THIS IS NEW YORK CITY (NYC) | Is it worth visiting?

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Hey guys What’s up Y’all We’re gonna fly high today today We’re gonna go on top of the rock that means the Rockefeller Center! Janik has been here for a month already And we didn’t do any touristy stuff yet We went more shopping then and to Buffalo Wild Wings and Cheesecake Factory the whole time yeah this is the weekend before he has to go back to Germany and we’re going to do all the touristy stuff that we wanted to do behind us is the New York library if you want to read books go there yeah there it is and there’s Joss the best example for reading books Something so surreal happened to us on the way here. Oh, yeah There was the first time today, today? the first time ever the first time the first time ever That we got recognized by someone that watches our YouTube videos I was not expecting that in New York. No me neither. But It was so cool. I cannot wait to meet more of you guys It’s so fun. Man. My arm is getting tired It’s so cold too, but at least the sun is out, so I think we should hurry now, okay Let’s go and shout out to yahir. I think his name was Yahir all right Alexander Hamilton guys we’re walking down the 5th Avenue. She wants to go into sephora urban Urban Outfitters But yeah, we don’t have time because the Sun is gonna go down soon It sucks. winter in New York is like the Sun Goes Down at 4:00 p.m.. 4:30 4:30 We have to wake up super early and do everything early, which we are very bad at.. yeah we are super bad at that I really want sunglasses guys, but Janik is a hater. She is buying new sunglasses Once half a year and she breaks all of them And then she doesn’t care about repairing them because it would be so easy to just bring them to a store and repair them But she’s like nope I need new sunglasses Yeah thats the only thing that I’m very bad at, but sunglasses are so much fun I really want to try new styles and stuff By the way I buy like super cheap ones She also buys expensive ones and either she loses it in Los Angeles or she breaks it in Germany Yeah look at this yeah, this is where a cool light show was going on at Christmas, but now with this light It looks super boring It looks so bad. during Christmas season days this whole street is insane you cannot walk It’s super busy here, naked girls everywhere And here is top of the rock somewhere. Let’s see Yes Haha Hashtag Rock Center We are in front of the Rockefeller Center, and we’re gonna go inside I hope the line is not too long and then we’re gonna go up all the way and we’re gonna have super cool view Without sunglasses because we don’t need any sunglasses it’s winter and the Sun is almost gone so I look better with sunglasses but ok, you have to love yourself the way you look without sunglasses Yeah So we’re wondering if we should go ice-skating or not have you ever done it I’ve done it in Mexico before, I’ve done it too a long time ago. Oh, yeah I did it when I was probably like eight or nine or eleven Yeah I did it and here’s the story time I was ice-skating and then I fell Super sad, but I fell I was laying there on the ground and then another person came and was driving on top of my hand It hurt Luckily I had my gloves on and it didn’t cut my fingers into parts, so Always wear gloves guys always wear gloves. I’m traumatized. I think we’re not doing it So guys, we went through Security, after we got the tickets it was 74 for two people we’ll see maybe is worth it so we gotta have to take the elevator Babe you are so tall, you can always see only this of me. -Janik: you are so short that’s the problem we just took the elevator to the 67th floor And it took only 40 seconds or so and now we are here and we can see already new york from above Wow oh my god I just got Vertigo for a second And the first thing we thought is ‘Central Park looks bad’ is super gray in winter there is Central Park a huge piece of grayness We have all the other stuff around I wish I would have sunglasses u know? It’s so bright, it’s totally not bright look at my eyes. I can totally look I’m more sensitive to brightness this building blocks totally the way of the Central Park the view would be so much cooler without this building like Why? And what do you see? naked people, I’m spying them on their windows What? let me see let me see where?! hey guys we’re gonna go to the upper deck now I can see the Empire State building Okay, oh my god. Okay, now this view is really amazing My mouth is frozen already because it’s super cold it’s super windy up here It is so windy, so so crazy windy It’s so cold guys We have to stay here for the sunset, yeah, we have to He’s freaking out I’ve never felt this cold before we just took a time-lapse out there, so we spent like 20 minutes standing in one spot without moving and holding the camera holding the camera with one hand he’s so cold Beautiful, but it’s freezing yeah, that’s worth it. Though look at this view man the wind up there is crazy So guys This is the end of the vlog we hope you had fun. You guys got lucky you saw the view without the coldness But thank you so much. We love you guys, and we hopefully get to meet some more of u soon Make sure to subscribe Make sure to dress up warm See later guys I can’t even open my eyes. It’s all your fault


  1. Muy buen video chicos! ♡ Me encantan como pareja 🙂 Son tan naturales y divertidos.
    Saludos desde Perú! ♡

  2. Oh guys ! I really loved this video .Thanks for sharing with us your cold experience on the top of New York ! :')
    Have a pretty week!

