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>>In the words of Cenk Uygu, Jeffrey Epstein’s
dead. Okay, that’s a simple way to put it but it’s
huge news, although not necessarily nobody saw it coming. I mean, it’s the sort of thing where a lot
of people did suspect that something like this might happen. But I guess, jokes aside, he’s a terrible
person but he is dead. He was found unresponsive in his cell, Saturday
while he’s awaiting trial on new federal allegations that he sexually abused dozens of young girls
in the early 2000s. After being found, he was taken to a hospital
where he was pronounced dead. All this occurred relatively early on in the
day. And that left us with a weekend where we gradually
learned a little bit more about what had led to one of the most high profile prisoners
in the entirety of the United States being free to supposedly commit suicide with nobody
watching nobody checking in, despite the fact that not long ago he was on suicide watch. They just left him alone and they say he committed
suicide. That’s the idea.>>Yes, so that is not definitive yet, that’s
very important. So the authorities are still looking into
the matter, which is a good note of caution. Because even if it was a suicide and even
if they were sure, they should double-check, triple-check and quadruple-check, because
for all of history their work will be re-examined.>>Exactly.>>And so look, if you were trying to launch
1,000 conspiracies, this is exactly how you would have done it, right? If you were trying to kill someone, this is
exactly how you would have done it. But by the way, if you’re committing suicide,
it’s also how you would have done it. So no one knows. And so I have 1,000 things to say about this,
but let me start with the most important two things. No one knows what happened. So the people who are claiming that it’s a
suicide, I mean, well, both sides. Let’s start with suicide. Okay, I’m supposed to believe that everything
that the government says is always true and if I don’t believe that under extraordinary
circumstances. And I wait for it to be proven, somehow that’s
like crazy talk. No, the rational thing is whatever government
officials say is immediately true and everyone else is a conspiracy theorist. No, I don’t accept that at all. Now the other side, the people will say it
definitely wasn’t a suicide and he was killed. How do you know? Were you there? I wasn’t there. You weren’t there. How do you know? If you say it’s suspicious, apparently the
whole world is with you, right? My wife read it in Chinese news and she’s
like->>Yeah.>>Yeah, she’s like, did you hear they already
deleted all the video? I’m like no, that’s not true, no, no.>>Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of comments to that
effect and, well, there’s a lot of weird stuff. That’s not what’s wrong and weird about it
but there’s a lot of weird stuff.>>Yeah, so there’s a big, giant, fat, we
don’t know yet, okay? So be wary of anyone telling you that they
know, on either side.>>Yeah, I’m pretty sure, though.>>Is that right, okay.>>Pretty, 99% sure, I think.>>Okay, all right, so let’s look more at
the facts, because as you’ll see, some of them are highly questionable. And if this was an act of incompetence, which
is totally possible.>>Yeah. It is historic incompetence.>>Yeah, so let’s run through what we do know. We know that his body was found in the shape
of a Q.>>I’m kidding, that didn’t happen, but I’m
sure Don Junior will tweet it later. So look, he wasn’t checked on for several
hours before he was found dead on Saturday. Authorities believe he died by suicide because
he was found hanging in his cell. Which yeah, I could see that, I mean, that’s
the first thing you think of.>>But it wouldn’t be the only thing.>>It would be the only thing, yeah. The New York City medical examiner released
a statement Sunday evening saying she could not make a full determination on Epstein’s
cause of death until she had more information, which is fine and responsible. He was supposed to be checked on every 30
minutes and should have been given a cellmate. The person assigned to share a cell with him
was transferred on Friday so the day before and wasn’t replaced. He was reportedly on suicide watch after an
initial apparent attempt on his life about three weeks ago, but only stayed on it for
six days. Now, a little bit more details about the suicide
watch. This came out just a couple of hours ago. Defense attorneys pushed for him to be taken
off suicide watch ahead of his death on Saturday, an unidentified source told ABC News. Sources told ABC News that Epstein had to
undergo multiple psychiatric evaluations before officials decided to take him off suicide
watch. There’s likely no video showing his apparent
suicide death. As sources told ABC News, it does not appear
that cameras are trained on individual cells in the special housing unit where he was held.>>Okay, so let’s dive into a couple of those
