Tim in Los Angeles (Teil 3) – #E010

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Hello we are here and having lunch lunch and breakfast “together” because we slept a bit longer and niggled a bit. so now we are having lunch and breakfast at the same time 🙂 …three balls… Hello, we are at the Universal Studios and I just got a Donut As you know we are at the Universal Studios and here you can see… I gonna show it to you… there is a cow, sitting in a car… thats so funny I think I’ll go into the Kwik-E-Markt… Ciao, Universal Studios… E.T. calling home… As you know, I have some penpals in USA today I am going to deliver one box personally to my penpal… so we’re going to drive to him and I’ll give him this… I am very happy to see Lucas again… I just tried to get a “moneyball” for Lucas instead I got this “PacMan” Thank you to all who made this happen! First to my mum and dad. Thank you for always supporting and being there for me. I love you! And to my sponsors… The travelling agency A suitcase company and a shirt-company and to all supporter from the gofundme-campaign. and to my grandma’s and grandpa. thank you to the YOungArtistAcademy Thanks to Lucas and his family for the amazing party! Thanks to Brendan and his family for an unforgettable day. Thanks to all my followers and subscribers. I love you all. All my supporters of the gofundme-campaign Thanks!

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