The Real Reason People Are Buying A Bunch Of Toilet Paper

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Toilet paper is disappearing around the globe,
and nobody is taking it sitting down. The New York Post reported that it has triggered
fistfights in supermarket aisles in Australia, where one family inadvertently contributed
to the crisis by ordering 48 boxes of toilet paper instead of 48 rolls, roughly 12 years’
worth. “Now she’s sitting comfortably on more than
2,000 rolls.” The BBC reported on an audacious armed robbery
at dawn in Hong Kong. And in Japan, Sora News said that one shopkeeper
decided the only way to protect his restroom from desperate toilet paper thieves was to
draw up traditional curses to protect his stash of spare loo rolls. All over the world news of the potentially
widespread COVID-19 coronavirus infection has sent folks to supermarkets and drugstores
looking to hoard essentials from face masks and hand sanitizers, to non-perishable food
items like canned goods, oat milk, ramen…and, yes, toilet paper. Shoppers in different countries were driven
by different reasons for buying out toilet paper. In China, folks who had no access to surgical
masks went for toilet paper because, as Australian academic Nitika Garg said, “There’s a thinking that toilet paper can
be substituted for tissues and napkins and to make makeshift masks.” In Taiwan, toilet paper flew off the shelves
because there were rumors that the island’s paper stocks were being used to make surgical
masks, which would subsequently affect toilet paper supplies. Authorities later had to deny that this was
the case. In the case of countries like the United States,
Canada, and Australia, panic-buying and the need to hold on to as much toilet paper one
can carry is most likely driven by fear of the unknown, not by any proven or actual need
for more toilet paper. Clinical psychologist Steven Taylor explained
to CNN, “When people are told something dangerous
is coming, but all you need to do is wash your hands, the action doesn’t seem proportionate
to the threat. Special danger needs special precautions.” It doesn’t help that news reports showing
empty shelves urge people to believe that they’re missing out if they don’t go out and
get more toilet paper right now. “There is an element of where you actually
do get drawn into that, a psychology where you might fear like you may miss out. A fear of missing out.” In Ireland, shoppers admitted to The Irish
Times that all the panic-buying was admittedly over the top, but they were doing it anyway. Researchers at INSEAD Singapore, where the
city’s toilet paper supplies were compromised early on in the crisis, said the panic-buying
there was also driven by an element of retail therapy; except instead of spending money
on the latest gadgets and fashion, folks bought useful items as shopping for those things
reinforced their sense of control over the crisis. People are also spurred by the idea that a
community coronavirus outbreak could result in quarantine or a lockdown, which will impose
restrictions on their freedom of movement. Psychologist Baruch Fischhoff told CNN: “Unless people have seen…official promises
that everyone will be taken care of, they are left to guess at the probability of needing
the extra toilet paper, sooner rather than later. The fact that there are no official promises
might increase those probabilities.” More than anything else, there is a need to
have a sense of control over a situation whose outcome no one can currently predict, and
buying toilet paper could be one way of getting to grips with an unknown. Fischhoff said: “Depending on how people estimate the chances
of needing the toilet paper, the hassle might be worth it. If it gave them the feeling that they had
done everything that they could, it might free them to think about other things than
coronavirus.” But for some folks who think a lockdown is
imminent, the fact that they went all out to build their toilet paper stash was totally
worth it. Frank Farley, former president of the American
Psychological Association told CNN: “[The novel coronavirus] is engendering a
sort of survivalist psychology, where we must live as much as possible at home and thus
must ‘stock up’ on essentials, and that certainly includes toilet paper. After all, if we run out of [toilet paper],
what do we replace it with?” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more List videos about your favorite
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  1. When people are abusive to store staff , for toilet rolls running out, say…" wipe it on some grass like dogs do"

  2. Males fold a few sheets of tp. Females was maybe 30 to 40 sheets into a wad. Maybe that's why they call a female's privates a "twat". A wad for the twat.

