The Man Behind New York’s Celebrity-Themed Ice Cream

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(upbeat music) – Everybody loves ice cream. Even those who say they
don’t like ice cream, still love ice cream. We use ice cream as a way
to support our community. My name is Michael “Mikey” Cole, and I own Mikey Likes It Ice Cream. I did not always sell ice cream. I was born in the Lower East
Side of New York City, the East Village, two
blocks from the shop. Bustlin’ drugs at one point. I ended up getting caught, ended up going to jail for six months. A few years ago, my mother got sick; I promised to her that I wouldn’t be locked up anymore, do the wrong things. Ice cream was something
that just came into my life at a time when I didn’t really know what I was kind of doing. This is pop culture inspired ice cream. We have Jack and Jill, Truffle Shuffle, Ice Ice Baby, Pink Floyd, Mint Condition, Southern Hospitality and
we have Smooth Operator. A bunch of famous people
have come by here. Future’s a fan, Joakim Noah’s a fan, Hillary Clinton’s a fan. We have a lot of other
fans up there as well. I’m good, I’m good, alright fellas. I still live two blocks from the store. Part of our job is to still
be heavily in the community and so if kids come in here
with an A on their report card, we give them a free scoop of ice cream, just to show them that
we are the same as them. So I’m just a little older, but I’m still the same child at heart, and if you can find
something that you like and you’re passionate about,
go forth and just go for it. You know, don’t not go for your dreams, go for every last one that you have.


  1. "if kids came here with an A on their report card,We gave them a free scoop of ice cream"
    Cheaters : "I'm gonna do what's called the pro gamer move"

  2. Mikey:We have Jack and Jill,Truffle Shuffle,Ice ice baby,Pink Floyd,Mint Condition,Southern hospitality and Smooth operator.
    Me:Do you have vanilla?

  3. Mikey is an amazing and chill guy I love how he is such a kind guy and giving free ice cream to kids when they get good in their report card. This man is a genuine lad

  4. Mikey if you see an Asian family run. All they get are A’s and nothing else. They will make you go out of business

  5. Such a good heart needs to be care full people pulling up and shooting is the worst thing in the world be careful mikey

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