There’s No Crying in Los Angeles BASED ON A TRUE STORY

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[Music Playing] I’ve lived in Munich all my life and while here I’ve grown complacent. The world around me I make a living as a filmmaker and I live an ordinary life as a German citizen But my life hasn’t always been that easy in my past I’ve done some things are not that proud of, which helped me to get to this point I am now. Lately my past started to haunt me I’ve been getting less sleep and I walk around all day the feelings of regret and guilt One day while surfing around for film ideas. I stumbled across this channel called Melvin Seven I don’t know but somehow this channel, hooked me. He was an African America being homeless in Los Angeles, California Usually I’m not really interested in this type of content But something about Melvin kept my interesting and I watched all his videos after that. I was shocked how he was able to maintain himself and take care of himself by having no home. After watching all his videos I got that idea to meet Melvin fly to Los Angeles and document his incredible story I didn’t make really any plans didn’t tell my family, and friends. I just, got the ticket and went there. This would also be my first trip to America It was all last minute and didn’t make any sense. But in my heart felt like the right move. Got my passport and booked the flight Went to Los Angeles. I had no idea of the journey that was in store. But the experience it changed my life forever [Music Playing] I have not reached out to Melvin before I went to Los Angeles, but I found some little clues in his videos which could tell me is location where he sleeps. [Music Playing] Are you Melvin? Oh, woah wait, wait, who are you? I’m Julian I came from Germany to meet you Oh my god! What what, what time is it? It’s like I think 5 a.m. 5 a.m. You came all the way from Germany to meet me? Yes, I did [Music Playing] I was staying in the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica and I invited Melvin to sit down eat some breakfast and maybe talk a little. [Music Playing] I was born in Los Angeles. I actually don’t have any family. Different places so the sleeping situation has been pretty rough I started off sleeping in my car until it was towed by the city two months ago, due to unpaid parking tickets. After that I bought a tent and I slept in a local park and I’ve been sleeping at different places like graveyards. I’ve been in dangerous situations where I’ve been robbed about three times. Yes, I have been working since I arrived in Los Angeles. My first job was working as a research assistant I didn’t make enough money to pay for housing. So I live out of my car. And after that contract ended I worked as a delivery driver for postmates. That was one of the worst situations I’ve ever experienced I’m aware that their achiever places to live. That’s true. But the thing about Los Angeles is, I was born in Los Angeles And I’ve always wanted my whole life to come back Not just because of Hollywood and movies and stuff. That was never my intention. I just knew that there is a higher level of activity going on in Los Angeles People here are ultra competitive and ultra capable And that is one of the things that is an alluring factor for me knowing I would be in a place where the competition is so high and the margin for error is so low, so basically, it does, what it does is pushes you to become the best version of yourself. Actually, I don’t And for a lot of people that would be the first assumption they would make when they see, that I’m homeless and I live in the streets of Los Angeles Because I’ll be honest with you 95% of the people in the streets in my estimate have a problem with drugs or alcohol Well, I actually uh, I originally didn’t set out to start a YouTube channel My original goal wasn’t even to post a video online But the day where my car was towed and I knew there was no way I was gonna be able to come out with that $2,500 to like get my car out of that tow yard and pay off those um, parking fines those parking tickets fines. I knew at that point that I was gonna be sleeping outside. And to be honest, I was just really scared. I was scared I felt like I had been wronged by the world, by the universe, by Los Angeles I felt like I had been in an unfair situation because, you know making the money I was making working for post mates I had no, I didn’t make enough money to pay for those parking tickets No, I only had enough money to pay for gas and food While I was studying for the MCAT So basically when the car was taken I just wanted to reach out to someone like I didn’t have any close friends that I could just call up and say hey man, you know this happened with me today and I feel really terrible. I feel horrible because up to that point I had been keeping it a secret from all of my friends that I was even staying out in that car. My immediate impression was that Melvin walks that route every day. In the seven days I spent in Los Angeles, I walked over 115 miles by following Melvin. That’s an average of 60 miles per day He says he has to walk a lot around because He has to change locations and he doesn’t want to get noticed by police or other homeless people. We walked all around L.A to different places where Melvin spends time throughout the day on the way to a library I even stopped and noticed the towing yard that had taken his car and left him sleeping on the streets. I could see that this was a very emotional for him. I was surprised to find out that Melvin has attained the master’s degree in science and was working to take the MCAT so he could apply for medical school. This left me of some confusion on how a person like him could end up a situation like this Melvin sat at his stream rooms to enter UCLA for medical school and performed stem-cell research there. Even though he is not a student at UCLA. He often goes to Powell library and studies for many hours in deep concentration to prepare for the MCAT And for him the Powell library wasn’t just any place to study but it served as a major inspiration as well. I could see that he was truly dedicated to changing circumstances through education and research [Music Playing] One of the more impressive things about Melvin was his health. He had create hygiene and he was physically fit. I usually start my morning here at LA Fitness This is a good place for me to get a workout in to manage my stress and just feel invigorated. It’s also the place I come to maintain my personal hygiene. I take a shower here every morning [Music Playing] This is the place I come to do like tumbles and stunts outside sometimes I’ll hang around on the monkey bars Just look like stress relief and used it a lot of people here so I have good company of like acrobats and athletes and uh, you know, it’s the beautiful place it’s free to work out and I just come back after a long day of like looking for a job or reading a lot and you know studying [Music Playing] Although he mainly focused on academics. He also had an background as a Division one college athlete. [Music Playing] Unfortunately Melvin found out after the work out. His spec has been stolen [Music Playing] Oh my god They took everything they stole my backpack which had everything I owned it It had my $200 retainers and had my laptop. My tablet had the notes that I was using to make my book It’s like the third time I’ve been robbed since I’ve been out here and it sucks! Fuck! The only thing they were able to find is my passport they said that it was found on some homeless person who like took it. They dropped it or something. Over the past two years Melvin has been facing career rejections from all professional jobs related to his field. He has the education and research experience that is required for the positions, but he has not been able to get hired Melvin has been rejected from jobs that do not require much education and experience. Jobs like Whole Foods in Starbucks have rejected him multiple times and have not given him a reason why [Music Playing] I actually have a master’s degree of molecular science and technology and I did do work with embryonic stem cells. I you know, I