  3. People can’t stay calm over a virus 🤦‍♂️ now this goes to show when aliens show up all the tin foil will be gone and be used for stupid hats of never forgetting

  4. americans europe has the last paper rolls in display buy all of them europe has enough toilet paper for evry american

  5. how to trap a austrailia n
    1. make a huge mouse trap
    2.put a toilet paper in the giant mouse trap
    3. bring the mouse trap outside
    4.put a poster saying free toilet paper
    5. wait for the austrailian to come if come ask the for the koala suveniers and ask them the second time what do they do with the toilet paper

  6. It's called stupid people that cant think for themselves. People will be jumping off a cliff and people won't ask questions and start jumping off the cliff because everybody else is.

  7. People in the usa are very stupid. I needed essentials. I  justed needed  toilet paper and paper towels. This a pain in the butt.

  8. 'sitting down' is one more snarky sarcasm quip that media live to make to try to appear smart and clever. they are neither.

  9. well toilet paper is sold out everywhere in my area so i have napkins and kitchen towels… but idk what do do after i run out.

  10. What idiots do NOT understand is you can go directly to toilet paper companies and buy DIRECT from them (and in BULK get huge discounts). There IS no shortage. People are just being stupid and panicking and/or scammers are buying it all up to try and sell on eBay and elsewhere for tons more cost, thus gouging the consumer. It's not needed. There IS no shortage. People are just panic buying because the shelves are coming up empty for these reasons. I work at a mass retail chain and it's come ,to this – managers handing out toilet paper to the customers in maybe 1 or 2 pack bulks at a time per customer. Seriously though???? This does not need to happen. You can go right now to, say, Charmin's website and buy whatever amount you like no problem. They'll mail it to you directly. No middle man. You'll SAVE money in fact doing it this way vs. buying at the store.
    What's really going on is there was this thing in the early 1970's (72 perhaps?) where Johnny Carson made a joke about toilet paper during the oil crisis and that triggered people to go CRAZY and try and buy up as much of that as possible…. for NO reason. Same as today. This stuff is silly, folks. And if you just get a bidet to replace your toilet you won't even EVER need toilet paper ever, ever again anyway. And it makes total sense that these old fogies are TRYING to buy out all the toilet paper right now to scare people into paying 3 to 10 times as much on eBay and other places – but eBay and Amazon kicked lots of them out for it so far but that still doesn't mean they won't try selling it at super higher prices elsewhere, and at worst – at the flea market. Now you don't even have to play into that scheme at all if you're smart and just buy directly from the factories. Just saying. PLUS… novelty rolls are WAY cheaper and surely available to buy right now online if you'd like. For example, President Trump rolls are about 12 bucks a roll but that's WAY cheaper than what some are selling – like for 500 bucks a roll of other brands. Just think about it. The scammers certainly won't buy up even all the HIGH cost novelty rolls. And, really…. if toilet paper is going to cost you above a certain amount you ought to just go to your ATM machine and start wiping with 20 dollar bills instead.
    As a retailer employee and stocker of this stuff I'm not worried in the slightest. These shelves WOULD get filled to full each day if it were not for the panic buyers hoarding it all plus the scam buyers trying to buy it all up to resell it higher. BUT… that got STOPPED recently – now a BUNCH of retailer chains are limiting it out, which shouldn't have to be done but it IS a need right now so that EVERYONE can get toilet paper at reasonable price NO MATTER WHAT. I'm very, very happy about this right now. Yeah, shelves will look empty still for the time being but just ask one of the shelf stockers what time of day to come around to get "issued" toilet paper and they'll tell you. Trust me. I do, and I always am glad to help the customer in whatever way possible to help them get the products we sell. This problem will go away, folks, VERY soon now. Trust me. The craziness will fade out and the scammers will be left with toilet paper they can NOT sell – ever.
    I've seen the greed and from I, as a shelf stocker, can tell is that there are two main categories (and maybe a third being the "panic" buyer seeing those empty shelves). The main two, though, are #1 the scammers buying it all up in mass to frighten people into desperation to buy those TP rolls from THEM. Second category are the doomsayers, the people caught up in the paranoia of it all thinking that they MUST, at all cost, grab off off the shelves ALL they can right now because pretty soon it might not be there for them to get – or that they will be ORDERED to stay home and NOT be able to get it. Sorry folks, but that's not reality. The big retailers HAVE to stay open during the virus pandemic. Items will be offered and sold no problem and re-stocked to full each and every day.

