This is what REALLY happened in New York..

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Hey, guys, welcome back to the channel, like you saw in yesterday’s video, Um… We got kicked out. So we moved to New York about five days, ago but yesterday, we received a call, from the house, owner and He confronted us with a lot of complaints and apparently josh majority have been too loud, i mean i’m bleeding Bad because they threw around things in the house They, scream and then the hallways and we were still in our trial period so they, were just like We can’t deal with this you’re, gonna have to get kicked out You’re, gonna have to find a different place because, well we don’t want to write you this place anymore so i didn’t really know What to do and because it’s christmas the only place where i could really go back to Was my parents place i flew back to holland i landed about a couple hours, ago Now i’m back here in holland i’m not really sure what the plan, is i’m not sure if we’re? Gonna, get back together or continue vlogging i haven’t really spoken to the guys, we kind of got really upset at. Each other jordi’s blaming, me and josh and Josh, is being the innocent guy in my opinion and i do understand why the house, owner decided to Quit the lease i mean like, you guys saw the vlogs the place was already furniture the couches and the art on the walls and everything like that the house order only that and He, wasn’t very comfortable with with Josh, throwing bananas around and me throwing bananas around but, i didn’t throw it at our table Josh, josh did so yeah i do i do understand why the house, owner made his decision we’re not getting our money back Which is another concern but whatever i guess josh will just have to repay me considering it’s his fault that We got kicked out so, yeah i’m not exactly sure what the plan is i’ll Keep you guys posted on instagram and twitter and i guess i guess we’ll see where it goes i do still have? Some gaming videos prepared from before, we went to new, york? So you will still see some gaming content with me journey and josh for the next couple weeks so But i guess you’ll, also see some videos with sin, and stuff because i don’t see Myself recording with either georeo josh at this moment don’t worry i think everything will be fine We’ll just have to speak it out, we’ll just have to talk to each other and you know You know you solve, solve the problem i’m open, to solve a problem if jordan josh you’re watching if you Guys, are watching to talk to me, answer, my texts please i’m gonna, solve this i’m serious so yeah That’s it that’s that’s the update, yeah i got nothing else to say thanks later guys merry christmas happy holidays


  1. Hey you can say your sorry it was your fault but say me instead of your and i got us kicked out and i want to keep playing games with you and i want to stay friends

  2. But jelly your just as loud if not the loudest out of you three and your saying you are not guilty Sounds like a real friend coff jerk coff

  3. Just so you all no they was nether gonna live together they was there for a holiday you could tell when they "got kicked out" the "owner" of the apartment" was sanna or azzy

  4. hey guys, why dont we all like somehow expose the house owner? somehow help jelly and them get back to new york. write ideas below

  5. Jelly. Or should i say Jelle. When I started watching you i was like….WOW. This guy in unstopable and Funny. I still think that way right now! I hope you will be that way every video I watch of you. And that Kicked out part made me think: Nah, he cant be stopped. Nothing stops him! Jelly. I have been watching you for 1 whole year now. You can NOT be stopped.


  7. If this is a real situation, I REALLY want to see the video where Jelly, Josh and Jordi all TRY to make up, but they end up throwing bananas at each other again. But then they make up.

  8. I rate los vagas nevada the best place ever but everyone has there apinion i have a youtube channel this one is my brothers and im a kid with a deam i live in australia when i am 18 me and my mate are moving in a apartment as roomates i hope i get there i have a verry good american acsent but im aussie god bless america love it there but never been there

  9. No harsh judgement but I understand why you guys got kicked out, I mean you were pretty loud…. But that's because you guys are AWSOME!!!!

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