really want to work in that field Actually, that’s what my dream is, that’s what my heart is like to do research and to a change the world like for the best like I feel like research and innovation is a way to increase the health and happiness and everyone for future in life. I want to do that job so badly, but no ones hired me so you know, I’m just confident that one day I’ll be able to get back into the field of research and science and become an MD or a medical doctor while I do this research, but until that time comes then I have to do everything it takes to support myself. I have to do things like working a job like this in a kitchen where it’s like I’m like in a place where the grease is like frying it to my face like flying in my face like all these like toxic fumes of like fried oil. I know it’s like carcinogenic I know my health is on the line. You know, I’m like the only person in my job who can speak English, like it’s really a heartbeat to like cooperated like collaborate with my fellow employees because I can’t understand anything they’re saying it’s tough you know? I don’t mean to come off as like prejudice or whatever, but it’s tough for me to be in an environment like that because I worked my whole life to not have to end up there Like I don’t feel entitled or privileged, but I do know that I have certain skills that I can use to help the world and like better the world but they’re not being taken. They’re not- they’re not allowing me to actually use them The world isn’t. I know that it’s all a matter of me improving myself And that means that I need to do more research study harder for the MCAT do whatever it takes then I’m gonna do it I’m gonna get better and I’m gonna be able to help people eventually but that’s my ultimate goal. It’s gonna, that’s what’s gonna help me get out of this situation. That I know I’m doing it to help other people He told me that he doesn’t make a livable wage So even after working full-time or she only makes $400 per week. The average rent in LA is 1700 per month [Music Playing] I don’t really understand the reason behind that, to help you expand it to you sir. What’s up? Well, honestly that’s a good question because I was confused about it at first. You know, I just figured maybe it was because of my resume or maybe was because of my professional qualifications or my interviewing skills but as they’re actually seeking professional help and getting people to like, more people to look at my resume, examine it and like critique it and change it around like multiple times I noticed that it wasn’t actually my resume my professional qualification, but maybe it was something else which kind of led me to believe that maybe I was being discriminated against. So you’ve been telling me that you feel like you get discriminated Have you exclude something like that in our chocolate of you? Well actually it’s hard to say because I’ve only gotten a few job interviews. Most of them have I’ve started are have only been like over the phone interviews from like the professional jobs in my field and the few jobs that have called me For like an over the phone interview. I’ve, they’ve called me and I’ve explained my qualifications very well. They seemed like they were, they were impressed by what was on my resume, but later on after the interview. I was never invited for the in-person interview It was like distant team from that point forth. And I know that I could speak like professionally, I know that I met the qualifications. So I have no idea what was in my voice over the phone that called them to screaming out But I think it’s because maybe she found all my race just by hearing my voice and that was enough for them to like not hire me. But there was this one occasion where a guy actually literally hung the phone up in my face They called me and after so only speaking to me for maybe 20 seconds He just hung the phone up and they didn’t answer the phone again after I called him back. So You know I can only guess that maybe it was because they found out my race or my ethnicity Through just my voice and that was enough for them not to want hire me [Music Playing] Melvin is also an avid reader He told me that he has read 38 books this year in the fields of philosophy and science He’s in the process of writing his own book, which he says will help to inspire people [Music Playing] Some of my favourites are I really like Dostoevsky he’s so funny Like it’s a way that he has an irony in everything he says where you kind of don’t know when he’s joking and when he’s being serious But it all kind of like resonates with you you just kind of feel like where he’s coming from so I can appreciate Dostoevsky for his like dry humor and you know, I really like Friedrich Nietzsche a lot. Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of his books Like his book dusk folks valtuska it’s supposed to be a fiction, but I don’t usually read fiction novels But to me, it kind of seems like a nonfiction Because I know, it kind of, I know he wrote this book kind of about himself. It’s almost like an autobiography in a sense But it kind of like empowers you as a person it makes you feel so capable It makes you feel like there’s never enough that you can do like your your potential for developing as a person is almost unlimited So I really appreciate Friedrich Nietzsche for that. Favorite stories are in there and whether it’s fiction or nonfiction I really can appreciate the Bible because To me they have some of the greatest stories ever told [Music Playing] It started off with me just reading and studying for the MCAT and then eventually I was then interested in like personal growth and so I started reading a lot of like philosophy and like existentialism and like stoicism and that was really important for me because it helped me like grow as a person spiritually and It helped me try to get more of a fortitude like the deal of my situation Like I was reading people like I was reading people like Kierkegaard and I was reading all these authors that gave me inspiration That make me feel like you know, I’m not at the end of my rope But I actually have a situation I can learn from and to me that it just helped me to like Develop more of a stronger personality so that I can deal with this situation. This guy named Marcus Aurelius this Roman Emperor and he’s that basically a stoic and he just brought it in a way that made you maybe put everything into perspective about my life and how I saw things. Like it didn’t seem like it was too difficult to just keep going and keep Improving myself and just doing what I’m supposed to do and not to get frustrated over things that I couldn’t control [Music Playing] Essentialism what that means is basically you kind of look at life outside of the situation of the current way that you view the world Whatever the normal conventions are that people follow that people go by don’t use those to like interpret the reality for yourself and so what I understand existentialism to be is it operates based on the person first and how they view the world later. Like so it’s subjective based on the own person’s physiology and what their needs are like for instance Friedrich Nietzsche’s philosophy seems to be more about the human being kind of living life to fulfill his grander purpose or to fill his fulfill his Physiological needs and not just like basic food water shelter, but it goes even further than that So it goes as far as not just looking out for your own Physiological needs but it goes as far as you evolve in as a person So that you can provide like for the world so you can influence positively Everyone else around you your family your grant your bigger community and the world at large And I think a lot of people fall short of thinking to that level like they only want to really provide for themselves, but for me personally I’ll be willing to make the sacrifice to better myself so I can help those around me [Music Playing] This is the Arm & Hammer Museum and this week they’re showcasing contemporary art and for me one of the best ways to express existentialism philosophy would probably be through contemporary art Because with contemporary art it has no