There’s No Crying in Los Angeles BASED ON A TRUE STORY

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  1. At 34 minutes I have to say I am disappointed. Some of the folks you have run into are worse than those thieves who stole from you. Unlike those who did wrong out of a means of survival and from scarcity (so there atleast is a reason), Caucasians who can laugh and smile and live with themselves when they have interacted with a young man who is struggling to survive, and not even offer to assist you, to achieve your well meaning dreams. They tell us as hue-mans to quit complaining, get off of your butt and strive for it, telling us there are indeed equal opportunities, to stop being a victim when we express the real disparities. You are an example of everything they have ever thrown at us living in the flesh!!! You don't make excuses, you put yourself out there, you study, you strive through the ringer and what happens??? NO assistance or offering of a helping hand. Like that well off Grant guy, or the doctor who clearly associates anyone homeless who doesn't speak well as a criminal or something negative. Thank gosh you speak well Melvin! Or else who knows what else you would have had to experience, despite your intelligence. And as for you Melvin, i cannot perceive, how after ALL you have gone through, you remain hindered to this idea of the American success or the story of helping others in this great equal controlled country and honestly world. These evil people have infested the whole world Melvin, you still seem to perceive things as someone who is under a illusion. Survival is not a mentality to remain comfortable, poverty is a wake up call Melvin, of reality. You now have been awoken to what is no longer fireworks smoke and mirrors so for you to say that makes me thing and I ask you, who are you? Without the schooling, without a reality of success in Los Angeles in this country in the world, without achieving your doctorates. Who are You if this whole American society and even world came crashing down? Did you feel who you were when you were homeless, ever?

  2. Hi Melvin. I watched your video on Invisible People YouTube channel. Go this adress : 1663 Wheat Hill Rd.
    Sidney Center, NY 13839 USA. I hope they can help you. And you can check their web site :

  3. Hello Melvin, I don't know if someone said it elsewhere, there's opportunity in other countries, just by being an an American citizen and holding your Master's degree. I know some of these things require money in the first place, say for the move and everything. But try applying for jobs in Europe. Whether or not they are in your field, just try it when you have time.

  4. I’m going to share this to the best of my ability.
    I believe in your dream man and I hope this blows up.

    C’mon youtube recommendation, let’s get this one going.

  5. The white men who speak so highly of Melvin should offer him a room in their homes. It makes no sense, that they know his plight, and won't help.

  6. Hey Melvin, I would like to say you inspire me out of my comfort and becoming stronger. I will follow your journey and wishes you the best. You deserve a chance and the universe is listening

  7. Friend, try this. Examine all the meds in the drugstore. Tell us whats inside and whats its for. Because a friend of me tell me that hospital and meds are scams. They make the sick become more sick. This what I hear from myfriend who hear from hisfriend who is the head of most reputable hospital in Indonesia, some of them

  8. Melvin, much respect to you. Keep your head up and keep striving for greatness. Life is a roller coaster ride and with the education you have you will definitely make it.

  9. You have marketable skills. Do you need a certification to market yourself as a personal trainer? If not, try that as a side hustle. Are there any toddler gyms in your area? Teach a tumbling class to toddlers/young kids.

  10. I love much wonderful, inspirational, brave… and strong WARRIOR-BROTHER, MELVIN! KEEP UP…! THE ALMIGHTY GOD-YAHWEH IS… AND FOR YOU BRO.

  11. Move to Atlanta. Yes, LA maybe your dream place to live but you can always move back. Your story is truly empowering. Black people we are strong and mighty!

  12. "they knew my race by the sound of my voice". as a black man from alabama PLEASE stfu. You sound as white as they come. I can't believe people are actually falling for this pitiful ass hustle. Typical actor scam all aspiring movie types try to run in LA

  13. look at this nigga's build and his clothes. This man is NOT fucking homeless. What homeless person finds the time/money to go to the gym WITH headphones. I know yall smarter than this lmao

  14. Listen Melvin no more studying medicine for you. You are over qualified with zero experience nobody will hire you. Just stop! Find another career. At 27:23 the doctor with a practice doesn't even hire you, I mean he is a so called friend who is more concerned with China. Well I guess that's America. Finally stop studying and make money. Your no longer a student, studying isn't a job.

