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I chose the chicago school of professional
psychology because it’s distinguished in the field of psychology and very highly respected. From the aba prospective, I thought our professors
were great, for one, we got a really good education. And then the location, living in
chicago is a lot of fun. I think I would say I’ve grown professionally.
My teachers have been amazing, all of them have a great background. I realized this was the best school in the
country, in the world, for psychology, and I’m so glad that I came. I think as an international student it becomes
important to understand that even though diversity implies differences I think the school has
taught me to find the commonality in those differences when I work with faculty, students
and clients. Whether you come from a wealthy or poor background,
regardless of your gender, race, ethnicity or nationality, I know this is a privilege
that each of you earned with a considerable amount of hard work and persistence, and you
are to be honored for this accomplishment for the rest of your life. I never dreamed of actually getting a doctorate,
and I am today standing here getting my degree. I’m the first person in my immediate family
to go to graduate school so that’s probably the biggest impact, and to be able to see
my family see how proud they are of me. By improving our education and improving our
minds so that we can contribute more to our families in many different ways.

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