The largest CITIES in the USA summarized – Part 1 (Geography Now!)

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Hey, everybody could see you again. So two things number one. We are filming the next few country episodes So I gotta give you a filler week topic second of all very quickly A lot of you have been asking me what am I gonna do about? Swati me, you know the name that Swaziland’s just changed their name to and to answer that question I’m going to see what the UN does in terms of their methodology for standard country codes and names right now the country still stands under Swaziland under the ISO alpha-3 code of swz if they change this for the first time I will nullify the Alphabetical rule and we will do in a SWAT teeny episode if they do not change it then I will have to follow the UN standard list and it will have to go under s for Swaziland so it’s up to the UN. All right, but let’s get into the video So for this video I chose a topic that many of you guys suggested a long time ago I summarized all of the 50 states of the United States however, a lot of you guys asked me to summarize the biggest cities in each state of the United States I’ve actually been to a lot of these cities So I feel like I have a better insight to some of them but for some of these cities my knowledge is pretty limited because I’ve never even been to the state let Alone this city So for those cities I’m just gonna try my best to improvise and summarize it how I feel like that city would be like based off of whatever little knowledge I have and I might add a little Bit of research in there as well. Alright, so here we go, Birmingham, Alabama This place is like Atlanta’s little brother and it was like a huge Center for the civil rights movement And like it really doesn’t matter if you’re black or white everybody cheers for the same team They all scream roll tide and they love Alabama style barbecue. Oh my gosh so much sauce, Anchorage, Alaska Now you guys know that Ken and I were recently there for the second geography There’s the thing the city of Anchorage was like built by survivors if you thought Texans were tough You have not met Alaskans practically everybody in that city knows how to either hunt fish or like just generally not die Literally when I was at that school, this girl came up to me and she showed me this picture She’s like hey, look at this I shot this moose when I was only eight years old Speaking of which the city actually does have like I think fourteen hundred wild moose just roaming around randomly No, but seriously, it’s like an incredibly charming City. Lots of like Pioneer themed bars and pubs and restaurants very charming totally recommend you visit, Phoenix, Arizona They’re like the opposite of Anchorage in which instead of thriving off of the cold thrived off of the heat The City of Phoenix is really interesting because it’s like they have these big massive Boulder Hill things all over that the highway passes through there’s a lot of native tribes there Like I think the Apache and the old dam, you know instead of green grass and their front lawns they have cacti These people are very smart when it comes to like water conservation And yeah, I mean if you just really want to see like a desert metropolis, Phoenix Go there Little Rock Arkansas. Now, I drove past here one time and my first impression was wow There’s a lot more black people here than I thought there were I always thought Little Rock would be kind of like, you know Predominantly white, you know country-ish type of city But no like literally half of the population is black and it’s really interesting because the city kind of like fuses Country and black culture like there’s black people there playing country music. That’s the thing like this city surprises you at every turn So I like if you like surprises go to Little Rock, Los Angeles, California my hometown the second largest city in the u.s Basically when it comes to California, there’s two titans Los Angeles and San Francisco LA makes billions off of entertainment San Francisco makes billions off of tech now LA is like a double-edged sword because on the surface, you know, you have beaches skiing perfect weather most of the year good-looking people But the problem is you have lots of smog Traffic scams broken dreams and everything is like crazy expensive especially if you’re north of the 10 freeway But other than that whether you love it or hate it, there’s just something about this city that just sparkles Denver Colorado Denver is like our healthiest city people here You know, they all go hiking they all go kayaking they all actually go outdoors I’m pretty sure half of everybody has like a stash of trail mix in their cars just for emergencies It’s a little deceptive though. The airport is like 20 miles away in the middle of some cornfields But yeah
I imagine Denver is probably a beautiful city where they eat a lot of elk Because elk is like a big thing out in the Rockies I know if you’re from Denver, let me know if that was right, Bridgeport, Connecticut Now I have never been to Connecticut but I knew a guy that lived close by and he said it’s actually a little bit kind of like depressing and creepy because there’s like a lot of power plants and factories and Industrial areas along the coast and one of them is haunted I think it’s called like the Remington Arms Factory and there’s also that like abandoned haunted cursed Savoy Hotel Which was like built on an Indian burial mound and my people were murdered there or something The fact Connecticut has like a lot of creepy stuff now that think about it But the funny thing is Connecticut is also known for being like very clean and proper and like suburban II So, I don’t know maybe it’s like clean and proper but with like a creepy undertone Maybe it’s like the the Stepford Wives that type of thing going on. I don’t know how you describe yourselves Kinetic Hetty kinetic kid, Ian’s what do you call it? What do you call yourself? Kinetic Asian’s kinetic Kees kinetic energy I don’t know Wilmington Delaware now I’ve never been there but I did a little bit of research Wilmington is actually the site of Fort Christina the first Swedish settlement in North America Yeah
