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video, we’re going to cover all the
need-to-know stuff for agents that are completely
new to “The Division 2.” And with our new expansion,
“Warlords Of New York,” we’re heading back
to the Big Apple, so let’s make sure you’re ready
to hit the ground running. [INTENSE MUSIC] Agent, name is Kelso. I’m your backup from DC. Hope I’m not too late. NARRATOR: Now if you’re
anything like me, you’ll probably want to take a
quick look at the Options menu, and find the controls for
your appropriate platform, and refer back to
it if you’re ever stuck with knowing what to
press to get the desired result. Found it? Nice. Let’s get [INAUDIBLE]. [STEPS] [FOREBODING MUSIC] [GUNFIRE] At it’s core, “The Division 2”
is a cover-based third person shooter. And knowing how to use cover
and handle your weapons are the first things
on our list for today. Here, we’re going to take
some cover where you can also move back and forth. Then, if we aim, we’ll be
ready to fire on our target. [GUNFIRE] Once you stop
aiming, you’ll also pop back into cover,
which is nice for when you need to reload, apply an
armor kit, deploy a skill, or just to take yourself
out of the line of fire to plan your next action. Now from here, we could
perform a cover-to-cover move by holding down the button
that you’ll see pop up as a prompt on your UI. Or you could leave
the cover by pressing the button that attached you to
the cover in the first place. Just as a quick side
note, it’s always nice to remember
that grenades can be thrown from behind cover. So keep an eye out for
the right opportunity. [EXPLOSION] [GUNFIRE] [TENSE MUSIC] [EXPLOSION] [GUNFIRE] Watch my back! I feel fucking mad! [GUNFIRE] NARRATOR: Next up, let’s take
a look at identifying enemies. Of course, if they’re shooting
you, punching you, running at you with bats,
shooting flames at you, and generally being
not very nice, then that’s usually a good sign
that they aren’t your friend. But what if you want to be more
technical with your approach? Here, the mini map is
going to be your friend. Pay attention to
the red indicators for the direction
of potential threats and start assessing the
field for your next target. [GUNFIRE] [INAUDIBLE] NARRATOR: Enemies
have different types of health bars,
which will give you an indication of how difficult
they’ll be to take down. Red bar enemies
don’t have any armor you’ll need to worry about. But elite enemies will
pose a different challenge with an armor bar
that you can see here. This armor bar will
need to be depleted before you can damage their
health pool and take them out. [GUNFIRE] You could get through
“The Division 2” without worrying about
enemy weak points, but you’d be making things
way harder on yourself. So here’s what you need to know. [YELLING] [GUNFIRE] Usually, enemies will
have a weak point that is simple to identify,
gas tanks, ammo pouches, things like that. Now if you see this indication
in your UI, congratulations. You’ve found a weak point. And doing enough
damage to it will trigger a reaction that’ll
make the enemy way easier to take down. [GUNFIRE] [EXPLOSION] Combat in “The
Division 2” wouldn’t be complete without some skills. And as an agent, you’ll be able
to equip two skills provided that you’ve acquired them at the
base of operations or at Haven by spinning the Shade Tech that
you’ve found out in the world. Hey, there. NARRATOR: If you’ve boosted your
character’s strength to a level 30, that’s not something you’ll
need to worry about though since all of the skills will
automatically be unlocked. Each skill acts a
little differently depending on the type of
role that you want to play. Are you a lone wolf looking
for a bit of assurance? Maybe the revive
hive is for you. Do you want a robo friend
to shoot things for you and keep you company when
the bullets start flying? Maybe the turret
will be you go-to. Regardless of what
you choose, it’s always a good idea to play
around with your new skills before you reach
an engagement so that you’re comfortable
with how to deploy them. Some skills will
require targeting. [GUNFIRE] Time to fucking– [GROANING] Some can be dropped at
your feet with a double tap of the appropriate button and
others will just be super nice and follow you around. Remember, you can switch
skills at any time provided that you’re not in combat. [MUSIC PLAYING] You’re also going to need
to know about armor kits if you want to stay
alive, but the good news is that it’s pretty simple. See this armor bar? If it gets depleted,
any damage you take will start lowering your
health, and we don’t want that. So just hold down the
appropriate button until the armor kit is applied,
and you’ll be good to go again. [GUNFIRE] COMPUTER: Immediate
medical assistance needed. NARRATOR: And as I
mentioned before, this is one of those
things you’ll probably want to do behind cover or
somewhere you’re not actively taking damage. [GUNFIRE] [EXPLOSION] Once you hit level
30, which you may elect to do if you’re on
the “Warlords Of New York” expansion as soon as
you enter “The Division 2” for the first
time, you’ll also have access to specializations. You can choose or change
your specialization at the base of operations in
DC or at the haven in New York. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] MAN: I know you
like to burn stuff. This should make you happy. [DRAMATIC MUSIC] NARRATOR: I said before
that “The Division 2” is a cover-based shooter. But we didn’t really talk about
the core thing that drives it, the loot. In our new expansion,
it’s easier than ever before to identify
items of value. Just check the stats
here, and you’ll be able to see how close it is
to its maximum possible role. And if a particular
stat is maxed out, you’ll see it highlighted. Congratulations. You might want to
hold on to that one. OK, so before we
wrap up here, it’s worth noting that
if you’re having any trouble with a mission
or activity in the game, then you’re almost certain
to have the ability to adjust the difficulty
for that content. Just check on the map
or the mission selection for these types of options. And of course, you
can always matchmake to group up with other agents
to take on things as a team. Or you can call for
backup when you’re in need of a helping hand. COMPUTER: Backup request sent. NARRATOR: “The Division 2” is
a deep, tactical experience that can’t be covered
in just one video. But the good news is
there’s a huge community of awesome agents out
there in DC and New York that will be just
as excited as we are to bring you into the fold. Welcome, and good
luck out there. Calling agents. This is Agent Faye
Lau requesting immediate reinforcements
at city hall. This is Kelso. [DRAMATIC MUSIC]


