The United States is Shutting Down

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[00:00:23] The United States is slowly shutting
down thanks to Corona virus. [00:00:26][3.8]
[00:00:27] We’re seeing more and more states do what the federal government has been way
too slow to recommend as we continue to be led by the blind and the incompetent. Day after day after day, the dishonest, blind
and incompetent Trump administration. I should add, and this is simply going to
be the new reality for a while. And I know that it’s horrible, that it’s horrible
what’s going on. But if we don’t start doing these things,
it’s going to get much worse. The stock market and the economy will likely
suffer far more than what we’ve already seen. Stocks down 12 percent intraday as we are
filming right now, where my prediction is we could be down 40 percent from the peaks
of a few weeks ago by the time this is all said and done, although who can ever predict
the bottom? But once again, although I hope it doesn’t
happen, we have to be responsible. Whatever the consequences, we have to do what
your state says. If we want a shot at turning this around and
part of the reason why we now we’re increasingly going to more extreme measures is because
the initial reaction was so incompetent from day one. It it’ll go away on its own. This is no big deal. We have no cases. The United States, even with the little amount
of testing that we are doing, are rapidly in get heading in the direction of being one
of the countries with the most cases in the world. Now, of course, we have a really large population. But remember, we had quote, leaders telling
us we would likely see very few cases here. Dr. Anthony Foushee, who’s the director of
the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, he now is saying straight up, cancel
or postpone any event with 50 or 50 or more people for eight weeks, eight weeks, too,
as a starting point. That’s a long time. I get it. But understand that the way these infection
curves go every day that it grows is another day on the tail end you need for the decline. Without a vaccine or treatments, if you have
10 days of case growth before you turn it around, you need 10 days of declines to get
back to where we are today. If you delay slowing down case growth for
15 days, you then need 15 days on the back end before you get back to where we are today. Meaning for every day we don’t deal with this. We are actually losing 2 days minimum. Not to mention the exponentially disastrous
effect on the medical system as ICU become overwhelmed as we lack ventilators. So this will add up quickly. Today’s day 14 in the United States of that
steady case growth. Imagine where we will be in another 14 days
if we don’t turn it around. So in that context, states are starting to
shut down. The federal government is not doing what they
need to do here. They have been far too slow. They have been far too dishonest. They’re just making things up whole cloth,
which I will talk to you about momentarily. So Ohio is shutting down bars and restaurants,
period. Now, remember, some places may be ignoring
the decrees at their peril. And it’s true that there are places which
will say shut down and people won’t do it. And local police are not going to be able
to necessarily enforce every single bar or restaurant following the rules. It requires people doing it. It requires restaurants doing it. Illinois has ordered bars and restaurants
to close starting tonight until March 30th. That’s a couple of weeks almost here in Massachusetts,
Governor Charlie Baker says. All gatherings of more than 25 people are
banned. Restaurants can be takeout only until April
6th at minimum, and possibly all the way until April 17th. Some conflicting reports about the exact dates. Schools are closed. Things are closing down. California Gov. Gavin Newsom says California
will be closing bars, nightclubs and wineries and that everyone aged 65 and over should
be self isolating. Do not go out in public. Washington State is shutting down restaurants,
bars, entertainment and recreational facilities. Restaurants will be allowed to do takeout
and delivery. There are people who still say, you know,
there aren’t that many cases. We have three hundred and forty million people
and we have thirty five hundred cases as of right now. No one understand that. We don’t have thirty five hundred cases. By some estimates we likely have between one
and five hundred thousand cases. We are just not testing. We’re not testing. We don’t know how many cases we have. There are people who will say this is simply
going too far when you understand the math of viral contagion. You realize you have to do it before it’s
too late because otherwise it’s too late. It needs to feel like it’s too early because
otherwise you’re going to be behind the curve. And look at what happened in Italy. It’s a tragedy what’s happening in Italy. They did too much, too slowly. And now they have more active cases than China,
despite having a population that’s 96 percent smaller than China’s. Think about that. And that’s because of delays. Every day matters. You’ve got to turn the corner on the new case. No meaning. You need to change the inflection of the curve
from more new cases each day to fewer new cases each day. When you look at new cases in the United States. It’s up every day. This is the time to shut it down, because
otherwise, in 10 days, the U.S. could look like Italy. If this comes to your state and it likely
will at the rate that we’re going be part of the solution, don’t be part of the problem. And by the way, don’t hoard, OK? The hoarding situation is getting very bad. There was no toilet paper shortage expected. Rumors swirled that there would be a shortage. Think about why. Why would all of a sudden there be assured
it just doesn’t actually make sense. People buying all the toilet paper they see
creates an artificial shortage. And you have tragic stories of elderly couples
driving around all over the place not feeling well. In many cases, looking for a roll of toilet
paper because you have people and I’ll play videos momentarily. People fighting. It’s like Black Friday looking for the cheap
TV over toilet paper. I went to my local a couple local grocery
stores. [00:06:53][386.2]
[00:06:54] All all yogurt was gone. All eggs were gone. All meat was gone. Frozen vegetables, frozen food all gone. [00:07:02][8.4]
[00:07:03] Fresh produce, by the way. Plenty of people, I guess, completely ignoring
that at this point. Don’t hoard get, you know, build up a strategic
supply of a couple of weeks of food, which most of us should have anyway, to a couple
of weeks is reasonable and non-perishables and understand that you will make the problem
worse. It’s really, really bad. What’s going on? [00:07:23][19.7]