    You understand how inventory orders go out now, right? It's from the purchase at the cash register itself. Once you buy an item it's automatically re-ordered and trucks bring it in the next day. That IS happening with EVERYTHING. Thing is, if everyone keeps panicking every day and buys up mass amounts of rice…. toilet paper…. pasta… hand wipes…. medical face masks…. rubber gloves… yeah, it's going to keep the shelves empty which in turn feeds on the fear of others that THEY too should be buying this stuff even if they would not normally do so.

    I've already thrown my hands up at the whole thing. Do what you want but me? I am still buying things casually on a week to week basis and I'm not worried at all. Pasta – stuff's BAD for you anyway. It'll make you gain weight. I don't want it. Rarely, on occasion, I'll have some but I certainly won't ever count on it for survival. Rice will tear up your insides like liquid drain-O if you're not careful, so I rarely have that stuff as well. Shoot, if I was panic buying I'd buy up all the oatmeal I could, and potatoes. At least oatmeal gives you lower cholesterol. Even more so than that, why not buy up all the 10W40 oil you can? Least that way you can sink the oil market enough to buy low and later sell VERY very high. This is why I think the toilet paper bandits are rank amatures. They get the general idea but aren't doing it right with the right products.

    Back to toilet paper though – I had an uncle who never used the stuff. He simply took a shower after each "number two" to wash it all away down the drain. Kind of disgusting, I know, but do what you have to do, folks, and don't panic. Things will get better. I survived three wars and trust me, toilet paper shortage is NOT going to get me down or get in my way of things – ever.

    I've always bought food on a week to week basis AND as a shelf stocker at a major food chain I STILL do the same. The Governor of California was nice about it – "stay at home" mandate – BUT… go out if you need stuff. So what? So go buy your week-to-week food supply as normal. Why buy months and months worth of food at this point because it's not GOING to be a requirement in so far as the California State Governor's concerned. Yeah, you can still go to your grocery stores. No problem. DO so when you want. Just otherwise try and stay home to avoid the spread of this dang virus is all. We're going to get a vaccine eventually, folks. Don't worry about that. Me? I WANT to get the virus so I can get over it and thus become immune to it same as the chicken pox. You get through it you no longer have to worry about it anymore, right? So there should be no panic, except for old people or people with real bad health problems already that could nick them closer to death.

  11. Diarrhea is one of the symptoms of Covid-19. Also, people are using this panic to resell these much needed supplies and make a killing

  12. People are THINKING WAY TOO MUCH about this. It's called impulsive buying. People in numbers are sheep and with the media and social media posting pics of it constantly, it causes other people, when they see TP to think they need it too. There are warehouses and warehouses of TP around the world. They are restocking TP every other day at stores.

  13. I was doing it before it was popular. When you have almost crippling depression and anxiety, every trip to the shops results in panic buying

  14. All this talk about toilet paper shortages in supermarkets. I know it's not great. Coronavirus pandemic has caused people to stockpile toilet paper instead of food essentials which is more of a necessity. Obviously toilet paper is a glorious luxury when nature calls. However, if toilet paper shortages continue, there is an easy and simple solution. Just get a jug of water and pour it down your buttocks to create a mini waterfall, and use your fingers to gently massage your sphincter until clean. Don't be apprehensive about having excrement on your fingers: soap and water is your best friend here. Now you never have to worry about developing the chocolate cheek phenomena. Happy days 💩💩

  15. I loaded on Whisky. you can drink after you gargle. you can mix it with water and rinse your hands. You can add it to tea or coffee.

  16. Calm down people, I didn't stock up on anything,and I'm not worried or panicking, because tomorrows is not promised, people need to have FAITH, if you don't have that then you don't have nothing.I know the most high,Worrying and having fear can kill you alone,not the Coronavirus.The increase on fear = CONTROL. There's a lot of smart people with Master degrees, but no common sense.

