‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ Cast Dishes On New Season Drama | TODAY

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  1. I don’t watch the show. I watch the crazy drama clips that make the Internet, but the ladies are all looking very pretty!!

  2. I really don’t know why Tinsley is still on the show… 😴 I always fast forward. What a waste of a spot.

  3. Sonja teasing Ramona in a wheelchair until she realized she's talking about the wrong season.

  4. Ramona is so full of it!! How can her skin care line be responsible for her looks if it has only been out for a year!! Anyone else remember all the crap she has done to her face/body?? What a crock!!

  5. It will be great drama The real Housewives of New York City…well keep your sobriety up and all looking real lovely bubbly housewives..

  6. RHONYork: On a downhill turn… getting really boring. There was a time when it was my fav housewives show but this season it's moving way down on my list. I'm tired of this cast especially sick of Dorinda, Ramona Bethany and Tinsley. (most of them) They better step it up

  7. I’ve been 23 4 months, stores don’t think I’m even old enough to even buy cough medicine. I think we’re just fine Ramona.

  8. Never thought I’d say this as I haven’t always been her biggest fan but WOW! LuAnn looks amazing clean & sober.

  9. Countess Lu is glowing, good for her‼️ Btw when they asked Tinsley her storyline, I was like ugh 😂😂😂

  10. Why did Ramona get a nose job? And why is she wearing 12 lbs. of make-up. She looks horrible. Tinsley and LuAnn have false teeth.

  11. All these women are dysfunctional some more than others… they even say it tht they are crazy.
    But more importantly is tht some are TRULY Mean Spirited and very JEALOUS.
    WITNESS them ppl when you watch them…now so moon e are REAL but not perfect but there's DEFINITELY jealousy and when you have this you can NOT be friends.. One is a TRUE FRIEND but she is NOT there.

  12. Seriously Moana your stupid product doesn’t make you look younger the knife does. Geezus you think we’re all that stupid.

  13. This show needs all new cast. None are housewives, all are old, and the storylines are boring. No one wants to see middle aged women drinking to access or dressing and behaving inappropriate, no a good look. Next!

  14. Kathy Lee's face at 1:05 lol…she doesn't look happy. Kathy didn't ask a question lol. Ramona needs to take tips from Luanne on how to really look young. Sonja making fun on Ramona love it and it sounds like Tinsley still doesn't have a storyline smh

  15. Thoughts: Ramona still seems a little on the spectrum; LuAnne looks great and should be an actress on soaps; Sonya is a hoot – like a comic Streisand character come to life; Tinsley looks pretty.

  16. Just a bunch of mean girls, some bordering on having too much work done. If I were their kids I'd change my name and head for the Canadian border. At the same time, its' my guilty pleasure, the only one of "those shows" I watch. LOL

  17. Luanne is looking the best she's ever in the past seasons, screw Ramona and dorinda, who insults someone who is in recovery and without speaking to her, so called best friend of 10 years!?

  18. Please take the former Countas off the show out of all ur ladies she's the worst all of her stuff is a loner PLEASE GeT RID OF zHER

  19. They need to get the focus off of Luann or I'm going to quit watching. This might be one of the dumbest arguments in Housewives history. So it's okay if Luann gets drunk and does stupid stuff but not Dorinda? How many times does she have to apologize? And Luann is just obnoxious. She was bad before but now she's making the show unwatchable.

  20. They are so fake. Look at them all pretending to care and laugh. Just waiting for their pay for being on the show. A very ugly side of humanity.

  21. Kathy is NOT impressed. I think she doesn’t respect Luann getting gigs for singing because she thinks so highly of her own singing.

  22. Ok so when was this taped – because she was just on good day ny on Tues and when askex she said shes been sober for 50 days – Yep just 50 days. — which means she has drank a couple of times- shes not even sober 2mos
    YOWZER !!! Thats because she wants to do it her way – Thats why the judge blasted her and told her shes not taking her sobriety seriously
    When they were filming in the Hamptons she was like 45 days sober and that was over 6mos ago
    Whatever its her life – but any sponsor would tell her You Are suppose to change people , she even admitted it was very hard to remain sober filming – but obviously u didnt stay sober
    I think summertime is very hard to not be around drinking
    Places and things …

  23. Nothing’s worth watching without Bethany in it. She’s the only interesting one. With THE BEST sound bites. No one can compare!

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