  1. The sound in this video is a bit screwy. Still haven’t patched the awful sound bugs in Warlords, I note. It’s okay. I like periods of sustained utter silence, or walking along and then hearing gunfire and clicks from 30 seconds ago. Unpredictable.

  2. I like how they try to sell it as if you shoot someone they die in this guide. My 109.3k DMG smg can’t kill someone in 2 mags, let alone a few rounds of said magazine.

  3. why is there a new realease date too watch dogs legion please answer

    by the way i bought the ultimate edition cause it was so cheap! i love the game 10/10

  4. Cant decide whether to play through base game campaign again (made it to like lvl 15 a year ago) or jump straight to New York

  5. I think you missed the important one. Double press spacebar (on PC) to try to escape the grenade / explosive spam in that game. With the new update they added even more of that to the game. GGs massive

  6. Is it just me or did they make thing more confusing and a little bit weaker? The mods are weaker the weapons have less talents they nerfed the specializations. No more holstered talents and yellow bared enemies feel stronger to me. Idk? I haven't hit level 40 yet so maybe once that happens I'll feel more powerful.

  7. Great content, thanks Hamish. I’ll definitely be passing this video on to friends who have just bought the game. Loving warlords.

  8. I hate this game now, ruined it fully, went from god roll build to garbage literal garbage. This games going under for sure now. Better hope for more unaware nieve new players cuz us old school dedicated players who have been screwed over again and again witn the senseless changes are sick of it. None of my many friends play it anymore, who would want to knowing whatnit used to be and what it is now

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  10. The game got some bugs, which we don't care too much, but the major problem is the servers are laggy and connection problems always happen

  11. Great game really liking it , more guides on re-calibration, mods and talents would be useful , just started this game and find them options over whelming as a beginner

  12. Great video!! I wish the developers in Breakpoint learn from this. I know they just released a video, but it seams that they are out of touch with their players base. You guys should train them. I know that they have a community person, but I have not seen her since launch. I love the division. I own both. Thank you.