  15. I was watching invisible people interviews and something about you really stood out. So I looked at your info and found your YT channel, today.

    I'm incredibly inspired, humbled, and moved by your story, Melvin. I hope & pray you come to know the true Jesus Christ of scripture. He loves YOU!!!…I believe that He will finally work all your pain, dedication, hard work, all the hard times, desire to help and give to others, just EVERYTHING together for the GOOD…both for you and those you touch, in Jesus' name…

  16. So the two wealthy white guys who spoke so highly of Melvin couldn't offer him a room? Melvin has a Master's Degree in Molecular Science and Nanotechnology and america expects him to be happy about working at the post office?

  17. @Melvin Sewell , you need to sign with the U.S. Navy or try the Navy Reserve You can become a commissioned officer, work in a U.S. Naval Hospital or a Veteran's Hospital somewhere in the world. There's also the Air Force and Air National Guard. You can also teach at a Department of Defense/D.O.D. school overseas. Look into to look for work in the federal government as well. They're always looking for people with a science /medical background. Good luck to you!

  18. Sorry but that fucking gernan male voice is ruining Melvin Sewelll'experience !

    We want Melvin Sewell not that opportunist German guy.

    I wish you the best outcome in absolutely everything you go for
    ,Stay strong and remain positive ,you are a real inspiration to us all, and big Congratulations for your vlog.
    Be bliss always by the Supreme Divine Almghity Melvin Sewell.

  19. Melvin needs some new friends.
    I’m sorry. It is so hard to see these men say wonderful things about Melvin but not offer anything more than some yard work, a tennis match and some kind words.
    The Good Samaritan in the Bible picked up the man took him to an Inn, paid for the mans stay and if the man needed to stay longer the Good Samaritan said put it on my tab. Which is a wonderful picture of Jesus.

  20. Great film but could be better if all the audio was consistent. There are times where the background noise is distracting to the actual story. Just a tip for your next film. 😊✌

  21. It was dark when he said he was going to sprint to work, when he ran it was day. Why didn't the German witness that he'd seen melvins clothes stolen???

  22. I dont understand why Melvin has these "friends " and they cnt pull together to help of his friends is even a doctor ,but he can't hire him?

  23. MELVIN!! Join the AIR FORCE. you can literally choose from several jobs that you would love!! I hope you read my comment. Please look into this I think it would be great for you. And when you finish they can help you get into more schooling if you wanted it!

  24. So, I start work on the 13th. I will do my best to drop funds for your film. I won’t make any promises but I’m gonna connect with you and uhh go from there. 🙂

  25. I’m working on my next clip now. And just went to storage to uh get my tripod and stuff. Hey if you need a place to store things, ship them to us and we can store your stuff. I know you don’t know me but you can trust me. I have friends guy can contact. Church friends, ect. Whatever.

  26. Ohhhhh okay. 🤔 They taught you how to take money from the public. That’s a new one. Funny because my husband said, “he just want to take money from the public.” When he saw your video yesterday.

  27. It seems like Melvin Knows some very well to do people that could possibly at least give him a referral for a job and a place to live. They seem a bit selfish though….. It's very sad that those who are in the position to help sometimes just stand by and watch…..

  28. Hey man, do you have a Venmo? I’d like to send you a bit of money to help out. Not much but I want to help any way I can.

  29. I just don’t buy this. With everything this man has going on (supposedly) there is no way he would be in this position if he did not have personal issues (mental) at play that are holding him back. He is blaming everyone and everything other than himself.

  30. the griffith observatory is a great place to meditate, and relax and contemplate anything and looking at the beutiful view of la for free if you dont have a car! extremely underated spot

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