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Welcome to New York. I’m Drew Rechner, associate game
director on “The Division 2.” This is a game play walk-through
of “Warlords of New York”, our new expansion introducing
a new area to the world of “The Division 2.” In order to avoid spoiling
our narrative-driven campaign, some parts of the
video are edited out. Aaron Keener has been spreading
chaos here in New York, creating a world where
the strongest will remain. To reach Keener, we must
go for his followers first. The hunt has just started. WOMAN (ON RADIO): Parnell was an
RPA pilot before he went rogue, so he knows drones
inside and out. Rhodes told us that the
peacekeepers in Two Bridges have been tracking
Cleaner movements for the past few days. This is our best bet to
learning more about Conley. DREW RECHNER (VOICEOVER):
Vivian Conley, former first-wave
division agent. She went rogue, losing
faith in the division at the worst of the collapse. She joined the
Cleaners soon after, and her chemical expertise had
made them deadlier than ever. This is Haven, our new base of
operations here in New York. It was founded a few months
back by first responders and civilian volunteers who call
themselves the peacekeepers. They have everything
they need in here, security, food, supplies. They’ve been standing on their
ground against the Rikers and the cleaners, all of
that without the division. They’ve let us in, but
to them, we are yet another group of troublemakers. We will have to earn
is putting a lot of pressure on the people of New York. They are on the edge,
but these are the people you are fighting for. These civilians need
to be given a chance to be safe and decide what
comes next by themselves. We have been informed
of a confrontation between the Rikers,
known for attacking any kind of law enforcement,
and the peacekeepers at a nearby outpost in
the Two Bridges area. This could be a lead to our
next target, Vivian Conley. WOMAN (ON RADIO):
Two Bridges was one of the areas that held out
the longest after the outbreak. Many of the locals refused
to leave their homes and move into Serra camps. They tried to set up
neighborhood community centers, rather than relying
on the government. Most of them didn’t make it. With the Cleaners and
the other factions wreaking havoc in the area, it
was never really sustainable. These days, only a few remain. I’ve got reports
that the peacekeepers are trying to take a
Riker’s control point. We’ll give them a hand. See what you can find out from. [GUNFIRE] There will be new weapons
and tools to play with. And one of the old
favorites, the sticky bomb, has been brought back. It latches to surfaces
and enemies alike. You can detonate it
at the perfect time, providing new tactical
opportunities in combat. [MUSIC PLAYING] [GUNFIRE] Warlords of New York
is also introducing a host of overall changes
to UI and gear systems. Our goal is to ensure
that gear and weapons have clearer intended roles,
allowing easier decision making. You can see, right away,
how much an item can help you optimize your gear later. Rhodes told us you’re looking
for a rogue agent working with the Cleaners? Yeah, we’ve seen her. She’s sneaky, but still
seems to go out on missions with the rest of the guys. Check in with the
community near here. They’re keeping track
of the latest news. WOMAN (ON RADIO): Sounds
like Conley has been busy. Head to the community and
see what they’ve found. We’re getting warmer. [MUSIC PLAYING] [GUNFIRE] DREW RECHNER (VOICEOVER):
We have skipped some of the steps of our manhunt. As this is a main mission, we
can complete it on our own, just like the rest of the game. But playing with
friends can also be fun. For this last push, let’s
welcome another agent into our game and work
together to take down Conley. [MUSIC PLAYING] After the outbreak, a
devastating hurricane hit New York harder than
any other city in the US. The city was flooded, blocking
roads and collapsing bridges. All bringing the
already quarantined city into a total state of chaos. WOMAN (ON RADIO): Time to
take down Vivian Conley and hopefully get us one step
closer to finding Keener. DREW RECHNER (VOICEOVER):
This massive tanker has crashed onto the shore,
creating an oil spill. Cleaners are harvesting it
with the help of Vivian Conley to fuel their weapons. MAN: Shit, fucking oil gas. Someone’s got to fix
those cooling pumps. [GUNFIRE] Fuck, pull me out! [MUSIC PLAYING] [EXPLOSION] [GUNFIRE] COMPUTER VOICE: Cooling
pump system, compromised. MAN: Conley’s is not going
to like that one bit. Good. WOMAN (ON RADIO): Let’s
see what else you can mess with that’ll piss her off. [MUSIC PLAYING] [GUNFIRE] DREW RECHNER (VOICEOVER):
Fighting indoors is more challenging,
but different enemies have different points you
can use to your advantage. [GUNFIRE] [EXPLOSION] [GUNFIRE] [EXPLOSION] [GUNFIRE] We have fought our
way through the ship. This is it. We are close to Conley. It’s on you now, agent. Good luck. [MUSIC PLAYING]


  1. Good to know everything i did in div 1 was all for nothing…and div 2 was so unrelatable they had to bring us back to NY to finish a cliffhanger story with Aaron Keener

  2. I can't wait to get in there, get all that sweet new loot, only to have Massive make it all obsolete during their next balance patch.