  13. Incredible new update! Brought the game back and launched it further than ever before! Very happy with the changes and update!

  14. Want good loot? Just lower the difficulty to get even crappier loot than you recieved while leveling. Getting good loot all the time = FUN!
    Nerf first week of new content = NOT FUN!

  15. Was hoping more for a primer for players who haven’t played the game in months and months. What changed, what’s the new highest level, why it may be worth even reinstalling the game etc etc.

  16. Fix the leveling system for specializations! Time gating my progression is a huge turnoff for any game I play and for many others! High tier control points should give 5 points considering the TIME it takes to do those events! What happened to the 3 points for leveling up once max level? Do you even play your own game?! Here is a crazy thought! How about you tie the agents level to the specialization points! Level 30 equals 165 spec points. So a level equals 5.5 points! Nobody wants to spend a month or two trying to get a SINGLE specialization unlocked!

  17. Instead of making the harder by making the AI smarter, you made it artificial harder pumping more dps and health to npcs

  18. adter update, my game size is 115GB, is that supposed to be that large? I know it's a 40GB update. but that as big as GOW4

  19. Would be nice if the game didn’t bug out and not let me advance past world tier 3. Even though i’ve done all missions required and settlements

  20. Did they ever any FX mods for skills I wonder? I really wanted to see a ton of different effects for skills so everyone could always look different and you could identify who dropped what skill by how looked. So I was obviously disappointed when I realized the FX was basically overlooked as you never got any FX mods to put in it.

  21. Is it worth playing through D.C. first? Will I miss out on anything if I skip D.C. or can I come back to it later? If I do D.C. first, will I miss out on anything time related in NY?

  22. Thanks Ham,but not happy with the fact you guys have decided to divide the player base behind a pay wall. Its unethical & unfare to the agents who have supported your game financially since launch.

  23. To call it a shooter is misleading. I think it’s more appropriate to call it a loot shooter RPG since in traditional shooters every shot counts but this doesn’t. Hell, I honestly thought it’s a shooter when the first game came out and that’s how it tricked me to buy the game until I found out it’s not a genetic shooter at all.

  24. How do we get to NY? I bought the game with the 1 year pass when it dropped do I have to purchase the expansion?

  25. Ok but tell the new Players there gonna get frustrated when they do challenging Mission 10+ Times and get absolutley nothing.

  26. Division 2 without the New York expansion sucks barely could survive in a hard difficulty and damage too

  27. I’m disgusted with Ubisoft … I bought the ultimate edition($130) and now I have to pay for this dlc? .. BS .. I’m not buying it…

  28. so I payed $110 for the metal case copy of this game when it launched and now you want me to pay another $30 for the first real expansion? Is this how ubisoft does business? If so definitely my last purchase

  29. come on UB, plz explain your balance system. All i see the enemy is with high fire and high protection, players are lower fire and low protection.
    ps: ohhhh, look, there is a machine dog in the sky!!!!!

  30. So my max level character got nerfed all to hell by stripping the mods that took hundreds of hours to build my set, which includes the mods for my Skills. I went from 300k+ armor to 180k armor. My mods on my drone that had it over 500% is now collectively 10%, my 5 extra bombs on my seeker mines went to 1, and my cool down rates went from <20s on manual destruction to almost a full minute. On top of that, I download 45GB update that then tells me I'm ready to go to NY. I when I go to the Helicopter as the mission marker tells me to, I then get brought to the option to pay for the content I just downloaded despite having a season pass (which effectively didn't give much in the way of content in the first year). This is dog piling bullshit that Ubisoft has done to it's customers. You guys already have a bad rap over this game, and many others (Breakpoint being the latest), you're living up to the bad reputation. I'm glad I didn't pay full price for this crap. I'm not going to take up space on my PC with content that I can't play unless I give you more money. Uninstalled, good riddance.

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