story no purpose It’s not very obvious what the artist is trying to get you to think or feel from the piece Sometimes it can delve into the realm of absurdity But I think that adds to the mystique and it adds to the expression of existentialism The philosophy itself shows you that there’s no real meaning and anything So to me It’s nice to come into a museum like this Because you can just get lost in the things that are intangible and you can just formulate your own way of thinking about The art you see and you can relate that to your own life. I intend to relate that to my life. I am living an existential life I’m not behaving or living in a way that is normal to society even though I really want to I’m still living in life that makes absolutely no sense by the traditional conventional or conservative way of looking at things and so I love the artistic expression of contemporary art because it sums up existentialism philosophy in a big way for me Melvin has been facing homelessness since the age of 12 He made news headlines in 2008 And he was mentioned by the mayor of ref bot Louisiana for graduating high school by homeless After talking to Melvin for so long and hearing about what was going on his life. I started to have some reservations So I wanted to know there’s anyone to verify his situation I asked if I could talk to some of his friends about the things going on in his life. Are you a friend of Melvin? Yes I am! How long do you know Melvin? I met Melvin in stdalcholme Sweden. With education there and like one year and eight months ago. We’ve been friends So since when do you know his hobbies? I found out two months ago, and I had no idea. So how did you feel about, finding out he was homeless? It came like a shock to me and he told me he’s been living in his car for ten months and he kept it like a secret the whole time I have no idea Is it true that he studies as much as he says he does? Yeah, Melvin, as far as I know he’s always studied. He’s like every time I hit him up he is sitting at Starbucks. Studies for like eight to ten hours a day and all he wants is to get into medical school. So he become a doctor so he can help others. [Music Playing] So he told me you were a mentor to him to help him, finding a job. Well I wouldn’t say mentor I don’t think he needs to mentors a fully grown man We have to spend time together and he listens You know, which is rare these days You know to all, Melvins done everything for himself by them, not really, you know, I’m just a friend on the other end of the phone You know we get together when we can Hows Melvin been supporting himself financially Well, see what I have right? I have a beautiful life. I’m blessed I’ve got a great family and everything’s come very easy for me and I didn’t give Melvin anything he came and he worked in my yard. I could have hired somebody else He needed money and wanted to work and he’s a perfectionist he was perfect for me so he came it’s been a day here and earned some money. He has done it twice and I like to do it. So Melvin told me you helped the journey while reading books. Well Melvin’s a reader and I introduced him to a book One that I’ve, the mantra for my life about self-realization and You know Melvin’s a sponge. He likes to learn and he goes into it and he’d call me. It’s funny. He’d call me hey Gram I read that book I’m on page one ten or chapter eight and I just picked up the book in the same place and read, you know agreed so I could keep up with him if I could. So what’s has Melvin done to improve the situation? Well, as I mentioned earlier, I have not met someone with the same drive and passion for getting somewhere and Marvin wants to go to medical school And he’s been to the Caribbean trying to do part of those I mean it when I say he’s been to the Caribbean he’s worked his butt off to get there and tried to do it. He came back, I’ve seen him. He wanted to he picked up trash because he has done anything any opportunity and he feels He doesn’t doesn’t matter his objective is to get back at the school to get his MCAT down on them to get into medicine Well he wants to help people. You know, that’s the whole purpose of this Well, I hope that this does something for Melvin and for anybody else thats in the position like Melvin. I hope that there’s people out there that will help some other human being and I’m lucky to have Melvin in my life. He’s really, he puts a smile on my face on a regular basis its worth it! We play tennis! You know what the heck! Out of how many tennis players can find around America? [Music Playing] Do you mined telling me something about you? Sure my name is dr. Dana Churchill I’m a naturopathic medical doctor and I have a medical practice in Pasadena, which I work a few days a week I also pursue working on human rights issues in China especially and I’m on the board of directors of the doctors against forced organ harvesting Alright, can you tell me how you met Melvin? Well, yeah. Well, we were having a Illegal organ harvesting booth to show people what’s happening to the fellow Hmong and China and we’ve had it for 15 years It’s like a tent we set up in Santa Monica with pamphlets and flyers and pictures so people walking by and see what’s going on and Melvin came to the booth one day And so we told him some of the meditation and you seemed really committed to learning it and then our relationship just blossomed from there Melvin talked about that you are interested in Human rights. Yeah, as a physician on the board of directors of the doctors against forced organ harvesting We’ve had multiple projects around the world to try to stop the illegal organ harvesting on the Falun Gong in China to this day We basically have approximately a hundred thousand or more Falun Gong that have been illegally organ harvested all the organs taken out of their bodies and Transplanted to the rich people around the world. So I mean this is a huge crime and that’s just the tip of the iceberg And so the day we had the booth in Santa Monica that booth is basically telling the world what’s happening. In this situation and Melvin had come there that day and was very interested to see what we were doing And since then he’s kept up that interest. So we’re working together on some different projects So you didn’t know Nathan was homeless in specific? No, I had no idea We met him and I guess a month or two went by and we’ve been talking and I’ve been sharing meditation with him. I thought he was interested in that too and he seemed to take to it and really liked it and I saw how a stature was a Speech was it seemed like he came from an upper, you know, really good family, and he was talking about being in medical school So I just assumed you know, he was doing fine And then we told me one day they didn’t have any places to sleep anymore because he lost his car I was shocked and I was like what? I was like is this a scam or is all this just you know? Cuz nowadays you never know and this I’m thinking back to how he was and how he spoke to me and his Mannerisms of speech and I said no This guy’s really well educated and he just made me having a hard time right now like a lot of people but he’s so committed to doing this and I just found out today that actually He was orphan and he only had a family for about three years and then his family That was helping him actually orphaned him them again and then he actually went stayed in the Salvation Army and went to medical school went to college and paint all his away everything which is That’s amazing story. So we knew the challenge. I had time to explore Los Angeles at my own and I noticed the homeless situation was worse than I expected In contrast to the homeless people in Germany the homeless people here are different many people see mentally unstable violent or victims of substance abuse [Music Playing] Well weird thoughtless mother fucker! Get off and get out of here! You ain’t no god damn gangster bitch. You take my hat off! Might tip off the phone! So a how long have you been homeless? I, I became homeless in 29 as I got a provision for an organ. Where are you from? I’m originally from Houston Texas, Harris County. How long has he been in Los