  3. I was hooked on Div 1 and bough Div 2 a couple weeks after release, I didn't finish it because it felt wrong to me and story didnt click to me, should I give it another shot?

  4. So all we do in the division 1 all the hours of gameplay turn back NY better and safe after we go to DC are completely unesesary

  5. This seems to only be enough content to bring back a few fans for the duration of the DLC. After that the player count will drop again.

  6. I really like this. My biggest gripe with the division is that the story never really went anywhere. All the bosses felt inconsequential to the overall conflict of finding who was responsible for the green poison so it’s nice to see them finally get to Keener.

  7. Level 31, 32 and 33? Max Level in the Division 2 is 30 Great. Collect equipment for weeks after weeks until you like it. And then it will fall off again with the next update and I can scrap my exotic items because their level is no longer max

  8. Wow, according to reward under Vivian's head, wasn't you supposed to unlock the sticky bomb after you killed her? So why this character while he's tracking her down?

  9. Why is New York still suffering? In Div1 we brought the gangs AND vigilante military to their knees.

    The hunt for Keener makes sense. But I legit thought he left town after the end of Div1?

    So basically nothing in Div1 mattered. There is no Division operation and Base that has been helping the area for the year.

    That's bad story telling.

  10. One question, I don’t wanna sound entitled, but the features such as the Paragon-like system, level cap increase, and the gear changes, is all of that free for all of The Division 2 players or is it just for those who bought the expansion?

  11. I want to be a rogue agent… I want two factions and an revamp pvp system to have bomb, hostages and objective team deathmatch modes. Similar to counter strike.

  12. The first time I’m hyped again for The Division 2 since release. Spent 1500 hours in The Division 1 and maybe 100 in The Division 2. Thought I will never touch it again but this will be an instant buy after it’s release.

  13. This is what the Division 2 SHOULD have been, but not years later, it should be in winter continuing the story. We never knew what happened to the Russian scientist. There were SO MANY outstanding places to have fights, The American Museum of Natural History. The Cloisters, The Museum of art, Central Park ect. Who knows. Perhaps Ubisoft will wise up and continue the story north and into the Boroughs of NYC. The D2 game in DC has ZERO interest for me, but this may… Ubisoft really F*ed up D2 but this may save it…

  14. Where is the transgender representation? You all make me sick to not include them. They are the most important people in the world!

  15. How many more gigs will Division 2 grow after NY DLC? Ive been playing D2 since March 2019 and right now Im at 100 gig, the biggest game ive ever had and it's only a year old.
    GTA5 and Division 1 both have had a lot of DLC over the past 4-5 years and neither of them are even close to 100 gig memory.
    This should be a red-flag and PS5 needs to have at least 1000 gig hard drive with USB for external hard drive.

  16. Just putting it out there for any one who doesn’t know how to get the loot in Coney Island you gotta play the mini game wack a mole and shoot the ducks and boom door opens should be common sense

  17. Am i the only one who feels like this expansion kinda undoes all the progress you achieve in the Division 1? (story wise) Like what was the point. City i just as bad. hopefully there a good explanation for what happened

  18. I feel like gear definitely needs more updated, but i always hated how they tried to make it all smooth while playing like walking and panning the camera all slow 😭 like who does that

  19. Well, I guess when you cant make something right on the second try cough cough breakpoint. You can fall back on the division 1 right

  20. I've put over 1200+ Hrs into D1 and D2. I have 2 characters in D2 with 400k+ amor and melt LMG Dmg builds. I loved the game at launch, then you ruined it with the free DLC and the sparse care for the game. This gameplay just reminds me of the last mission with the chick on the boat behind glass til you fight off X waves, and stop some boomboom sticks. I am so very dissapointed with this trailer.

  21. Huh. Was it explained why Faye and Rhodes had a falling out? Just thinking it's weird that he left to create PeaceKeepers separate from the JTF. Was this somewhere in the lore that I missed?

  22. This all looks great, glad to see it. We've been asking for something like this since Division 1. That said, if the loot pool still amounts to "deconstruct all", it may pull me back for a couple afternoons, but not much longer than that.

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