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bjbj,(,( On this episode of China Uncensored,
what you don t know about the New York Times Is Killing People Logo Hi, welcome to China
Uncensored, I m Chris Chappell. You know, the New York Times is one of the few foreign
language news websites that s actually unblocked in China. Why is that? If you saw one of my
earlier episodes, you know the New York Times is being paid to publish Chinese propaganda.
It s called China Watch. They aren t the only ones either; the Washington Post has a whole
site dedicated to it, but with a very obvious warning that it isn t their own reporting.
And you know, the kind of stories you get in these things are top notch. Like this one
about China s new leader Xi Jinping being a caring listener. And he has dreamy eyes.
But hey, I get it. In America we like presidents we can share a beer with. And look at how
well that turned out for us. But the New York Times is taking it to a whole new level. You
know the Times has been criticized for failing to report on the Holocaust. There s a book
about it called Buried by the Times. During World War 2, in 24,000 front-page stories,
only 26 were about the Holocaust and in only six were Jews mentioned as the primary victims.
Well, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice; better buy the New York Post. Now it
s the Chinese regime s genocide of Falun Gong practitioners in China that the Times is not
only ignoring, but actually helping. Since 1999, Falun Gong adherents have been the victims
of a systematic campaign of torture and terror, including beatings, electric baton shocks,
injections with psychotropic drugs, forced-feeding, rape and other forms of sexual abuse. Report
after report has come in about this from sources like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch,
the UN, and even the US government. In 2006, an independent investigation even found massive
evidence that China at the state-level has been forcefully harvesting the organs of still-living
Falun Gong practitioners for sale. A recent US Congressional hearing lead to a dear colleague
letter signed by 106 US Senators demanding the US State Department release what it knows
about it. But don t bother looking for the congressional hearing or dear colleague letter
in the New York Times. They didn t cover it. In fact, since 2001, there s been a sharp
decline in any reporting about Falun Gong. In ten years after the persecution began in
1999, only 164 articles have been written about Falun Gong, most were in the first two
years. Not only did the number shrink, the tone of the articles they did publish dramatically
changed after 2001. Considering Falun Gong is a persecuted group inside China, you d
think the stories would, I don t know, be about China. But since 2003, not a single
meaningful article about Falun Gong inside China was published. And it also seems to
me that if you were to report on a group suffering genocide at the hands of the Chinese Communist
regime, you wouldn t use the Chinese Communist regime as your main source of information.
But that s exactly what the New York Times has been doing. So before 2001, Falun Gong
was described as a peaceful spiritual practice with roots in traditional Chinese culture,
that were victims of a quote, propaganda blitz, which recalls Maoist campaigns of the 1950s
and 60s. (Show in Video Edit-Mark Landler s account from July 22, 1999 that describes
the practice as a fusion of the ancient Chinese practice of qigong the channeling of vital
energies through breathing exercises with elements of Buddhism and Taoism) But after
2001, suddenly Falun Gong practitioners began to sound like THEY were the bad guys. In a
third of the articles the New York Times published about Falun Gong, they described the practice
as a sect, or just used the term the Chinese regime uses, evil cult. And it really stopped
sounding like they were even being persecuted. In 2005, Jim Yardley of the Times wrote, Falun
Gong is waging an aggressive campaign to publicize its allegations of mistreatment, which the
Chinese government has denied. It is impossible to prove or disprove all of its specific allegations.
The next year, evidence for the forced organ harvesting of still living Falun Gong practitioners
became public. I guess though the Times feels that the burden of proof is on the victims.
That s how a sane world works, right? But then they also started contradicting their
own reporting. In 1999, when the persecution began, the Times cited figures put out by
China that there were 70 million people practicing Falun Gong in China. But then in 2001, Craig
Smith wrote that the number was made up by Falun Gong practitioners, and that quote,
Closer scrutiny suggests the movement in China never numbered more than several million.
Which is funny because when he was working for the Wall Street Journal, he wrote, some
government officials estimate that the number of followers has reached 60 million or more.
s also written that Falun Gong practitioners have, died as a result of confrontations with
the police or prison guards. Not from brutal torture of an all-powerful regime crushing
dissidence, mind you, but just a confrontation, between police and what he describes as a
sect that makes up numbers. I m sure they just fell down the stairs. So if the Times
is your only source, you get the skewed image that Falun Gong is a weird, extremist group,
that on the one hand could very well not be suffering persecution, but at the same time
also have been crushed by the Chinese regime. (image of NY Times article Falun Gong Manages
Skimpy Rally; Is Sect Fading?) And it s really weird that there was such a big shift AFTER
2001. I wonder what happened, you know, it s not like I have access to the inner workings
of the New York Times or the Chinese government for that matter. Butttttttt, it does strangely
seem to coincide with an exclusive interview the New York Times happened to pull off with
Jiang Zemin, then Chinese leader and also the guy who started the persecution against
Falun Gong. And then suddenly after that interview, the New York Times website became unblocked
in China and to this day remains one of the few foreign news sites to be so. In fact,
Professor Jiao Buobiao said the New York Times is the only international newspaper available
at Beijing University s library. And they just happen to be towing the Party line about
the biggest human rights violation of the 21st century. Pretty random coincidence, huh?
I wonder if they make people in China pay to see their website because I m pretty sick
of that myself. So from now on, if you re looking for China news, I d suggest maybe
not reading the New York Times. Once again, I m Chris Chappell, thanks for watching this
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  1. Those are pure lies or what ? There are several articles almost each month sometimes twice a month mentioning Falun Gong on NYTimes web site when you search for it… (of about 2,250 results, not mentioning the results for Tibet and Dalai Lama) So ? 😮 Do they need to publish about it every day ?

