The New Range Rover Evoque | A Refined Point of View: San Francisco

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I love San Francisco. The architecture here is amazing. We have lots of culture. We have lots of great food. And being surrounded by nature is not something that you usually get from the city. When I found photography, it just changed my life like I came from nothing but to be able to go out and shoot and that affects people’s lives and how they see the world. It’s really inspiring and humbling. Finding new perspectives can be hard because you know things have been shot a million times so it just takes some time exploring. The beauty of the Range Rover Evoque is that it was designed for the city but it still tackles the obstacles that Range Rovers were built for. San Francisco you get a mix of everything right. We have the mountains. We have the ocean. We have the forest. And we have the city. Being able to stop and shoot while you go it’s an important factor of how I shoot so having a car designed for the city that still offers a legitimate off-road experience is perfect The little smallest detail can make the photograph you know. One new element added to the picture makes it a lot different and those are the things that you look for when you’re composing something. You want something new and fresh so you want to tweak it in a way that you haven’t seen before. You kind of like seeing things for the first time you know so every detail counts.


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