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(RAPPING) So I’m the
underdog in this rap game. Well, it’s OK, cause I’m gonna
still bring home that chain that Jermaine gave to Mulatto. I’ll always work
hard for success, and that will be my motto. Let these rappers know that I’m
not the one to compete with. I’m here to be on top, leaving
everybody here speechless. – Uh-huh.
– Really, [inaudible]? All right.
Really? Yeah, he was spitting. Shots fired. Bullets everywhere. I don’t even try in this
competition, I swear. Jermaine Dupri looking for
someone who can stand out. We gonna really found
out who the man now. This a freestyle,
off of the dome. Do this for my mom, I’m
not trying to go home. I’ve got a flow unknown
to mankind, so stand by. You get in my way, I will
kill you like a landslide. I’m doing this for Brooklyn. I will keep on pushing. People know my name, and
I will keep on cooking. People igmore me, they try
to shove me into the bushes. Damn. I do it for my city. Yeah, I do it. Yeah, I do it. I [inaudible] for my city. I carry Brooklyn on my back
when I walk down the street. Catch the two train,
go to Barclays and bright lights
is what you’ll see. If you bored, I’ma take you
on a tour through my city. I can take you to
go get some Junior’s cheesecake with P Diddy. All right. Yeah. OK.
I’m ready. Y’all ready?
Let’s do this. Let’s do this.
OK. OK. S-O-S-O-D-E-F. OK? S-O-S-O-D-E-F. I spoke with
three different icons, they told me three different things. I spoke with Jermaine
Dupri’s father, he told me how everything
started [inaudible].. They were gonna collab
with Columbia Records, and everyone had a
problem with the name. Jermaine Dupri was
only 16 when he started the label, [inaudible]. S-O-S-O-D-E-F. Say it with me. S-O-S-O-D-E-F. OK. All right. That’s right, baby. (RAPPING) I knew
that I would make it. Put the homework
in the basement. Man, I had the dedication. I was into overtime.
For me, there was no vacation. I would always dream of money,
so now money’s all I’m chasing. Woo! OK. Let’s go. Tun it up. Won’t you do it with me? Let’s go. Man, I do this for myself. This is for nobody else. I just hope that I can make
it without anybody’s help. I was born and raised in
Brooklyn, for the record. Now I’m cooking. [inaudible] had the money, had
to look for some in cushions. I knew that I would make it. Put the homework in
the basement, man, I had the dedication.
Now it’s into overtime for me. There was no vacation. I would always dream of money,
so now money’s all I’m chasing. [inaudible]. OK. [inaudible]. In the rim. I like that one. [applause] All right. On this corner we got the
one and only [inaudible],, straight from Chicago. Yeah! On this corner, we got the
one and only [inaudible],, kickin’ South
Central, Los Angeles. Now me, I’m J.I. AKA
the Prince of New York. – Tell ’em.
– OK? OK? OK? Left jab, right jab. We gonna knock ’em out. They don’t want us in the ring,
cause they know what we about. If you coming for the team,
better take a different route. Triple threat,
that’s how we fling, if you want to step on that. When I’m spitting on a track,
man, you know I shut it down. I’ma really knock you
out, and I’m only 100 lbs. Hey, man, I’m a competitor. You know I’m gunning now. I got ammo with my mouth,
I be spitting 100 rounds. You coming for the team,
better take a different route. Triple threat,
that’s how we fling, if you want to step on that. Yeah, y’all! Rap Game, season two! My name is J. I. For
people who never heard of me. I murder these verses with
the first, second, and third degree.
I’m always working hard. I don’t think I can be defeated. I’m the type of
person that’ll crack you on the head with a
bottle that I just peed in. [laughter] – All right, look, look, look–
– That’s right. That’s right. That’s right. That’s right. Preach, baby. Verbally, I’m
one of the best up. I’m next up. You wearing a vest, and you
get hit from your neck up. I’ll have– [applause] Neck up, cause I’m a veteran. You can make a list of
rappers I’m better than. Yet again, they just really
want to get in my head again. But I’m competitive, so
I’m never going to stop. I’m ahead of them.
I am a beast. What?
What? [inaudible] All right, DJ, drop that beat. I’m from Brooklyn, and
you know how we do it. Look. I stepped into the game, and
I was focused like a camera. I know that I am
the rapper that’ll represent the So So Def fam. [inaudible] I’m coming for that change,
I’m not [inaudible].. Amd I say I’ll never change. Step into the floor,
you better know my name. If you don’t, [inaudible]. Everybody know that. I get it from my city. Ain’t nobody messing with me. You can tell by the
way that I walk. Everybody know that. Yeah. It’s only one contract. You four have done an amazing
job, as far as I’m concerned. But the next person to
leave the studio is– Prince. There’s work to be done. You know what I’m saying? And that’s all this is about. Losing this definitely
is kind of hard on me, but it’s like, I think I have
what it takes to be an icon, and I’m going to be a legend. I’m definitely going
to be a legend.


  1. JD – why don't u teach these kids to NOT wear tights and to cut the autotune and start/stop garbage? Sellout.
    This kid has skill have him do a REAL track

  2. Prince of NY and Deetranada were the best two kids lyrically ever on Rap Game, by far! He definitely should have won his season based off skills and consistency!

  3. Crack you in the head with a bottle I just peed in! My boy Prince of NY from Brooklyn NY! I notice that JD picks the kids whose manager is the least problematic, that he can do business with. If the kid who is best has a toxic manager, that kid doesn’t have a chance of winning.

  4. “I’m the type of person that will crack u wit a bottle I just peed in”😭😭best line hands down ever

  5. Bro the prince of ny didn't fail the guy that didn't want to make a contract failed

  6. Of course a black guy gonna choose another black guy. Even tho prince was levels ahead of them. But it’s rap so gotta keep it black. Smh lol

  7. I felt like the ending was petty😂😂😂but he DEFINITELY SHOULDVE won cause he was and IS the best but ya know besides miss Kay cause she stepped her game up nie

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