  1. It's weird that the mainstream media and CORPORATIONS of all things were out in front on this, and not our government. What on Earth is going on in this world? Also this weirdness about toilet paper…there's a reason in the Navy they say "shit, shower, and shave"…in that order…

  2. who cares ? a select few got 1.5 trillion to gobble up after it all collapses …thats rhe plan .2008 on steroids.

  3. Our state needs to step it up, but realities of life in rural and small communities has our governor afraid to limit their access to restaurants and bars because it’s the only place to eat in some towns.
    Legislators need to find a wY to supply those communities because it is the most vulnerable demographic that depends on these places and SHOULD NOT BE EXPOSED!
    So frustrating.
    #OregonVoter #SmallTownGirl

  4. You can tell this is a terrible government we're under right now because when SARS was out , the swine flu and Ebola no one was acting like this it didn't even peek my interest because I had no fear that something was going to happen bad because it seemed like it was under control ,but now people going crazy even though a lot of people died with those viruses. Its just the way Trump handled the whole situation just turned it into the end of time with this particular virus.

  5. Great explanation of the timing required to get new cases under control! Now if we could just get tests so that the data will be more accurate.

  6. Sounds like the situation here in the UK. Prime minister is telling people not to go to pubs, restaurants, theatres etc or to travel. He hasn’t closed places yet though. And schools (basically virus incubation centres) are still open. It’s ridiculous. Shops a total nightmare and sold out of in demand products by 10 am. Nowhere near enough testing so people don’t know Who has it. It’s an absolute mess. Stay safe everyone.

  7. Is it going to cost each American $3000 or something to get the vaccine? lol. Hope its free or minimal cost. To get flu vaccines here in Australia it costs around $27AUD, sometimes cheaper. Wouldn't be surprised if COVID-19 is free however. (because public health)

  8. Slowly? You guys should be full stop by now… here in Germany everything besides Supermarkets, pharmacies are pretty much closed

  9. Isn’t it ironic that swine flu came from humans eating pigs, bird flu came from people eating birds and corona virus likely came from people eating penglings and America’s response to this virus it to buy up all the toilet roll and animal body parts it can find. Maybe the universe is trying to tell us something?

  10. Ever since trump took office I have worried About a crisis being handled by him and the GOP because of their incompetence. Every day that we made it without an event such as this was something to be thankful for. Well our luck has finally run out and a lot of innocent will suffer or die for it. Trump dismantled everything Obama put in place to deal with pandemics. The Obama presidency dealt with 3 pandemics including SARS, and Ebola and it was nothing like what is happening now. Having to watch this administration and senate continue on with this Kakistocracy is unbearable.

  11. MY sister got sick all of a sudden today. She went to the hospital they took her temperature and said she may have the beginning of a fever but because she is just under 100• they can’t test her for Covid 19.