I remember the Swedish actually took a stab at Colonialism that one time and they tried to make an empire didn’t really work out that well but they tried now today there’s a tons of Italians and Greeks the city slogan is it’s a place to be Somebody I’m not completely sure what that means, but maybe if you think you’re a big shot Wilmington is your place to go Miami, Florida now when I think of Miami I think of like dudes wearing you know buttoned beige shirts with matching slacks and like Sandals and maybe slicked back hair or like a Panama hat and for them that’s considered business casual Miami is like two things the cruise ship capital of the world and the Latin American capital with a huge Cuban population, you will always hear like some kind of Latin music playing in the background and you’ll smell something spicy in the air unfortunately They do get kind of hit hard with extreme storms and hurricanes and they do kind of have to worry about Flooding with you know rising sea levels, but hey worry about that later the Mambo just started playing let’s dance, Miami Wow, this is the worst continuity error I’ve ever made in a video but nothing I can do about it Got to keep moving on Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is kind of like birmingham’s older brother You know, it’s uh, it’s the home of Martin Luther King lots of civil rights stuff happened here, too but uh
The interesting thing is that they are now becoming like the new Hollywood Of the East Coast tons of TV and movie production companies are moving out to Atlanta now partially because number one the scenery To the weather 3 it’s cheaper for the tax rates and 5 generally It’s just like a nice convenient City when it has like the busiest airport in our entire country, Atlanta It’s kind of like an up-and-coming city in America. Check it out and back to the previous footage, Honolulu, Hawaii I’ve been to this place and I will say this be careful of the rocks Underneath the water on some of the beaches I personally think Honolulu is kind of like what all Polynesian States should strive after you know Like a culturally intact place that moves forward into the 21st century with an advanced infrastructure and diversified economy. What’s really cool though? I would say is the Hawaiian language revival a couple decades ago The language almost went completely extinct, but then they started like immersion programs in schools And now like half the population can speak it mostly the younger people, you know You got all the touristy stuff from the beautiful beaches and whatever But to me that is like one of the most beautiful things about Honolulu, Boise, Idaho Now this is a difficult one because I’ve never been to Idaho let alone Boise So I’m just gonna kind of say what I guess the city would probably be like to me I feel like Boise is the type of city where nobody Would bother you like seriously I feel like half of their population must be part of the witness protection program because not even serial killers would they’d be like Oh, I have to go to Idaho Forget it. I did some research and let’s see one of the largest Basque communities in America lives here What else they have a centre for birds of prey which helped the peregrine falcons from being taken off the endangered species list Oh, that’s pretty cool. I guess. Yeah Boise. I port will be the bird or the Falcon capital of the USA, Chicago, Illinois Now I wasn’t born in the city, but I did spend a lot of years growing up here So I feel like I have a somewhat extended knowledge base Chicago is the comedy capital of America There are more comedy clubs here per capita than in any other city in America Some of our most famous comedians were either born or trained here They also have like the slow lowest metro system in the country but that’s actually part of the charm you’re riding a train in these like Elevated platforms to get so close to the buildings like you feel you’re gonna hit them Oh and never ever put ketchup on your hot dogs Indianapolis, Indiana I passed by this city a few times and that’s kind of like what the city is known for the city that you Pass by and not just kidding The biggest thing that they’re famous for is the Indy 500 one of the largest motorsport venues in our country I feel like the people in Indianapolis like it’s like a city where you could probably still be a farmer and live in an apartment Like the guy down the hallway in apartment 305 a you know He actually probably has like a tractor in some field 40 miles away, Des Moines, Iowa I went here for Caleb’s wedding you guys remember Caleb? Yeah, he’s from Iowa my impression of Des Moines was like Oh, just maybe this little guy he’s trying to be a city out in the middle of the country, you know But seriously Des Moines is kind of like this secret little weapon that America hides in the middle of nowhere for one It’s like one of the most important cities for presidential campaigns because the first caucuses are held here and second. It is our insurance capital city So yeah If you want like financial services Or like logistics specialists come out here. These people really know how to do their math and wrestle they’re famous for wrestling as well So it’s like they’re smart and strong go figure, Iowa, Wichita, Kansas now this place has two nicknames cow town and