  17. One way to restrict buying these items on bulk is to only supply small trolleys or baskets,lock up the big trolleys.

  18. See this is a buillshit article, since now that there is no toilet paper if you need it you dont have it so you are missing out and you realize you should have stocked up obviously this idiot speaking has lot of toilet paper still wait till she runs out we will hear her next Shitty article.

  19. “If we run out of toilet paper, what can we replace it with?” Uh, I can think of about a dozen other things I can wipe my ass with

  20. While these morons cleaned out the stores, I was at work, living my life as normal. I survived the paranoid hype/hoaxes of H1N1, SARS, MERS, ebola, global cooling, global warming, climate change, ozone depletion, killer bees, and I'll survive through the Kung Flu, WITHOUT follow the herd.

  21. You know what's hilarious? I never use toilet paper. I wash my ass in the shower with soap & water. People wash everything with SOAP & WATER except their ass, the dirtiest & smelliest spot on their body. I don't understand how people can smear their shit all over with dry paper & consider themselves "clean". I stopped using toilet paper years ago.
    Watch this video & start washing your ass the right way

  22. nowadays, people take advice from a bunch of think tanks that try to get stories on the virus to make bank off that revenue.

  23. Yakuza stole a truck load when this started in Japan.
    The news picked it up and it started like fire.
    Thank the Japanese yakuza mafia.

  24. About 3 weeks ago there was a lady interviewed on television and she had lots of toilet paper in her basket the news reporter asked her why she said she just wanted to stock up just in case anything happened it went viral along with the toilet paper. I have been in grocery stores and ask people that have paper in a basket why do you have it and they don't know. A Spoke person from the CDC made a good statement if people didn't stock up that would be enough for everybody if you would buy normal. The virus does not cause diarrhea .

  25. It's the same lack of common sense that makes bad politicians win. In the case of toilet paper, if nobody hoards, there will be enough for all. It's scary to see all that kind of people with their shopping carts full, and not caring for others. I have no TV, so I don't understand what has scared these people, but I think it was the terrible news programs. (The way I solve the problem is a quick partial shower, which is a lot better than toilet paper).

  26. What can replace toilet paper?? Lots of things, a bidet, a wash cloth, an old rag. Toilet paper is literally the least necessary thing anyone should be worrying about during a pandemic.

  27. There was an armed robbery in Hong Kong. They took the toilet rolls they must have been really desperate for the toilet.

  28. After browsing Amazon for Toilet Paper, I found myself buying toilet paper from a mysterious vendor. Needless to say, I thoroughly liked the brand. Thank you pandemic, I found a good brand of toilet paper.

  29. For real, WHY TOILET PAPER? I can understand buying tons on hand sanitizer and masks, but toilet paper?

  30. Yeah, relax! I mean go back and just wash that butt😂or use wash cloths like way back when there was no paper toilet… diapers?? Buy cloth diapers and wash by hand 👍🏼 yup just like the old days!! You’ll be fine…

  31. This is ridiculous stop being selfish, lmao if you catch the virus toilet paper will be the last thing on your mind

  32. If You Run Out Of TP…Stand Up, Step In The Shower And Turn The Nob….A World Full Of Sissy's And Little Babies

  33. We only have two rolls of toilet paper left in the house. 3 people live in the house. I just want some damn toilet paper

  34. America keeps criticizing other countries responses to covid 9 coronavirus, yet I have seen reports that our hospitals don't have proper equipment to protect healthcare staff. Also I don't think our testing is even starting on a large scale what are our leaders waiting for? Why didn't America use the time we had over the last two months to prepare what where our leaders doing certainly not doing thier job…

  35. As I thought, people always copy each other as if they don't have a brain of their own. Reason is never an option, but excuse.

  36. The Great Cornholio needs TP for his bunghole.

    Do you have TP? TP for my bunghole?

    You will give me TP. Do not make my bunghole angry.

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  38. If you run out of toilet paper, how about washing yourself with the shower head. I have a hose on my shower head so it is totally possible to do that.

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