    Tschüss! <3

  3. I love how you edit your videos! ❤
    You guys look so cute together.
    Hope to meet you one day!!! 😃😃
    Best wishes!

  4. No mms… The editing for this video was really on point! Not to mention the shot of the sunset which was breathtaking.

    Por cierto Joss, con los lentes luego no se te ve lo bonito q te quedo la sombra en los ojos.
    Thanks for the tour in NY, I'm gonna have to move it up my list of places to go. See you in the next video!

  5. Que hermosa la vista del principio del vídeo , y me gusta leer todo lo que dicen por qué no se inglés hahaha help me hahaha

  6. Amo esos momentos en los videos cuando ….(silencio)….*ríen juntos*……(silencio) jajajajaja los amo❤️

  7. Me encantan como pareja😍 Quiero cumplir el mismo sueño que Joss, tener a alguien de otro país como pareja😍😄
    Saludos desde Guatemala. Sigan haciendo videos, son geniales 😊😍

  8. I’ve been to the Top of the Rock twice & at night ! So beautiful 🙂 This vlog is awesome ! I was wondering what kind of camera you two use? The quality is amazing.

  9. Just saw your dancing videos and LOVE them! How high is the chance that you make one together before you're back in your long distance relationship? 😉

  10. You guys are a wonderful couple, I love all of your content and My english got better since I started to see you …
    I hope that one day we can meet each other… Blessings from Colombia <3

  11. Amo mucho mucho sus videos
    Y me gusta la pareja que hacen se ven muy lindos
    Espero algun dia verlos en persona
    Soy de mexico💕

  12. Me daba issues ver qué jamás se besaban porque siento que los Mexicanos somos muy cariñosos y los alemanes no ( un aleman me lo dijo) pero ya los sigo en IG y ya vi que si jajajaja son mi pareja fav 💖

  13. Desde el día en que vi por primera vez sus vídeos no pude dejar de verlos, su historia juntos, las química que tienen y le agregamos a eso las tomas y la edición de el vídeo, de verdad Increíble.
    Espero un día conocerlos, saludos desde el Estado de México. 😊

  14. Every day you exceed my expectations with the edition and the way you tell stories 😍
    I definitely will recognize you If you come to Mexico 🤞🏻💕

  15. I really enjoy what you both do guys. Your videos are very interesting, funny… I don't know what to say xD I am a new subscriber. I am learning English as you probably realized so you two are very useful for my English, making it easier and a enjoyable proccess 🙂

  16. Amazing videos😍! What a great couple! One of my wishes is to have a German boyfriend like Janik 😂… Ps : Janik introduce me to some of your German friends 😂☺ Saludos desde México

  17. Me encantan. La calidad de los videos es asombrosa, el contenido es entretenido y ustedes hacen una HERMOSA pareja. Gracias por compartirnos todas sus travesías

  18. OMJ I WAS WAITING FOR Y'ALL TO SAY THE MAGIC WORDS! Desde cuando que Los quiero conocer but I didn't want to seem like a creep lol it would be nice if y'all could do a meet and greet ❣

  19. Come to Costa Rica!!! Let me know when and where so that when you're recording I can go and say "Hey guys! Joss and Janik! I'm a fan!" 😊😊 and then we can dance La Macarena cause that's the only choreography I know 😜 I love you guys. Can't wait for another video. Every week I'm like: mmm I think it's about time for another Joss and Janik video.

  20. New subscriber! I absolutely loooove your personalities! Joss, do you think you could make a video about how to get into the United Nations, please?!

    Greetings from Texas!

  21. Me acabo de suscribir, mi primer video que Vi de ustedes fue donde Jaki habla español y dicen trabalenguas.
    Me encanta su edición y la calidad.

  22. Hi I'm from Germany and I love you videos 💙💖💝 I am a mix my mother is from Germany and my dad is from Bolivia and I can speak also German, Spain and English so yeah!! ^¥^ 😂 sorry for spelling * ~ *
    PS: I'm 13

    Grüße aus Deutschland 😋

  23. Desde hace 2 semanas que encontré su canal he estado viendo sus videos desde el inicio y me encantan!! Ya les había escrito pero insisto son geniales, también practico mi inglés con ustedes, saludos desde México.

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