  2. In (newest) search results:
    1."banned spiritual movement Falun Gong"
    2."free software backed by the banned spiritual movement Falun Gong"
    3."a rally by members of Falun Gong, a spiritual movement"
    4."Falun Gong followers — there are said to be tens of millions of believers in China — were said to be especially targeted for harassment"
    5."“In Hong Kong there are many Falun Gong followers, and they can practice as they like,” he said, referring to a spiritual movement"
    I see no mention of sect.

  3. Some will argue that you are the brainwashed one, how can you dismiss history with so much confidence, did you participate in WWII? what exactly convinced you that it's all a big lie? Don't tell me it was Ahmadinejad's speech..

  4. Japan had colonized China and Korea, and massacred too many Asians. They supporting Falungong and wants to divide China to recolonize China and Korea.

  5. Great stuff man!! lets keep promoting hate against the chinese. I wonder if your happy when the world goes to war due to racist red necks like you. Why don't you post something like America uncensored " Why did America invade Iraq? Greed?" or " The only country that is supporting the crumpling US economy is china, yet why do we keep promoting hate against them". You should do some research before overly exaggerate the truth as in go to china and see for yourself how "obressed" they really are.

  6. Good job taking the media to task, using their own quotes and numbers to show how willingly NY Times is skewing facts to their benefactors.

  7. You do understand that there's a conflict of interest with your reporting right? NTD is after all founded by Falun Gong Practitioners.

  8. I just discovered your videos and spent the last 2 hours watching segment after segment, excellent work!

    Hek (in Guanghzou)

  9. watched three of your videos and will watch no more. all the wrong you called out in the three, you could have just as easily been talking about russian or the u.s.

  10. This program is called China Uncensored because it is about China. The idea is definitely not to take away from heinous crimes committed by other governments, but to report on China in particular. The Chinese are a wonderful people who are being oppressed by their government, and people should know about it. Hearing about the New York times somehow being bought by the Chinese State is very unnerving to me.

  11. i'm not a wonderful person.

    China's Government is the greatest in the world. Don't tell me about MY government. Learn how to manage a prefecture before talking to me.

  12. China's government is currently massacring MILLIONS of innocent people, in a holocaust comparable to that of Nazi Germany! Yeah! Great government you got there! (sarcasm)

  13. Incidentally, neither am I! I'm sure you are suitably brainwashed to believe that the accidental deaths of civilians during a war is far worse that the murder of people in your own country for following a religion that has never demonstrably caused any harm. I do feel sorry for you, but at least I know that I'm doing my bit to help a struggling person earn a living! Although 50c per post is not much to live on…

  14. Oh Chris is against China! He's criticizing the CCP again he hates China! He's So mean to the CCP! Chris is Such a propagandist for stating facts and making logical conclusions How dare He! LOL sarcasm no need to send 50 cents of blood and slave labor to me CCP.
    Governments the cancer that keeps on killing.

  15. Shhhh.  Don't bother those cute and cuddly Chinese people.  If they want to believe their government is different… (The thing is The U.S. used to have two government one that operated in the "light", the other was the one that did bad things, but… when caught… we used to punish them.  UNTIL the Soviet Union fell… Of course everyone really knows that bears hibernate, and all those KGB agents that weren't too blatant before are FSB agents now…). Now the American government does more criminal stuff, and prosecutes far less… this is the direction all government is going… If you think any government is different… You are willfully ignorant. 

