1. Jen's lost plutonium (31min) kind of compensated for the free uranium she got earlier on the game 😛 (19min) haha. Great video (and game, I must say), by the way. I only managed to see this because: #1- I was really paying attention; #2- I watched it to the end. 🙂

  2. well, it's fairly harder while you're thinking for 2 players, filming AND describing your actions, so.. 🙂

  3. It's a nice video, but there are a lot of user errors in game play, many multiple turns taken at once and rules violations. When a card says "Once per turn," it means ONCE PER TURN… (31:30–32:45) Also you have to fill all the required "meeple" slots on cards to use them. The Leslie Groves card reads as "Once each turn you may use 1 LABORER as an ENGINEER anywhere or 1 ENGINEER as 2 ENGINEERS on a BUILDING." Bomb cards are not buildings, so that whole move was invalid. Not being a jerk here, I just want all of you to not make that same mistake and get called on it when you play.

  4. For Jen, the H-Bomb said x2 and two times of 18 is 36, not 32. So, if Jen built the P-Bomb (18), H-Bomb (x2) and the U-Bomb (24), then that's a total of 60 points. And if she loads it up, then that's a total of 70 points and she wins.

  5. You only get the bribe pile money if you buy the $2 building 7:54
    you took the $3 building for free with an engineer.

  6. This is more of a note clarification, and not really necessary, since the video is over 2 years old, but at 19:03, you gave the correct resource, but you gave it to Jen, and not yourself.

  7. I found another goof… @ 13:46–14:09 Jen espionages Richard right after he protects himself from getting espionaged with John Lansdale ("Your BUILDINGS are immune to ESPIONAGE.") @ 11:51.

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