Timon & Pumbaa Manhattan Mishap Season 1 Episode 22 Part 3 – Alicia Miller

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♥ Thanks so much for watching! Sides Pumbaa, you said you’d do anything for me, don’t you remember? I Do anything you Timon even dress up as an entire family But again All you have to do is memorize the name costume number and brief biological description of each family member Keeping in mind that a pink costume tag means purse relative and a turquoise tag means related by marriage You’re gonna love Patty’s family ma they’re a real tight-knit group I think I hear Patty’s mother Paula right now I’m all about his mother. Thanks, Paula. Now, I want you to meet Patty’s father Paul. I’ll get him Names Paul allows you to make your acquaintance Thank you, you know, you should meet my fiancee I’ll get him You called darling Oh Patrick here you are you’ve just got to meet patty parents they’re Absolutely charming Oh, Tommy really definitely Patrick you really must be family All right, the grandma gets a little confused at times, you know grandma What can I do for you dearest I beg your pardon yeah Oh You don’t look like a baby to me Like a moun that looks just like your old friend Pumbaa I’m still a bum. I don’t have a job and I’m not really married here. I don’t even have clean underwear That’s okay it is but I’m not really your mother Read my practical joking friend You’re great you’re amazing, you’re the new Vegas the Catskills, Cleveland North south east and west North west and south east and south western northern and of course

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