  16. and so you know… I love things about American and Chinese people… Chinese culture is dynamic, and extends back thousands of years, American culture has takes in everything, but currently neither leadership is healthy…

  17. 武帝 漢 why do you base your proud so much on your government?, you seem to be so dependent. Learn to have a mind of your own, love yourself before some artificial idiocracy.

  18. I knew it CCP bought New York Times. All dumbed down Americans wanted to believe you. Master Li of Falun Gong is your boss, isn't he?

  19. The link to the China Focus piece is broken – just goes straight to NTDTV home page instead. Also, your clarification says "in October", and I'm just wondering, October of what year?

    Keep the awesome videos coming, pretty soon I'll have watched all the ones you have so far! You've really changed the way I think about China – admittedly, horror at the behavior of their gov't – but also new-found respect for the courage of the Chinese people, standing up for their rights and fighting tyranny. 

  20. Burden of proof is actually on the victim…. Innocent before proven guilty, hombre. Though there seams to be a decent amount of said evidence.

  21. Fuck the New York Times and the CCP. Every single one of those sick fuckers needs to be dragged out into the street and beaten.

  22. That's why Capitalism doesn't work. It has always been like this, when money is involved human rights are neglected. China's ruling party may be to blame but so is the US and its big invested businesses. Will they be made to account for crimes against humanity when the Chinese CP is disposed of?

  23. The New York Times sent reporter Walter Duranty to the Soviet Union in the period before world war 2 & he made great effort to cover up the brutality of the Soviet regime & the starvation of millions of Ukrainians. He also denounced other Western reporters who tried to report what was actually going on there.

  24. Is the chinese government bad? Yes. Do they need to be drug into the street and beaten? No. Because sane people don't drag other people into the street and beat them. SANE people hold international trials to persecute crimes against humanity, and lock those responsible in prison. Just saying. Don't become the monster you fight.

  25. I'm glad to see they changed recently, so of course now they're blocked. Not sure when this change actually took place, but here are some starting from one of the most recent: ,, . They're also available in Chinese.,,, etc. When I've posted them on QQ, I copied the articles and attached the photos.

  26. So one of America's versions of Pravda hides the truth, and you're surprised by this because of why?
    Comrade, you obviously need to go to a 'Health Facility' to be made-well!
    Come with us please!

  27. Hello mr cia man, what are the other foreign news websites that are unblocked in China? Have they been doing dastardly deeds also?

  28. "so from now on if you're looking for China news I suggest maybe not reading the New York Times." Thanks! I'm always on the look out for new sources that are spreading dishonest press so I can eliminate them from my newsfeed.

  29. In a free society, with a news/press that is not owned or controlled by a few, others of the press can be the watchdogs for truth. Congratulations Mr. Chappell, you are promoted to Watchdog of Truth, a Free Society Guardian, or Guardian of Truth in a just society. Seriously, this is one of the most important segments you have done. When good men say nothing, bad men win.

  30. I knew the Grey Lady was a leftisit rag sheet but this is horrid even by their virtually non-existant standards.

  31. Both statements are true. The murderous Chinese dictatorship is killing falun gong members for organs to sell to "transplant tourists", AND falun gong is a whacked out religious cult.

  32. The times doesn't print the truth here eather. They print what the Clinton foundation and the DNC tells them too. They've printed more lies than the enquirer.

  33. I've ALWAYS known the New York Times' reporting was skewed, biased, self serving and haven't paid, read not ever recommend it to ANYONE, on the contrary I vehemently discourage it but MY GOD, this to me, is all the other proof I needed. Thank you China uncensored and you Chris Chappell, I'M in LOVE with you bro

  34. I've ALWAYS known the New York Times' reporting was skewed, biased, self serving and haven't paid, read not ever recommend it to ANYONE, on the contrary I vehemently discourage it but MY GOD, this to me, is all the other proof I needed. Thank you China uncensored and you Chris Chappell, I'M in LOVE with you bro

  35. I've ALWAYS known the New York Times' reporting was skewed, biased, self serving and haven't paid, read not ever recommend it to ANYONE, on the contrary I vehemently discourage it but MY GOD, this to me, is all the other proof I needed. Thank you China uncensored and you Chris Chappell, I'M in love with ya bro

  36. _The Anti Defamaton League will not like that the massmurder of Jews is being compared to mass murder of Falun Gong members
    because nobody is more important then mass murdered Jews according to them!_

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