. 90% of the time it’s shit. The few places that do it right are awesome.

  11. I'm confused. Do they fry the onions and garlic in the oil, then use the infused oil in the mole? Do they use the fried onions and garlic in the mole too?

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