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  1. Over the moon I bumped into you at the airport! Nice touch with the subtitles haha keep up the awesome work!

  2. I wish I was there Chris herio to see u mate . i would love to do calisthenics bodyweight training as a job ☺

  3. Hay man when you back in the UK? I need to get on your seminar sessions, I would love to do / try some of what you do, but need that confidence to try it, something I struggle with!! Also do you have a Spotify training play list we can download?

  4. Love the shift on how your bringing the knowledge face to face….DOPE!! Maybe one day after I master the moves you teach and open up my own gym the Thenx Team can swing by Puerto Rico!!!

  5. YOU Guys are the best crazy Calisthenics team🙃… i just love the music🎶, the workouts💪 and see you guys doing crazy thing😲. Chris Heria, you look so humble and cool.. would be a honor to be in your workshops. Hi from New York City🇲🇽🇺🇸

  6. Are you gonna go again in UK after Barcelona this month? Please let me know I need to book tickets 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  7. Damn Chris thanks for the motivation, in my training, in calisthenics, in my schooling and in life, #betterfasterstrongerSmarter💪

  8. The way u express ur feelings during the journey is like therz so much to learn from u!!!!! Well god bless u Chris n thanks for replying every time……em really overwhelmed.

  9. Hey Chris hernia I've been training in calisthenics for about a month and man Chris let me tell I've seen a Change in my physic 👌🏽 I actually started training calisthenics in about 2014 and now I'm back at it again with a major comeback 💪💪💪

  10. London has been hot for weeks straight – like 30 degrees. You guys should have come now (I haven't watched the video yet, I'm just assuming u didn't love the weather cause it's crappy ngl)

  11. Thanks for sharing your awesome Euro Tour experiences. Really cool to see it inspiring and improving you, just like you do to other people.

  12. I'm already inspired by all these videos, but seeing that girl in the hijab really brought that inspiration to the next level ! So proud of her for doing what she loves. I'm definitely gonna do my best as well

  13. Chris, we non travelers have the pleasure of seeing Your videos of your travels and You thank us for watching??? They built an Awesome bike path and put a sign in thanking us for visiting?? I thank them for making it , Thank You Soo much for sharing your experience with us, that's Me, Myself and I !☺ FanTom

  14. Chris I love the architecture of the world, my whole life has been in construction, everywhere I go I'm looking at buildings, bridges, the wonders created by man and Women, nature is my favorite thing !☺ FanTom

  15. Chris I'm one of your biggest fan I came across your videos and started doing calesthenics thanks to you, and now my friend has joined me and it is awesome please, please, pleeeeeaaaaaassssee come to South Africa bro love what you doing its really changing my life too, oh please help me figure out how to get your gear I really appreciate you bro mad love😉🙋💪❤

  16. dude, for the next trip you should go to fiji where i live, the people here are very big on fitness, after all we belong to the best rugby players in the world

  17. if you would go to fiji that would be something completely different.

    i just had an idea, i could write the same comment over and over again so that you would come

  18. You are an absolut beast chris! I am literally addicted watching your videos. I am so inspired by your movements thenx team and dream about becoming as strong even if I am a woman ;D :* Keep it up Chris, I love you x

  19. Chris you need to come back to the UK bro, either Manchester or Liverpool; or even London again.. I'll come down and see you bro. Much respect and love! Shout out from the UK!!

  20. I live in Belarus and i would like you to come there. I speak english well, but i only 15 and in the 9 form. I train hard every day in the gym or at home. I feel excited while watching vlogs and videos. There are few people which know you, but i can say that it's my dream: come to Belarus, of course if you can do this. If i have mistakes – sorry. I speak russian and that's why sometimes i can't understand you, but i try. I really want you to see with your team in my country.

  21. Europe took a toll on your energy levels 😅 Nice to see how deeply you are touching peoples lives. So much love 😍🙌

  22. Chris is so humble after so much success! And love how he shares his vision for the future with so much honesty, transparency and humility. Stay blessed!

  23. Nice. …Nice. …..Nice. …
    l like you and your friends. …
    beautiful. …..cute……

  24. i'm 31 from Nottingham England. i only just started weight and cardio training about a week ago, i've been pretty low for a few months now, and just been sitting around putting weight on which makes me feel worse in myself. just watching your video's gives me motivation. when i feel i have enough strength and endurance, i'm hoping to build a small calisthenics gym in my yard, i watch your video's every day man, trying to catch up and keep up with things that may help me as i begin my journey. can't tell you how much i appreciate the information you give out in your video's.

  25. Siento yo que tienes que visitar Mexico para motivar a todo Latinoamérica a tener una vida más activa y saludable, esperemos verte muy pronto broo por acá saludos desde Mazatlán Sinaloa Mexico 😎💪

  26. Chris Thank you for going out there and meeting just some of the many faces of those you inspire.Thank you for visiting my home town,London,.
    I myself am way older than your young self but thanks to you ,I've got into calisthenics and do alot of bar workouts,age really doesn't matter .Thank you for all your videos on you tube .I will continue to watch to learn and achieve.

  27. Listen Chris, I just wanted to point something out. I’m from North Africa but live in Canada, in my religion we see people with tattoos as “bad” people who take drugs etc and are uneducated. The other my family asked me how I lost so many kilograms, I said it was all thanks to this guy named Chris. My family asked me to show them how I lost that weight and what u looked like. Once I showed them a video of you working out and motivating people lose weight and reach their goal, I realized my entire family was frozen. I asked them what was wrong and they all literally said “he has so many tattoos, he isn’t someone you should be looking up at”, that personally got me shocked and confused. I wanted to know what other people thought of you in the comment section and was disgusted. People judged you because of the ink on ur skin and the past that they don’t even know about got me mad. It made me disappointed at my parents for judging someone they didn’t even know and also to the random people that called you sick names. YEAH just because someone chooses to have tattoos or anything that satisfies them such as piercing (any gender) does NOT mean they are a bad person. THIS goes to EVERYONE that believes these type of myths because they are not true. Sorry Chris for spamming in the comments, just wanted to tell people to start opening their eyes and realizing shit. Keep up the great work and don’t fuck to what people say. Thanks for the motivation. 💕💪

  28. Você e sua equipe é demais. Da gosto de ver seus vídeos, trabalho de vocês. Espero ver você e sua equipe aqui no Brasil. 💖

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