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It seems sometimes like people today just join social networks and only play video games. But what if there was a recreational activity that survived the test of time. Or a membership group that lasted more than a hundred years. Prepare yourself for an eye-opening revelation. The activity is boating. And United States Power Squadrons is the group. We are… America’s Boating Club. The boating lifestyle is right and simple. It fixes things, it triumphs over all. And United States Power Squadrons helps bring boating to life. Learn boating skills. Engage with boating friends. Connect with the boating community. Welcome to the neighborhood of boaters, boating students, boating companions, and boating experts. Squadron members learn through comprehensive programs that increase their boating knowledge and
skills. They have more fun and engage with boating friends in diverse civic and social activities. You’ll gain access to boating education to help you become a more competent and safer boater. Wide-ranging courses and informative seminars will increase your skills and knowledge in boat operation and maintenance. Flexible scheduling and multiple learning options will enable you to advance your education through classroom instruction, online courses, and on-the-water skills training. You will interact with a group of experienced boaters who know how to have fun at rendezvous, picnics, cruises, and parties. Local squadrons sponsor monthly dinner meetings with stimulating guest speakers on boating topics of special appeal to members. On-the-water activities range from raft-ups to fishing tournaments to sail regattas to race patrols to car top paddle boat adventures to overnight cruises and longer voyages. Boating together with fellow members opens up vistas for new levels of experience
boaters rarely undertake on their own. Friendships deepen
as memories of on-the-water activities grow. Partner discounts range from ten to fifty percent with many special offers that recoup the investment in membership many times over. Squadron members receive substantial savings on boat insurance and many other products and services offered by partners. Best of all there are no prerequisites for joining beyond an interest in boating. The cost of membership is lower than you would imagine. Discounts are also available for family memberships. And the rewards are much higher. You don’t even have to own a boat. You can join online, contact a squadron near you, or have someone call you. Come for the boating education… And stay for the friends.

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