the air capital of the world the first one because they have a Prominent cattle industry go figure the second because they are famous for being very prominent figures in the aeronautical engineering industry Thanks to the perfect setting of flat land and unobstructed skies. They also host the McConnell Air Force Base But yeah, if you want to fly high Wichita’s skies or where you might want to arise Yeah, I got the flow. No, I don’t, Louisville, Kentucky. Its Louisville not Louisville, Louisville, no, Louisville I’ve been here a few times and I gotta say it is a nice little sleepy River town scooter. You remember scooter Yeah, my buddy scooter. Sure. He’s from there. And yeah, I stayed at his family’s place very walkable city for them It’s all about baseball bourbon and horse racing. They put bourbon in everything They put it in like their cakes their pies if you’re not all bourbon pie. Oh, that is good stuff What’s really weird though? Is they have like a theme park right neck to the airport? Okay, New Orleans or Nollans now, there’s the one city in the US that I have not been to that I am dying to go to the food is spicy. The music is unique The buildings have that Janousek quoi Appeal that brings you back to the era when the French controlled this place and just like, Hawaii There is a resurgence of people that are now starting to learn Cajun French Louisiana In general is the largest francophone community in the US and it’s really cool when they speak it and even if they just have that Cajun accent it’s like oh yeah keep talking Portland, Maine now again, this is difficult because I’ve never been to Maine my buddy Jason is kind of from that general area. He’s told me a little bit about it I feel like Portland is kind of like if you took all the stereotypes of Maine and jammed it into one Concentrated semi metropolitan area, that’s what it would be like, you know Huge maritime culture a lot of people there go sailing and fishing I’m sure like, a lot of the houses and buildings are like decorated with you know, maritime ornaments like anchors or like harpoons there’s probably a guy with like an eyepatch and he lives in a lighthouse and he’s like I once caught this whale but it got away Baltimore Maryland where you can get crabs Like softshell Blue Maryland crabs cooked right or crab cakes that it’s a really cool city I’ve been there a few times they got a great little Italy They got like historic wooden sea vessels on the coast where you can just kind of visit and check them out It’s just like a really cool place to have a lunch, you know, yeah, that’s what I’d say Baltimore is like a good lunch city, Boston, Massachusetts. I’ve known a lot of people from Boston and according to them Boston is better than New York in every possible way. You cannot refute that No, but seriously Boston is interesting because it’s kind of like an intellectual based city It’s one of those cities that was built before like the modern era So a lot of the streets don’t make sense and they’re kind of like twisty and windy But yeah, Boston, I mean you got to give it to them I mean, you meet a lot of people from Boston who are proud of being from Boston, Detroit, Michigan Here’s the thing Detroit did go through a lot of bad years But now they are really starting to see a rebound Property values go down and then a ton of people move in and then they start Hill I kinda boost up the economy all over Again, that’s kind of what’s happening in Detroit Now I if you love urban spelunking Detroit is actually the perfect place because they have a lot of like interestingly Abandoned buildings, you can kind of sneak into and check out but a lot of the buildings are being bought out now. I’m refurbished So you got to kind of hurry up before you know, big companies. Come in, Minneapolis I was actually born nearby here Minneapolis is like this city of lakes I’d say it’s a nice calm, you know kind of safe town. It’s got some cool art sculptures Like there’s just big spoon with a cherry that’s like a cool thing You can find if you go there winters in Minnesota are very beautiful Lots of hills to go down for sledding and all the ponds freeze over and you can skate on them, Jackson, Mississippi now I’ve said it before Mississippi is kind of like the most truest deepest like Southern Southern y’all put some hot sauce on my collard greens State and Jackson is like the epicenter Jackson’s nickname is the city with soul some very prominent gospel folk blues and jazz musicians came from this place The food is fattening and good the people are fattening and good If you ask for tea It’s gonna have like 40 grams of sugar in it, and the accents are just deep and thick It’s like just true gritty deep South Kansas City Missouri yeah, that’s right. The biggest part of the city is actually in, Missouri not in, Kansas Although some of it is in, Kansas Now when I pass by here, there was one thing I learned Kansas City is famous for Kansas City barbecue We got quite a few variations but the one I was introduced to was like pulled pork with the Sauce all over it and you put it in a sandwich and it’s just like oh, it’s so good. Just so good Also, I believe it is the city with the most fountains per capita I could be wrong when I’m pretty sure it has the most fountains But yeah, I would say it is definitely a barbecue type of city. So if you like food Kansas City go there. So that’s what I’m gonna end this off the first 25 cities of America I’ll finish it off the next time we do a filler week But yeah in the meantime, thank you for your patience. The next few videos are coming patreon patrons. Thank you for your support And if you’re not subscribed to this channel, feel free to subscribe in the meantime I will see you next time so stay cool. Stay tuned