Angeles? I was raised in Los Angeles. What’s your situation like? I went to housing I did have housing before but they I lost my house because stuff happened. What’s happened? I was in LATC last year Got kicked out on the 23rd cause there was some dude started touching and harassing a women 8:04 Houston peak Los Angeles California. So I took him upstairs in then Hog-tied his ass. Who has been helping you? David was supposed to be helping me but David Lee not doing nothin’ for me. What have you done to change the situation? I was screwing up a couple of times but I finally got around to start getting it together the way you see me now, I didn’t like this a couple of weeks ago a month ago and the ones who have been helping me It’s just step up my case for the same day long Been playing games and mingling through hoops. So I’m trying as long as I can to maintain that I’m here. I hang along among people do the wrong things I cut all that shit out. I cut it all off period. I don’t want to deal with it I don’t wanna be around it no more. And I told him there was black history It was something out here. I’ve been insulted a couple of times. I keep hearing the wrong wrong people. We fighting that tree I have to go to jail because I keep fighting because I won’t put up with it. I won’t put up with that shit from nobody. Anybody out here, I’ll let them know. Cops, anybody I don’t give a shit. Cause I get harassed, you know I gotta wash my clothes or something. Just cool off over at the little fountain over there and downtown Santa Monica They screw around with people. They claim they wanna help you but they make you go But if your one of the favourites, you know, they basically get their get this before anybody else will And I don’t get on if you start on one side step up because the way they are the way they are One of the things Lance is program manager And literally also cut off the funding for our bus tokens and Buster people trying to get some doctors or not That’s how the are around there. Don’t have to get a step up. So just tell me your day to day routine. I got a step up when I want you when I can’t do my laundry take my shower. That’s nothing They only allow showers once a week and laundry once a week. My daily routine it’s whatever I put my mind to and I go for it. Melvin attempted to get help from the step up place as well, but they rejected him for unknown reason What are your experiences with other homeless people? Well from my experience is best to avoid other homeless people as much as possible Since the first day I started doing this like I when I stay out of the parking a tent There was a few homeless people there that just stole everything. I owned they stole the tent They stole all my clothes all my possessions within like two or three days of staying out there And so ever since then I learned my lesson early on that It’s best to try to like keep out of the way of other homeless people don’t let them know who I am so they don’t like but try to like figure out my patterns and my schedule so they can come behind me and steal my things. I just it’s tough out here because you really can’t make any friends because the next person you think you’re gonna make friends with they end up like robbing you so You have to do it all on your own if you’re ever expected to get out of here. Because also I notice the biggest problem with my other homeless People is they developed like this homeless mentality. This like poverty mentality where they don’t really look at ways at which they can improve their situtation and get out of it instead they just look for ways to become comfortable and stay where they are or to rip people off and just kind of like become robbers and like commit crimes. Did you ever have any other dangerous situation with homeless people? Well, the most dangerous situation I’ve had is like a once when some of my things I got taken like stolen from some other homeless people There’s a guy who approached me and was basically being really violent like really like a, anxious he had he was like talking to me like he knew me but Asking me questions like am I with him or am I against him and he basically didn’t make any sense I was like nonsensical but he scared me because he was like trying to he was threatening me with violence [Music Playing] Marvin reads a lot of spiritual books as well. He says that spirituality probably helped him more than anything during his tough time Especially in terms when he’s alone with nobody to support him [Music Playing] – one of the authors that I read lately His name was Jonas Salk. He’s a doctor who um, basically came up with a vaccine for polio He wrote a book that I read. It called man unfolding and I really appreciated it because he was a scientist basically Background like he had his MD. And had been mainly in research and uh, but he’d also liked philosophy And so one of the philosophies that he taught was like how a man Can like use his like the scientific knowledge to combine it with philosophy and create something new and so I just like that you know the whole philosophy of combining arts with the sciences and I come and think about that kind of stuff in a place like this [Music Playing] Although his spiritual journey has not been smooth. He has fallen victim to some of the most dangerous organizations in Los Angeles who pose a spiritual guiding sentence [Music Playing] I discovered Scientology back when I was, I first came to Los Angeles like maybe two years ago Ever since then I was kind of studying. I can tell you my personal experience of Scientology I don’t know all the rumors, but I used to live in that building I was in the Sea Org for about three months and I studied with Scientology for about two years and Some of the rumors that I have heard are true Others I haven’t really been able to confirm for myself, but I can tell you one thing I did not like about it that kind of made me like distance myself was the fact that they like to use people for Human labor for free like basically when I was living in there for three months I wasn’t getting paid for any of the work that I was doing And basically I felt like the whole thing was kind of a training camp to brainwash you and turn you into like a human slave because at first it started off with me it just kind of they they like told me what was wrong with me in a sense, and I they said they could help me and so I had to pay for these particular courses I had to take these courses that they told me what helped like solve all of my problems and I paid like every bit of my last earnings to like take these courses and after I took the courses, I noticed that none of this stuff was actually working But once I ran I finally ran out of money. Then they, they recruited me into the Sea Org and basically what that means that they use you for free labor and so it’s like back-breaking labor to like train you to clean the place clean the building renovate it and eventually They train you on how to like take money from the public I mean, I had my experience there for the most part. It was negative but I do I can say I took away some positives from it like any experience I go into I try to make the best out of it and So there were some things I learned from that organization that helped me to improve my life But for the most part, I would never do that again. Well, you talked about your new job It would be nice to go there. Oh, yeah Well, yeah, it’s not the most glamorous job. But you know, I’m super excited. I finally found a job So what I was gonna do is I worked a night shift tonight at 6 a.m. Till 12 I was just gonna go and change it to my uniform and yeah walk to work. So I’ll show you And what are you doing there, I don’t see my things What do you mean you don’t see them? I don’t see my uniform. I don’t see my sleeping-bag. Nothing’s here I think somebody stole it again maybe, just look around here, maybe you can find it. [Music Playing] Shit this is my shirt! That’s great man! Fuck where’s the rest of it? I gotta find a rest and it’s cool Ok lets go. Let’s see it man. Looks like my hat – they left my shirt and my hat, but I can’t find my sleeping bag. Great but um, Let’s go to work, right? Oh