There Are Secret Oil Wells Hidden All Over Los Angeles…

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There are hidden oil wells all over Los Angeles.
These secret oil wells are hidden right in plain sight. Some next to schools and shopping
malls. Some are discretely concealed inside plain, boring old office blocks. These cleverly
designed buildings are all like “we’ve got nothing to hide”, but then, bang! Oil
well. These discrete oil wells have produced millions of barrels of crude oil over the
years. In the 1890s Los Angeles, then a small town with a population of just 50,000, was
a thriving oil field. The ground beneath the city is rich in petroleum. By 1930, California
was producing one quarter of the world’s oil. LA grew exponentially and it is now one of
the most densely populated cities in the world. Most inhabitants are under the impression
that the oil industry that LA was built upon has mostly dried up and operations ceased
long ago. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. The bustling city still produces
oil at an astonishing rate and every year more secret oil wells are built around the
city, most of the time the local residents have no idea they are living near an oil well.
In the 30s when LA’s oil industry was booming and people thought this sticky black crude
was the next best thing since the invention of canned beer, 95% of Los Angeles’ residents
actually voted for a law that allowed oil wells to be placed in one’s own back yard.
Can you imagine that today? Congressmen would be scalped and lynched by an army of angry
soccer mums at the slightest mention of such a law. But, because of that 1930s law, today
every quiet suburban LA neighbourhood has its very own penguin-killing, vegan-hating,
black goldmine. The ability to hide oil wells, behind or inside
buildings is thanks to advances in technology which means oil wells are now significantly
smaller, quieter, more efficient and generally less messy than they were in the 20th century.
Actually, due to advances in soundproofing technology, urban oil wells are now almost
completely silent. As a result, oil wells have popped up in the strangest of places
amongst a metropolis of 3.9 million people, such as, smack bang in the middle of residential
areas, McDonald’s parking lots, and even a farmer’s market. Would you like some petroleum
with your organic, fairtrade, free-range avocados ma’am? What, you’ve never had free-range
avocado? Some oil wells are in plain sight, others cleverly concealed within the urban
sprawl. So all this means that somewhere, in a boardroom,
in the headquarters of some giant oil corporation, there’s a group of men in suits, playing
a game of “where’s the most stupidly obvious, yet surprisingly deceptive place we can hide
an oil well?”, “What’s that Mike? In a playground disguised as a climbing frame?
That’s genius! You win ‘child-hating oil baron of the month’ award”. But some haven’t
even bothered to cleverly blend into the surrounding environment. Some take the other approach
of, if we erect a tall building with a suspicious lack of markings or branding on it, I bet
nobody will notice it’s an oil well. Today there are over 3,000 active oil wells
in Los Angeles, and more are sneakily built by urban oil ninjas ever year. Like this one
that was built directly in the schoolyard of one of the poshest schools in the country,
schooling the little tyrants of the filthy rich, at Beverly Hills High School. But they
painted some flowers on it and named it the “Tower of Hope” so they could be all like
“Oil well! There’s no oil well over here…”. The company behind this particular well, Venoco
has to pay leasing royalties to the high school every year. So much in fact that 85% of the
school teacher’s wages come from this oil money. Okay, now this one isn’t even trying to
hide. These “thoughtfully” placed wells are inside a cemetery near Signal Hill. I
suppose they’re hoping the decomposing bodies will contribute to the oil supply. So I guess
that’s eco-friendly, kind of like recycling? Oh, what’s that? It takes a few million
years to make fossil fuel from dead bodies? Oh well, sorry guys, Rest
in Petroleum.


  1. May I apologise to all Americans for the awful diction of this British speaker – at 0:36 he shows he cannot say 'TH' in thirties and says 'firties'. It is babyspeak.

  2. So 'that's' why the United States is hanging on to L.A. Considering the city's about as visually inviting today as a retail park on the outskirts of Liverpool, I was wondering why America hadn't given the place back to Mexico, since California has, since the 1990s, all but squandered its appeal as the paragon of the American dream. Not too many TV shows based in southern California anymore, are there?

  3. On Signal Hill and parts of Long Beach there are a few dozen horses about, even near Millers Hospital, sucking the oil dry

  4. I have lived in california my whole life and never noticed the excess of oil wells and constant warning signs for petroleum pipe lines since it has always been there o.o

  5. Turns out that pronouncing "th" isn't the only thing you suck at. A close second is RESEARCH!!!!

    You suck "Faughty Tew"!

  6. Oil well pays for 85% of teachers sallary, and so they can continue to teach little future oil magnates. win-win

  7. My high school had an O2 mobile phone telegraph on top of it, I'm assuming this was a yearly income for them but we never saw any of that, since I finished the schools reputation as fallen to the bottom, the "worst" schools when I was growing up are doing statistically better. I live and grew up in North Wales, the poorest part of the U.K., and that's going to include teachers, why would they come and teach us for the lowest rate in the country unless there's something wrong with them, teachers need to be on a minimum teaching wage or else no ones going to do it, for example, I'd like to go get my PGSE and teach children with mental disabilities, but I get more pay and no study as a private cleaner, they need to make it an attractive position, they need to do the same with medical staff too.

  8. Hey dude i always wanted to tell you. I follow you from long time from different channels. You are the only youtuber make entertaining videos i mean in sense of top 10 or things catagory cause most of them are just less educational and more stupidity here its rather entertaining and educational and dont get me wrong there are other good channels too but this one ia different and well you also wears tuxedo too lol ?

  9. Of the 1055 wells being drilled today only 15 are being drilled in California. Drilling Info Data. Me thinks he is full of?

  10. Fucking tree huggers bitching about oil wells, yet they use cars plastic computers make-up paint and so many other oil based products every day of their lives!
    So shut the fuck up or move to the south pole!

  11. and the government try to tell us our oil comes from Saudi Arabia and that why it so expensive!

  12. My elementary school was built on a copper mine tailings dump, and we had green looking puddles sometimes. Oh well, better than having to import from overseas and fighting wars over there for resources. California still sadly gets a fair amount of its oil from Saudi though (remember the CA oil companies built all the Saudi fields and infrastructure) so maybe they should add even more hidden local wells instead.

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