things.>>Perfect storm.>>Yeah, it really is, and there’s more about
the perfect storm of coincidences. And it really might be that, for the 88th
time. So first off, he had a cellmate for a while,
because when somebody is on suicide watch, you want someone else in the cell, because
if they go to hang themselves, presumably that cellmate will alert the authorities,
right? He had a crooked cop with him who was put
away for a murder. First of all, another giant surprise there,
a crooked cop was in jail, wow.>>We got one.>>Okay, so fascinating. Anyway apparently, Epstein claimed true or
untrue that he was afraid of his cellmate. They moved him out, they should have moved
someone in. That is definitely regulation that he must
have another prisoner with him in his cell, especially if he’s tried to commit suicide
before. And they ignored that regulation, and that
was just not the case, okay, in this situation. Then the video, look, I don’t think it’s reasonable
to expect that there will be video inside the jail cell. I think that’s too much of an invasion of
privacy under any circumstance. But is there video around the jail cell, of
course there is. Now, as I said on Twitter over the weekend. If any of that shows up missing, that’s it,
fire everybody. Fire the district attorney for the Southern
District of New York, fire Bill Barr. Fire any Republican, any Democrat in any way
attached to this from the lowest person to the highest person. Cuz then there will be nothing that could
convince me that there’s a series of coincidences that also involve missing tapes from that
prison block, right? But that does not appear to be the case right
now. In fact right now, we don’t know anything
about video.>>So you’re saying definitively he didn’t
do it.>>Okay, stop it, all right?>>A 100%, you’re saying?>>No, no, no, no.>>Wow, you’re more sure than usual.>>No.>>Usually you’re wishy-washy.>>So let’s see what the video situation is. If any of it is missing, that’s beyond a coincidence. Then I won’t accept anything the government
says, anyone in charge of this current investigation, right? But presuming that the videotape is there,
it’ll be interesting to see. And it will be super important and relevant
to see, did anyone come by his jail cell? If there is video of the hallway and no one
came into his cell then it is far, far more likely to be a suicide. If someone came in, probably not a suicide. Okay, so that’s why video tape is so important
if they have it over the hallway.>>Just to add one more layer to this though,
there’s the debate between did he commit suicide or did something else happen? And you can fill in that blank in a lot of
different ways. But that’s not the only distinction. It’s not just, was everything okay and he
committed suicide? Or was there a big conspiracy and he was killed? There could also be was he left in a position
where he could commit suicide by somebody who wanted him to commit suicide?>>Yes, and so the fact that they took his
cellmate away, they took him off of a suicide watch on Friday. Man, if you were trying to set up a conspiracy,
this is how you would do it. And then they had guys who were supposed to
check in on him, officers, every half hour. They wound up checking on him every two to
three hours. They put a couple of really overworked guards
on that shift. So one that had been doing overtime for five
straight days then another one that was on mandatory overtime. To John’s point, the third scenario was, if
you knew the guy was prone to committing suicide and you wanted to set up an ideal situation
for him to commit suicide just in case, this would be it. But if that’s your version of the conspiracy,
man, that’s a conspiracy where you really gotta cross your fingers and hope to get lucky. So, right?>>That’s true, but if you if that was your
flavor, it would be buttressed by the fact that three weeks ago he apparently tried to
kill himself.>>Yeah.>>So it’s not insane to think that he might
again. And especially when you add the extra layer,
which is the cache of documents that came out like 24 hours before this happened. And some of it we already knew, some of it
was additional information. But just to give an idea of a little bit that
came out. So there was one individual, Virginia Roberts
Giuffre, I believe her name is. So she’s one of the people that was trafficked
by this ring and she names the people that got her involved and things like that. But also names a lot of people that she says
she was forced to have sex with, or directed to have sex with. Including a late scientist, a modeling scout,
former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, former Senator George Mitchell. A hotel magnate, a prominent hedge fund manager,
this guy Alan Dershowitz nobody’s ever heard of and Prince Andrew as well. And this information, there was a huge amount
of additional information that had just come out.>>Pritzker is a giant Democratic family of
