The Manhattan Project + Second Stage Gameplay Runthrough

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Hey Everybody! This subtitle channel contains Paulo’s list of “Rahdo’s goofs”. If you report goofs we didn’t notice, please leave timestamps. Thank You! 🙂 forgot to take the purple scientist off the board on the right And should have returned the University I had put bought with that Engineer NOOOO! Can only place one guy on the main board per turn. Bad me! 🙂


  1. At 26:00 didn't you use the mainboard twice on your turn (once to buy hire the contractors and again to hire the scientist)?

  2. If u use a grey worker to go to university to make a scientist/engineer, wouldnt u get a grey scientist/engineer? Just wondering what the other grey scientist/engineer tokens are for. Coz u used a grey worker to get a green scientist.

  3. Don't you mean 3x…
    1 Engineer to get 3 Neutral Laborers
    1 Neutral Laborer to get the 3G Enrichment Plant AND
    1 Neutral Laborer to get a Scientist… Lol
    Bad Richard

  4. Also Richard, can not find the rules for the Second Stage Famous People…
    But you used a Neutral Laborer when you had realized you had NOT been using Leslie Groves power… Don't know if Neutral Laborers count.

    peace/strength quotes.
    "Peace Through Superior Firepower" – President Eisenhower
    "To be prepared for war is one of the most effective means of preserving peace." – George Washington
    Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong." – Ronald Reagan

  5. Great video, as always Richard! I just finished reading the rules yesterday night and your videos help me understand more deeply how the game works. Thanks!

  6. Couple questions regarding the game.
    If you have all your workers, and you put them on a card that gives you more workers, would that just give you contractors? If so, what happens when you run out of contractors?

    Also is there a way to remove buildings from your personal construction area if you no longer have need or want it or is it there for good?

    Great video btw 🙂

  7. I know it's been a while, but are those workers wooden with stickers or does the game come with foam board pieces? That's what they look like to me. 

    Looks like a great game though, I wish I'd bought this and the expansion you're using instead of a few of my recent purchases. 

  8. In the Construction Site of the Main Board there is no limit of workers? Can you place various of your own workers?

  9. at 19:05, could't you have used Leslie's power to make the laborer an engineer and get the building for free, plus the bribe?

  10. Around 26:30, He changes his mind, puts one of his workers on the university to get 3 temp works…then uses those temp workers on the main board.  I thought you could only place 1 worker, temp or not, on the main board per turn?

  11. Do the expansion components fit into the main box? That usually determines for me whether to get the expansion or not :p

  12. +rahdo You said in a nother review that the game was kinda the sucessor of Manhattan Project, but without the boms and stuff. Which game is that ?

  13. At 13:52, actually the main board one worker placement is optional. You can place workers directly and only at your personal board…

  14. Seems a bit weird lore-wise that you send a grunt to uni and get a scientist, but still keep the original grunt. Unless the grunt is just scouting at uni for newly educated scientists instead of actually studying to be a scientist himself.

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