  12. We have 5 times as many people as Italy. They have 5700 something cases. We have 6000 cases. Even if we go to 8000 next week our percentage of infected is smaller. We just are not there yet

  13. The blue States have a radical agenda by left wingers and the progressive radical environmentalist such as this p** face that they wish to shut and destroy our commie in order get even with president trump. Sickening. David packman. Sickening

  14. In my country one of the supermarket chains has put in effect a 'seniors hour' where only senior citizens can shop between 7-8am i.e. before the asshole hoarders take everything.

  15. The airport fiasco Saturday was so horrible , all those poor people crammed together and likely getting infected then released all across the country

  16. In my county in california we were just put under official 3 week lockdown. and disobeying it is apparently a misdemeanor criminal offense !

  17. A timeline should be created to show howl slow this Administration was. From it's no big deal to a hoax to not replacing the Pandemic Team.

    This President should be held accountable!!!

  18. I’m Norwegian and the government has restricted ALL public gatherings as concerts, theaters, restaurants, pubs etc.
    Restaurants are going bankrupt, small businesses are taking a huge hit. The construction industry is facing a huge blow.

    The music industry is taking a huge hit, which is based mostly on freelancers who have no rights since they are their own business.

  19. Too little too long. 10.000's will die. There will be a lot of blood on Dumptrump and his ignorant worshippers hands.

  20. Lucky I’ve been following this since China and been getting ready!! Now I don’t feel so idiotic like everyone around me was making fun of me. I watched some videos on people being in lock down, not good! You need puzzles, food, games for cabin fever. You need arts, crafts, foods like lintels, beans, nuts, candles! Y’all just need it for four weeks!

  21. Reminds me of Bush's response to Katrina. Why do all republicans run on being tough and protecting the citizens, and then when something happens they shit them selves?

  22. The USA is shutting down? Kelly Anne Conway says otherwise.

    You people can trust in sound medical advice and logic. As for me, and my WWE culture we think differently and are choosing to follow the advice of Kelly Anne. She’s the embodiment of a villain in an After School Special, a shrewd and calculating winner who will flip the script and avoid the demise that After School Special villains usually suffer.

    I’m constructing a Venn diagram and I’m loading up my circles with Trump, the WWE, NASCAR, Prosperity Evangelicals, Bactine, Wrangler jeans, Shamwows, lard, Sean Hannity, high fructose corn syrup, more lard, AM radio, coal, Diet Coke and Gerald McRaney.

    We’re unstoppable! We are the WWE.

  23. "The US is slowly shutting down THANKS to Corona virus"
    WOW – What a Freudian slip. Talk about showing your desires.

    Anyone who is not Anti-Government would say "Cause of" not "Thanks to" the Corona virus.

    Same as when you say Chance/Risk, you say "chance" when its a good outcome, and you say "Risk" when its a negative outcome, and same rules apply to "thanks to" or "Cause of"

    Examples of incorrect usage "If I buy a lottery ticket there is a risk of winning" (wrong)
    Examples of correct usage "If I buy a lottery ticket there is a chance of winning" (correct)
    So by using word chance/risk you display the desired outcome, and this clearly shows Pakman true feelings about the American goverment.

  24. Shutting the economy has caused severe cascading problems throughout the society. That was not a good idea. If the economy tanks, you will have tens of MILLIONS of desperate people on the streets rather than a few thousand clogging up hospitals. Coronavirus won't matter when the grocery stores are empty and the military has to be called in to maintain order. Things will get worse because we're doubling down on a solution that creates far more issues than it solves. You're jeopardizing generations to save the baby boomers. Not surprised

  25. Didn't anybody expect the shutting down of America, when DTrump slithered in and stole an election? Wasn't that the sole purpose of this particular puppet? But, who would have ever thought of a virus, of pandemic proportion? All happening under a criminal, Dotard aka DTrump.

  26. I'm in Ontario, Canada and we have a tp shortage here too. Suppliers are rationing the amount sent to each store and all stores have now put limits of 2 on tp, sanitizer, gloves, and masks…..not that you can find any of those anywhere lol
    In the grocery stores, eggs, flour, sugar, meat, bread, and all paper products, are now just empty shelves.

  27. What's your opinion on reports from companies like Amazon, who aren't talking about prevention. In fact they are talking about ramping up operations.

  28. Those of us who have been following the news and politics know what an idiot Trump is. It seems so repetitive. But then again, So is he! He is the Best (at what?) We haven't figured???