Chicago, big donors to the Democratic Party in general, and now obviously in charge in
Illinois. And so huge names on there, both Republican
and Democrat. Look, I hope this is not unfair and it might
not be connected to this at all. But in Washington, I always used to hear two
rumors, one about a Republican one about a Democrat. And I always thought they were, I don’t know,
after all this I’m still kind of naive, right? Like come on, it can’t be true. One of the rumors was that there was a Republican
senator who’d go into the men’s bathroom in Union Station and have sex with guys that
he found there. I was like, that’s the craziest thing I ever
heard. No Republican senator having sex in public
in a men’s bathroom in Union Station, the biggest train station in Washington DC. It turns out that was totally true, Larry
Crag. Okay, totally true. Even though I found it to be the most unbelievable
thing I’d ever heard. The other rumor I heard, and it doesn’t mean
that this is true, was people would always say well, Bill Richardson, really interesting,
Governor of New Mexico, did a lot of big things in government. A lot of people thought of him for vice president
but the girl issue.>>I’ve never heard anything about that.>>Okay, yeah, and so that could mean 1,000
different things, okay? And by the way, it might have been woman issue,
not girl issue. So vague recollection from a long time ago,
right? Does that mean he’s having affairs which would
make him the same as 90% of politicians, right? But all of a sudden his name pops up here,
but look, it’s just the reason I bring it up is tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot of super powerful names we already
know about and some we might not know about. Remember, they got a bunch of CDs from his
safe. Why was he keeping them in the safe that Epstein
had labeled it something about young girls, right? Was it just young girls or guys with young
girls. And so now that brings me to a CNN report
article written right before Epstein died. So obviously they had no idea that he was
gonna die. This is graphic seven and eight. So it’s a legal analyst doing commentary for
CNN, writing, we do not yet know who else might be implicated. But we have an important clue, the Southern
District is staffing the case primarily with prosecutors from its Public Corruption Unit. US Attorney Geoffrey Berman urged the public,
quote, not to read into the unit assignment anything one way or another. But that is nonsense, you absolutely should
read into this staffing assignment. The analyst says here, as a Southern District
alum, I know that it is both unusual and significant that the Public Corruption Unit is running
this case. Normally, a sex trafficking case would be
prosecuted only by the Human Trafficking Coordinators, who are part of Violent and Organized Crime
Unit that I once supervised. Public corruption is involved here for a reason,
there must be at least one public official past or present involved in the case in some
way. Now when you have a unit that is looking at
public corruption, and then he’s in a government jail. And all of a sudden a series of remarkable
coincidences happen, that leaves him either prone to committing suicide, which we know
he was prone to, to begin with. Or whatever else happens, you’ve got to be
asking questions. If you’re not asking questions, you’re not
a reporter, you’re not a curious person, etc. If you’re the type of person who says, well,
if one government official said it, it must be true.>>Yeah.>>Okay, well, reporting is definitely the
wrong profession for you. And again, though, do not jump to conclusions
cuz we have no earthly idea what happened in that cell. And remember, he just tried to commit suicide
three weeks ago. So it’s not a crazy scenario that he committed
suicide.>>Yeah, and look, there have been a number
of people on the news that have been sort of like that, maybe we have a little investigation,
find out something. And some politicians similarly are sort of
like this seems a little bit weird. That same day AOC was like, we demand answers. Super clear, there’s gonna be an investigation,
we need to know what happened. Even if everything that they say is true is
true, justice has been ripped away from so many people who’ve been fighting so hard for
it for a long time. It’s not the end of all the legal actions
or anything like that. There’s gonna be civil actions and a variety
of different things, but he cannot be questioned, he can’t speak at trial, all of that.>>Yeah, and last thing, whether it’s some
sort of plot, or like I said, epic record breaking incompetence. The fact that they should have seen this coming
is already overwhelmingly obvious. But in case it wasn’t so, I’m gonna go to
a couple tweets here from one of our hosts, Hasan Piker. This is what he tweeted not after the death,
but several weeks before, this was on July 25th. He wrote, so we’re all in agreement that we