shit. What time is it? Um, let me check… Oh damn it’s 5:58! Fuck I gotta be there 6 o’clock. Oh Shit, so I got dude, it’s 2 miles away. I gotta be there at 6. Oh my god Shit, I got a fucking try and make it I’m not gonna lose this job. It took for, forever for me to get hired I’m gonna fucking change into this really fast. I’m gonna fucking sprint there and I’m gonna fucking make it! [Music Playing] What happened man? What happened? Dude they fucking fired me man Shit. Fucking did I ran all the way there? I was only just a couple minutes late. Just a couple minutes late. I told her everything I said like I was I had my things stolen all my bags were stolen and my uniform was stolen and I had found it at the last minute She didn’t even care like she was like. “Oh and this business you can’t like be late you had to be on time.” I’m like, well, what if everything gets stolen that you own it like she doesn’t understand. I’m homeless, you know it’s like Like now now, how am I gonna fucking buy a new laptop how am I gonna fucking buy my MCAT so I could retake that MCAT so I can get into medical school and like buy it get enough money so I could buy uber, a car so I can rent it and actually work for uber. I don’t have money to do anything I’ll have any family. I mean friends now like this is all I have and it took me months to get this fucking job! Maybe you were fine. Fuck this fucking job Maybe you’ll find a new one I don’t even wanna- Dude I don’t I didn’t go to fucking school to get a master’s degree for two years so I can fucking be working this shit, dude I didn’t do that like this is this I shouldn’t have to do this in the first place man I didn’t even care like they have no fucking appreciation for all I did like Fuck!! Can’t stand this shit dude like. I’m never gonna work another fuckin job like that this is the last time dude from here on out I’m never gonna get this low again. This is fucking bullshit. I’m getting into medical school. I’m getting a better job I’m gonna do research not this shit. This is not me like fuck that. You will do it. Fuck this shit [Sirens] Losing the job at finish nitzan was tough for Melvin He decided to take a walk to Venice to find a new place to sleep and by there he had an unexpected encounter I was surprised that these strangers decided to share so much personal information with us [Music Playing] I’m Melvin! How you doin? DJ apple two times. Nice to meet you DJ apple two times! What’s your name? Jordan. Jordan? Nice to meet you! Can you tell me where you’re from? We’re from Cincinnati drove here about five days ago For our dream. I was a forklifter A little bit of our back story a stay at home mom, depressed. Yeah, and you got children together? Yes and our baby girl, yeah. Oh you have a baby girl? Yeah! How old is she? 9 months. Well ten months Friday. What exactly do you mean like, when you’re always outside? We live in our car and once we step out are car are day is started. Well we just ask people. Literally. We know we deserve Yeah, I know your work sometimes some people understand so if I go to a gas station I will be like “Hey can you help me get some gas?” They understand How does your day usually go? Like when you wake up and what do you do on things? Basically you just live that life you want to live. So a day for us is like, wake up around nine o’clock- eight o’clock, nine o’clock and after that we use the bathroom like any other human And then we just start planning how we want to charge our devices. What do you film? My life. So I’m a youtuber. So what’s your Youtube channel called? Uh, my youtube channel is Jordan Amora. That is J O R D A N A M O R A if you guys want to come look! I’ll see you there! What do you do? I am a DJ and producer Okay, what type of music? Hip-hop, a lot of hip hop old school. West Coast now since I’m in L.A now, you know how that be! Even though Melvin had been recently fired and still had no place to sleep He still could only think of the nine month old infant who was living in that car and all he wanted to do was help [Music Playing] After Melvin had everything that he owned stolen and lost his job. I lost touch with him for a few days. I decided to explore some of the more lively parts of Los Angeles and so I visited Universal Studios by there I noticed Happy families who were gathered there and enjoyed themselves But then I looked closer and noticed that Melvin was there. He was sleeping in public What are you doing here? I’m exosted man. it like, I’ve been walking around all day trying to find a place to read and study and like I’m just like taking a nap He just got unexpected good news when his friend Tobias wife decided Melvin can stay in their apartment for two days while they are visiting Vegas. I can’t believe this is happening. Hey buddy! Thank you so much man, I really appreciate that! And enjoy your trip to Vegas and be safe out there I appreciate it man! [Phone rings] Yeah, hello, this is Melvin Sewell, yes, good morning. Oh yeah, I remember you for an interview good morning. Oh wow, okay For the assistant carrier position at the post office. Yes. Oh that’s such great news! Oh, wow. Yes tomorrow at um 3 o’clock. I can be ready for orientation. So I should go to this is the same location we interviewed? Yeah tomorrow 3:00. Yes and bring my ID and my driver’s license. Yes, okay Well, thank you so much for the opportunity. I really appreciate it and I’ll see you tomorrow Bye What happened? Dude that was the post office. They just called me. I think they just hired me Thank you, yeah, I’m so excited. I didn’t even know that they were gonna hire me So, um, it looks like I go tomorrow I get started orientation and I can just probably start working this week Yeah, just I’m so excited I get super respectable job and I’ve been looking to do something better than Wiener schnitzel for longest in like Now I would get to work at the post office man. I’m just I’m so happy I couldn’t be more grateful After spending a week in Los Angeles it was time for me to return to Munich. This was truly an unforgettable experience for me. I got to meet Melvin and could see how it is to survive as a homeless person and Los Angeles I also met other homeless people and I could see not everybody can maintain themselves like Melvin is. I’m wondering how long he will be able to maintain himself in a state of hopefulness and health I could still see in his eyes There was hope that he will make it one day Into Medical School where he would be able to have people with his research and patient care But for how long can he keep this hopeful glimmer? Upon leaving he was offered a job in a post office, but he is a scientific researcher and his passion lives there. He deserves to walk in a place of his education and the world will only benefit from him doing so Melvin truly loves Los Angeles and he told him he could live nowhere else Los Angeles supposed to be one of the greatest cities not only in the United States also compared to cities worldwide. Could what happen to him represent the death of the American dream is the American dream now something which only exists in movies and television I’m not able to answer this complex social issues at the moment But what I can do can help these people who fall victims to this situation those who have become powerless Those people like Melvin I’ve decided to help Melvin by starting a GoFundMe campaign I hope I can help Melvin to get off the streets and into Medical School. I’m going to leave a link of his go fund me campaign So everybody who has the ability to change his life can do it can also buy the book Melvin made also called there’s no crying in Los Angeles your help could save Melvin’s life But even bigger than this is Melvin’s passion to help others with more resources Melvin will go on to help with his passion millions of people to cure diseases I hope this message gets to you because what is happening to Melvin is not an isolated event. If we don’t become aware that Things like this can happen these problems will begin to hit closer to home We have to band together as people who care about one another and take a proactive Approach to make the world a better place [Music Playing]