  29. Be careful folks. I just said Americans are so fucking ignorant" on Facebook. Got a 30 day ban for hate speech. The artificial intelligence is in control.

  30. I got just sick myself(probably not Covid-19) and have to quarantine myself since getting C-19 while being sick is a recipe for disaster.

  31. Trump: "I take no responsibility with respect to the corona virus." "The buck almost stops here with the respect to the people who started this hoax."

  32. Trump's arrogance and ignorance, as well as those who allowed him to remain in office after bribing an ally at war with congressionally mandated money, will have this blood on their hands.


  34. Thank you David! I’m so tired of this administration shoving the proverbial BS down our throats. And Trumps supporters STILL not admitting this man is UNFIT to govern a country. I’ve seen in commentary sections people saying things like “he’s doing the best he can” and “we should all give him a break” and “ it’s not his fault”!
    I’m infuriated with these people! My comment to them is maybe if he didn’t start out completely not acknowledging this, then giving misinformation, then blaming Democrats and “fake news”, we’d all be prepared. Maybe if he’d stepped up and acted, instead of saying it would “go away in April” HIS supporters wouldn’t have been blindsided! The rest of the world is disgusted, and thinks the average American supports him! This is his worst debacle yet!
    As for hoarders out there, Im in Austin. I actually went grocery shopping today ( payday). Yes, empty shelves, no toilet paper or Kleenex, 2 boxes of napkins. That’s it! Canned goods sparse, practically no rice, NO alcohol, hand wipes or sanitizers, no disinfectant sprays like Lysol…you’d think there was an impending war coming! And people were absolutely getting rude! What I found shocking is how many elderly were shopping! And they’re at the most risk if they get this! There was a long line out the door and around the building! At least the store was hanging out hand wipes, for wiping the cart and our hands!
    This all could’ve gone smoother had we not been “sold a bill of goods” by Trump!!

  35. They need to move faster on that vaccine solution than they normally do. Yes, there could be horrible side effects but if you don't see them within a month or two you really shouldn't wait a year. You wait a year, there won't be a world left, not because of the virus, but because of wars from the economic shutdowns.

  36. For those out there who think it won't get bad, that our system can handle it, that what is happening in Italy is just an anomaly:
    consider that the Chinese felt it necessary to construct entire hospitals in a matter of days. Why do you think they did that?
    is it not striking that a collectivist nation was unprepared for an epidemic on such a large scale, is it not striking that they had to build an entire hospital or two to provide care for the tens of thousands of people that needed hospitalization?
    People that are pointing out the lack of ventilators and hospital beds in the United States are right on the money, we are just as likely to end up like Italy and China–overwhelmed undersupplied and understaffed.

  37. Comparing active cases doesn't mean much for an exponential pandemic, most Italian cases are just days old, so of course they are still active, compared to China where it started end of December when Italy started exactly one month later. China had over 58,000 active cases a month ago, much more than Italy today. And it's not even sure how far we can trust China's statistics. Still, you're right, the stats are disproportionate when comparing the size of the population.

    Also, Italy has been testing extensively from early on, even the dead ones, and it hasn't helped them much. Germany has been testing a lot too, since mid February, and has one third of the cases but only 1% of the fatalities, and weirdly enough, half the active cases, without even confining people. Obviously there is a lesson to learn there, but we don't know which one yet… See, Trump? It's not yet April and we're already having a miracle, while in the US you're stuck with a fool.

    Anyway, we'll all get infected eventually,, or get the vaccine to simulate an infection for antibodies to kick in. In the mean time, there will be some economic slow down while some workers take shifts in reanimation beds, but hopefully no more severe confinement measures if we can build more hospital facilities and respirators without overstressing doctors and nurses.

  38. Doesn’t matter who the president is this same scenario would play out only difference is republicans would be pointing fingers instead.

  39. China is getting ready to put their workforce back on track… Trump's administration still trying to figure out containment… Smh. Atleast Trump's weak economy about to get exposed… Buckle up people… We're in for a bumpy ride.