  1. We just finished filming the next few episodes today so while we are in post-production editing the next country, Many of you requested this topic for filler week so here it is! PART 1 of the Largest cities PER STATE summarized! Birmingham Alabama to Kansas city Missouri. Enjoy!

  2. Im from Pennsylvania and i love Philadelphia im from it but i love Pittsburgh its really th best city in the state

  3. No, no, no, no. The Indianapolis 500 is not just "one of the largest motorsport venues in our country." It is THE largest motorsport venues IN THE WORLD, held within the largest sports stadium IN THE WORLD! Don't you dare tuck this under the rug like that. This IS the rug!

  4. I live in Louisville and every year everyone freaks out over the derby. We would have school off, have partys for it, it's a big deal here.

  5. grew up in Connecticut and we don’t have a name for ourselves we just say we’re from Connecticut because we have class

  6. Some quick Bridgeport factoids:

    * It's the former home of circus dude P. T. Barnum, as well as guitar dude John Mayer.
    * Former NBA legend Manute Bol (RIP) played his college ball there.
    * The rest of CT disses the city pretty bad, but the people that live there are hard-working, generally nice…and absolutely deserve to live anyplace else but Bridgeport.

  7. Our state (Connecticut) is more cleaner in the north and the south is were all the powerplant and factorys are. (We also have a lot of B,A,AA hockey teams) bridgeport is one of the dirtest citys in the state theres also a lot of corruption in our state so yeah.

  8. 1st DIA was not and did not have corn planted on that land, ok that out of the guey, the fields had mainly wheat and farm cattle land. 2nd Denver is not the healthy city everyone thinks, Boulder is!, next not everyone goes to the mountains, We go to escape the UGLY people in the plains that come to Our City Boulder and the Front Range, I would really Love to have you come on by and pull up a chair and have some Cold Celestial Tea.

  9. Connecticut definitely has major contrasts– charming idyllic small towns on the Sound alternating with decaying industrial small cities. It's a lot like New Jersey in that regard.

  10. Gotta say Portland, ME is pretty inaccurate. It is actually is very up and coming with tons of great bars, breweries, great and even a meadery and distillery. Also great cafes, donut shops and bookstores all packed into this small coastal town. I’d recommend going if you’re not too far. Portsmouth, NH is similar but a bit smaller and a little more charming.

  11. Miami is bigger than Jacksonville
    Jacksonville is just bigger by city proper
    the population of Miami metro is 6 million approximately
    the population of Jacksonville metro is 1.5 million

  12. Jackson is the least tourist oriented city I've been too. However they have one of the best museums in the USA with the new Civil Rights Museum close to the Capital. A must see if in Mississippi.

  13. Why is it so hard for you to respect an African country's wishes? If they changed their name, I think you should respect it.

  14. I'm shocked as someone who grew up in Chicago you chose to cover KC over St. Louis despite the fact that St. Louis is actually bigger

  15. What is the point of this video? Half of this info is just ignorant guessing, and what is the basis of your city choice? Metro area? Hartford is bigger than Bridgeport. City proper? Jacksonville is bigger than Miami. Why don’t you just make a video of you saying “literally” 400 times. Would be just as useful.

  16. Hey man, Kentucky Kingdom is a genuine treat. I don't know why it's next to Louisville International, but hey, it's there. But yeah, I spent a while in Louisville, and if you want something to do, visit the slugger museum, the derby museum, drink some bourbon, and don't forget to ride the Belle of Louisville, it's a paddle boat that takes you up and down the river, it's not super exciting, but it's a general treat to do, if you want, you can get married on it, it's adorable.

    Oh, and most importantly, if you happen to be there in April, do not forget to go to Thunder. It's like the 2nd Saturday before May, and it's the largest annually held fireworks show in North America, it kicks off the Derby Festival, which ends with the Derby on the first weekend in May. Honestly, I'd say Thunder over Louisville is way better than the Derby itself, but what do I know

  17. Yeah it’s kinda like the stepford wives here in CT. That might be why they set the remake explicitly here. But Bridgeport is weird because it’s a super poor city on the super boujee Gold Coast. Where all the rich people from New York who don’t want to pay New York prices live. Bridgeport is just like a city from bygone era. All the rich people moved to the suburbs in the 50’s, and it’s just been bad ever since .

  18. Hartford, CT is nicknamed “the insurance capital of the world” and Des Moines is considered the Hartford of the Midwest.

  19. As someone from Connecticut… we are very friendly and nice… hides my knife collection but everyone from here has a dark secret •___•

    And we love guests 🔪

  20. As a Connecticut resident I can affirm Bridgeport is the most decrepit city in the state. A lot of the state is suburban and rural especially in Litchfield and Tolland counties, but there is a lot of spooky history. There's a haunted cemetery in pretty much every town.

  21. Why not actually do your research for some of the cities!? It feels extremely biased for you to go off on some cities and do speculation after

  22. No fam here and Miami we are built to survive of the rain and everything thing else is right we very relax but get angry people and also we like to joke about each other alot

  23. Alaskan here, we really are tough. my dad and my uncle started working on a fishing boat every summer for money when they were 13 and they started deer hunting at around the same age.

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