  1. At 34 minutes I have to say I am disappointed. Some of the folks you have run into are worse than those thieves who stole from you. Unlike those who did wrong out of a means of survival and from scarcity (so there atleast is a reason), Caucasians who can laugh and smile and live with themselves when they have interacted with a young man who is struggling to survive, and not even offer to assist you, to achieve your well meaning dreams. They tell us as hue-mans to quit complaining, get off of your butt and strive for it, telling us there are indeed equal opportunities, to stop being a victim when we express the real disparities. You are an example of everything they have ever thrown at us living in the flesh!!! You don't make excuses, you put yourself out there, you study, you strive through the ringer and what happens??? NO assistance or offering of a helping hand. Like that well off Grant guy, or the doctor who clearly associates anyone homeless who doesn't speak well as a criminal or something negative. Thank gosh you speak well Melvin! Or else who knows what else you would have had to experience, despite your intelligence. And as for you Melvin, i cannot perceive, how after ALL you have gone through, you remain hindered to this idea of the American success or the story of helping others in this great equal controlled country and honestly world. These evil people have infested the whole world Melvin, you still seem to perceive things as someone who is under a illusion. Survival is not a mentality to remain comfortable, poverty is a wake up call Melvin, of reality. You now have been awoken to what is no longer fireworks smoke and mirrors so for you to say that makes me thing and I ask you, who are you? Without the schooling, without a reality of success in Los Angeles in this country in the world, without achieving your doctorates. Who are You if this whole American society and even world came crashing down? Did you feel who you were when you were homeless, ever?