  40. The worst effects of this virus is the hyperbolic completely insane reaction to it…let’s just let society completely disintegrate over a disease spreading. Crash the economy and fuck everyone having jobs. Let’s not have any fun. Cuz 1000 people died in 2 weeks. Look if you’re a scared bitch and think you’re gonna die from it you stay home. I’m living my life fuck you mutaba freaks

  41. Did you know Italy is smaller than Texas? They'll be doing the Boot Scootin' Boogie if they can't find tp. Just like a dog on the carpet.

  42. Actually the stores YOU went to might be like that but I have gone to some stores where the produce is running out too.

  43. Here in Tasmania Australia same slow reaction by officials who finally closed borders to non essential travel. Same hoarding of toilet paper, sugar, baked beans, flour, bread and meat – lots of beautiful fresh produce still available. Seems to be contagious stupidity infecting population, your right David time to talk about human intelligence and herd behaviour.

  44. Both my jobs are closed indefinitely because of this administrations lack of ordinance and control over the virus situation. Thank god i can survive and pay my bills while waiting for a little while, but so many people im friends with and others i met by chance are really hurting right now. Some from pay check to pay check and what little money trump is claiming to give to the people isnt going to help them out of the bigger debts they are now forced into over the inability to got out and work. Its a damn shame. Thoughts and prayers wont hep here.

  45. I want everybody to just simply tell me this if you are a trump supporter…and you still want him to be president remember that under his watch our country is almost going to be completely shut down and I don't mean a government shutdown I mean stores are going to close states are going to go on lockdown.

    this shit is really happening under his watch people I know you all are die-hard fans of trump but do you all love him so much you are willing to let America become the fucking next theme for The walking Dead series.

    smoke the guy is doing some good stuff I will admit that but please open your eyes he is not meant to lead us under his leadership I feel America is going to go to a point that's past no return.

    do U-Haul or does anyone have a person or a friend that they know that's just seriously overweight and unhealthy and you know there's something wrong with them but they won't listen to you. They won't consider the ramifications of their increasing bad health they continue to eat unchecked and won't consider any alternative changes to their lifestyle.

    Oh my fucking god people please wake up..does it take a fucking global pandemic probably wiping out most of America for you to finally admit that Trump is not a good leader and has not been doing what's best for the country.

  46. I imagine an American somewhere buying toilet paper in the dozens saying "I don't want that Coroni assness" (if you don't get the reference look up Eboli assness on YT).

  47. Hello David, I’m a long haul truck driver. We are not shutting down. We are running even harder than normal. The federal government has suspended the hours of service laws, so we can keep the the supply chain to stores, hospitals etc. going. Trucks are the life blood of the country. We are working while everyone is sheltered at home. I will be working until this is over, or until I get sick, and have to quarantine in my truck. Please everyone thanks a truck driver. We are working tirelessly to keep goods flowing.

  48. You can't allow the federal government to shut everything down and take over completely. Dump would see this as a sign that it's time for his dictatorship to begin. His followers would back him. What then?

  49. Do you guys remember when the ebola outbreak began and Trump made a video against Obama for not shutting down the borders?

  50. In Maryland, ambulances transmit to receiving hospitals through a center called EMRC. It is down at the moment. I don't know why or for how long.

  51. Amazing that there’s no shortage of fresh produce in this country. As soon as my meat proteins run out, I’m going vegan

    Go to smaller shops not big ones if you can't find anything!!

  53. He's a terrible POTUS but you have Dems. blocking direct payments to all of us. He's wants to do what Obama should've done for us in 2008 but Obama decided that foreclosing and taking homes away wasn't as important than giving free money to the banks and financial systems. He's for socialism now and more progressive and he will kill Biden in the general this fall if he gets his relief package through.

  54. Too late. This is how Trump handles a crisis!!! Thank god it wasn't a missile attack. We couldn't wait 2 months for Trump to make a decision.

  55. Unemployed and had to cancel my David Pakman membership. I really wish I could contribute again – his show is priceless.

  56. Has David Pakman had problems with the word "Coronavirus or COVID-19"? There were other YT'ers that were self censoring due to demonetization, due to those words triggering demonetization.

  57. The whole trump administration is the blind leading the blind wake up trump supporters u are the sheep and the blind u just can’t see the truth about this massively racist and corrupt administration that is just straight up lying to u and u just won’t see because u are blind and ignorant

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