The Local Next Door: Long Island City with Lauren Bennett

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(knock) – Oh hey. – [Camerawoman] Hey Lauren,
did you already work out? – Yeah, I’ve already
taken Spin and Tier X. Do you wanna come take
Joy’s bootcamp with me? It’s amazing. – [Camerawoman] You know, that’s okay. Maybe we should just go check
out Long Island City instead. – All right, be right back. (upbeat music) – [Camerawoman] So besides
the workout, what else is apart of your morning routine? – Well I love coming to Sweetleaf Coffee. They make the best coconut oolong tea. – [Camerawoman] How long have
you lived in the neighborhood? – Over a decade now. It’s so funny, when I first moved to the neighborhood, I had a studio, I think
prices have pretty much doubled since then. – [Camerawoman] Is there a
place here to sing karaoke? – Not that I know of. (laughing) – [Camerawoman] Where are we headed next? – I have to show you the view. – [Camerawoman] So, what’s
changed the most here in the past 5 years? – I mean, what hasn’t
changed? There’s dozens of new buildings, places to
eat, we have Michelin Star Restaurants now, that
definitely wasn’t here when I first came to the neighborhood. – [Camerawoman] What stayed the same? – [Lauren] The view! (bell dings) – [Camerawoman] And, what’s
the most Instagrammable spot in the neighborhood? – I mean, the Pepsi Cola
sign. It’s kinda hard to miss. – [Camerawoman] Describe Long
Island City in three words. – Always under construction. – [Camerawoman] What’s your favorite thing about living here? – It’s so close to
Manhatten, Just one subway stop away on multiple lines. – [Camerawoman] How
else do you get around? – You could take the bus, you can walk right over the Manhattan Bridge straight into Brooklyn. You can even take the Ferry to Astoria, Williamsburg, or even Downtown Manhatten. – [Camerawoman] That
sounds super convenient. – It’s pretty good. (whoosh) (upbeat music) – [Camerawoman] What are
some of your favorite specialty stores in the neighborhood? – I love Natural Frontier,
they have the most amazing healthy snacks, or Pop Culture, they have an incredible selection of books (bell dings) and private events. – [Camerawoman] Oh, what
are you reading right now? – Right now, I’m rereading
The Divine Comedy. – [Camerawoman] What
would you do if you had a day off all to yourself? – Head to the waterfront, grab a book, and just relax for a little bit, or maybe grab some drinks of food with friends. You want to go right now? – [Camerawoman] Yeah,
lets go check it out. – Let’s do it. (upbeat music) – [Camerawoman] Oh, those
are some serious drinks! – The Leechy Martini, it’s my favorite. – [Camerawoman] Where do you like to go for lunch around here? – [Lauren] El Falco or LA Sea Market. – [Camerawoman] And how about for dinner? – Definitely, Case Enrique,
they have incredible guacamole, and they just won a Michelin Star again, or she has the best ambiance and drinks in the neighborhood. – [Camerawoman] Sounds like
we ended up in the right spot. – Thanks for checking out LAC with me. (glass clink) – [Camerawoman] Thanks
for showing me around. (laughing) Whoops! – See, I told you. (upbeat music) (beep) – [Camerawoman] If you had
to order from Seamless, what would you get? – Pizza (laughs)


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