  2. Hi Melvin. I watched your video on Invisible People YouTube channel. Go this adress : 1663 Wheat Hill Rd.
    Sidney Center, NY 13839 USA. I hope they can help you. And you can check their web site :

  3. Hello Melvin, I don't know if someone said it elsewhere, there's opportunity in other countries, just by being an an American citizen and holding your Master's degree. I know some of these things require money in the first place, say for the move and everything. But try applying for jobs in Europe. Whether or not they are in your field, just try it when you have time.

  4. I’m going to share this to the best of my ability.
    I believe in your dream man and I hope this blows up.

    C’mon youtube recommendation, let’s get this one going.

  5. The white men who speak so highly of Melvin should offer him a room in their homes. It makes no sense, that they know his plight, and won't help.

  6. Hey Melvin, I would like to say you inspire me out of my comfort and becoming stronger. I will follow your journey and wishes you the best. You deserve a chance and the universe is listening

  7. Friend, try this. Examine all the meds in the drugstore. Tell us whats inside and whats its for. Because a friend of me tell me that hospital and meds are scams. They make the sick become more sick. This what I hear from myfriend who hear from hisfriend who is the head of most reputable hospital in Indonesia, some of them

  8. Melvin, much respect to you. Keep your head up and keep striving for greatness. Life is a roller coaster ride and with the education you have you will definitely make it.

