The Men In Black! Who Are They?

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  1. Ya know…I always assumed that it was aliens that stole my memory of one of my UFO encounters, but now I'm wondering if it was the MiB. Maybe they really do have neuralyzers!!!

  2. MIB look,act, and dress just like YOU!…NOT in black suites and sunglasses!..they do exist, and they are the most inconspicous people on earth!…pretend to be your "friends" ( always more than one!)…and will, one day, when you are all alone, with no witnesses, confront you!…and tell you to shut up, or else!….and if you tell anyone, everyone will say YOU are crazy!…BEWARE OF THE MEN IN BLACK FOLKS!…LMFAO!

  3. Hey Mike. I鈥檝e Never Seen Any Men In Black Before. I Like You鈥檙e Hat 馃帺馃帺 And Sunglasses 馃暥馃暥. This Is An Awesome 馃槑馃槑馃槑 Spooky 馃懟馃懟馃懟馃懟 Video Have A Good Weekend.

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