think someone’s gonna kill Epstein before he gives up names, right? And lo and behold Epstein’s dead. Now before I go to the second one. Now if a talk show host can figure out that
this is a significant possibility, you would hope that the people holding him might think
it’s a significant possibility. And instead of taking every action to make
it more likely, you would hope that they would take every action to make it less likely. If we could figure out that this could be
a potential problem. Again, if they couldn’t figure it out and
they did everything in reverse to make it more likely rather than less likely, I use
the phrase literally, historic incompetence.>>Yeah.>>Because it will ring throughout history. This is not a small case.>>Yeah, it was so obvious. First of all, that he could not be given bail,
because he would obviously flee. And then the second he was put into jail,
this was the most obvious thing coming ever. After when he was attacked, we got the video,
we can go to if you want to but Emma joined me on the Damage Report. And we talked about in a way that it was a
joke that they weren’t taking it seriously. Obviously this is the highest profile prisoner,
he’s the most people from all across the spectrum that have an incentive in him not standing
trial. The idea that they would not do everything
that’s necessary to be watching him at all times is absurd. It was laughable three weeks ago.>>In fact, that leads me to Hasan’s last
tweet. This is also a couple of weeks before the
death, it was also on July 25. If you don’t know, Hasan’s the host of Breakdown
and a new show on the TYT Network, Agitprop, check it out on But that’s a whole different matter, but in
this case, he said any prison that doesn’t put Epstein under 24/7 surveillance in solitary
confinement right now is also responsible for him getting assassinated. Now even if you don’t think he got assassinated,
weeks ago, and I’ve retweeted these over the weekend. Most common comment was like, come on, dude
we all knew that. So I’m not putting it out there as like Hasan
is a genius, we at the Young Turks are geniuses, that’s relatively true, but in this case.>>Okay, but in this case, everybody knew. What are you’re doing? Of course, you have to have him under 24/7. You’re telling me that you run a prison where
you’ve got a guy who might implicate a current president and a former president in a child
sex ring and you don’t have him under 24/7 surveillance? That’s unbelievable.>>That’s why to some extent I get the privacy
concerns, but that’s why I sort of disagree about not having the camera actually in the
cell. I mean, obviously, there’s privacy concerns. I understand that but it doesn’t seem like
there was anyone at greater risk at that point of dying in jail, whether of his own hand
or not, than him in that period of time.>>Yeah, look I would never want video cameras
in cells or anywhere private like that with the possible exception of Jeffrey Epstein. Right, I mean if ever there was a guy you
had to keep 24-hour watch on, it was this guy and he’s the one guy that shows up dead. So man, if it was just incompetence, heads
are gonna roll anyway. If they don’t, I mean, then I guess.>>They’re not going to.>>That’s crazy, how can someone-
>>There’s gonna be absolutely nothing.>>No, under the most benign explanation,
people must be fired over incompetence.>>Okay, well, there has to be an investigation. We’ll get Acosta to do it. He’ll look into it, and we’ll see what happens.>>Yeah, well, if they cover it up right away
and there’s no consequences, that is even more questionable. Because if no one gets fired over it, wait
a minute, you thought that went perfectly well?>>William Barr’s in charge.>>Yeah.>>Why would he investigate?>>No, but that’s my point, if they don’t,
if there’s actual incompetence and he committed suicide cuz they bungled it, they would obviously
fire someone, right? If they don’t fire someone, that makes it
less likely that it was incompetence and less likely that it was a suicide. Because you wouldn’t fire the guy who you
worked with because then he’ll tell people that you guys did it together, right? You would protect the guy who did it if it
was a plot, right? If it’s not a plot, you’d be like, what were
you thinking not guarding this guy? You’re obviously fired. You see what I’m saying? So if no one’s fired, that’s not a good sign. So we don’t know yet, we’ll find out. But look guys, there’s a lot of amazing things
that have happened in this Trump administration. But this one will go down in the history books. People will be talking about how Epstein died
for the rest of your life. It’ll be 20, 30 years from now and somebody
will bring up this case, whether it’s a conspiracy or not a conspiracy, or whatever happened.>>Yeah.>>But this will not go away. This is a perfect storm to launch 1,000 conspiracies,
one of which might be true.


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