  9. You have marketable skills. Do you need a certification to market yourself as a personal trainer? If not, try that as a side hustle. Are there any toddler gyms in your area? Teach a tumbling class to toddlers/young kids.

  10. I love much wonderful, inspirational, brave… and strong WARRIOR-BROTHER, MELVIN! KEEP UP…! THE ALMIGHTY GOD-YAHWEH IS… AND FOR YOU BRO.

  11. Move to Atlanta. Yes, LA maybe your dream place to live but you can always move back. Your story is truly empowering. Black people we are strong and mighty!

  12. "they knew my race by the sound of my voice". as a black man from alabama PLEASE stfu. You sound as white as they come. I can't believe people are actually falling for this pitiful ass hustle. Typical actor scam all aspiring movie types try to run in LA

  13. look at this nigga's build and his clothes. This man is NOT fucking homeless. What homeless person finds the time/money to go to the gym WITH headphones. I know yall smarter than this lmao

  14. Listen Melvin no more studying medicine for you. You are over qualified with zero experience nobody will hire you. Just stop! Find another career. At 27:23 the doctor with a practice doesn't even hire you, I mean he is a so called friend who is more concerned with China. Well I guess that's America. Finally stop studying and make money. Your no longer a student, studying isn't a job.

  15. I was watching invisible people interviews and something about you really stood out. So I looked at your info and found your YT channel, today.

    I'm incredibly inspired, humbled, and moved by your story, Melvin. I hope & pray you come to know the true Jesus Christ of scripture. He loves YOU!!!…I believe that He will finally work all your pain, dedication, hard work, all the hard times, desire to help and give to others, just EVERYTHING together for the GOOD…both for you and those you touch, in Jesus' name…

  16. So the two wealthy white guys who spoke so highly of Melvin couldn't offer him a room? Melvin has a Master's Degree in Molecular Science and Nanotechnology and america expects him to be happy about working at the post office?

  17. @Melvin Sewell , you need to sign with the U.S. Navy or try the Navy Reserve You can become a commissioned officer, work in a U.S. Naval Hospital or a Veteran's Hospital somewhere in the world. There's also the Air Force and Air National Guard. You can also teach at a Department of Defense/D.O.D. school overseas. Look into to look for work in the federal government as well. They're always looking for people with a science /medical background. Good luck to you!

  18. Sorry but that fucking gernan male voice is ruining Melvin Sewelll'experience !

    We want Melvin Sewell not that opportunist German guy.

    I wish you the best outcome in absolutely everything you go for
    ,Stay strong and remain positive ,you are a real inspiration to us all, and big Congratulations for your vlog.
    Be bliss always by the Supreme Divine Almghity Melvin Sewell.

  19. Melvin needs some new friends.
    I’m sorry. It is so hard to see these men say wonderful things about Melvin but not offer anything more than some yard work, a tennis match and some kind words.
    The Good Samaritan in the Bible picked up the man took him to an Inn, paid for the mans stay and if the man needed to stay longer the Good Samaritan said put it on my tab. Which is a wonderful picture of Jesus.

  20. Great film but could be better if all the audio was consistent. There are times where the background noise is distracting to the actual story. Just a tip for your next film. 😊✌

  21. It was dark when he said he was going to sprint to work, when he ran it was day. Why didn't the German witness that he'd seen melvins clothes stolen???

  22. I dont understand why Melvin has these "friends " and they cnt pull together to help of his friends is even a doctor ,but he can't hire him?

  23. MELVIN!! Join the AIR FORCE. you can literally choose from several jobs that you would love!! I hope you read my comment. Please look into this I think it would be great for you. And when you finish they can help you get into more schooling if you wanted it!

  24. So, I start work on the 13th. I will do my best to drop funds for your film. I won’t make any promises but I’m gonna connect with you and uhh go from there. 🙂

  25. I’m working on my next clip now. And just went to storage to uh get my tripod and stuff. Hey if you need a place to store things, ship them to us and we can store your stuff. I know you don’t know me but you can trust me. I have friends guy can contact. Church friends, ect. Whatever.

  26. Ohhhhh okay. 🤔 They taught you how to take money from the public. That’s a new one. Funny because my husband said, “he just want to take money from the public.” When he saw your video yesterday.

  27. It seems like Melvin Knows some very well to do people that could possibly at least give him a referral for a job and a place to live. They seem a bit selfish though….. It's very sad that those who are in the position to help sometimes just stand by and watch…..

  28. Hey man, do you have a Venmo? I’d like to send you a bit of money to help out. Not much but I want to help any way I can.

  29. I just don’t buy this. With everything this man has going on (supposedly) there is no way he would be in this position if he did not have personal issues (mental) at play that are holding him back. He is blaming everyone and everything other than himself.

  30. the griffith observatory is a great place to meditate, and relax and contemplate anything and looking at the beutiful view of la for free if you dont have a car! extremely underated spot

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