The Virus Is Attacking Ben’s Organs – Chicago Med

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  1. Maggie finally get that good D in her life (attached to a good man) and now he gon die?!?! Why Maggie can’t have nothin?!

  2. WOW. Manning was no help. Are you serious? She was so vague about the diagnoses and what can be done. I understand that his chemo has essentially destroyed his immune system, but there are clinical trials and other there are known methods of boosting your immune system post chemo therapy. There is a fighting chance here, but instead, Manning is just excepting defeat. What the hell.

  3. Btw ben wants to go home and he's very ill, he is not allowed to go home beacase of hygiene reasons, but MAGGIE sneaks him home without Dr manning permission but when they get to the house there's loads of healthy children so they don't go. In, in the end Maggie gets super told off by Natalie and he dies in the hospital 🙂 ur welcome

  4. If he has active measles then why the doctor and the nurse didn't wear masks. Do they know how extremely contagious measle is? What if he coughs in front of them?

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