Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Warlords of New York Season One Overview Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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  1. This is unfair for the player base splitting the people from what they can & cant do my friend who doesnt have money enjoys playing div 2 and wants to do the free pass but cant access it. How is that anywhere free. You have to tell me he has to buy a expansion to even access the free version. Like thats really unfair. Allow the ones who cant buy the expansion to atleast be able to access the new manhunt and free pass. Its unfair for those with money issues

  2. Still waiting on capitol building to be invaded for the final nemesis piece, yet it's been at least 5 or 6 weeks since, it's just rotated off of Roosevelt, manning and district union

  3. This game has turned itself around!! Absolutely loving it and feels great to be back on! I completed DC and was so bored. Loviing it again

  4. На всех миссиях с поверженных НИИ противников перестали падать ресурсы для перекалибровки (сталь, электроника, керамика и т.п.). Это баг или нововведение?

  5. I'm struggling with DC. I'm gear score 515 and the game is way too hard. I think if you did what you did in the division 1 where agents that didn't have the dlc could level up but not have access to that expansion specific area would be great

  6. those grahpics look sick. to bad l can't play on that graphics because all l get is 3- to 45 frames that skip back and forward.

  7. Neal Price

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    Like your videos ,, but Most of us did not buy the game to play with a group . { We dont play well with others, lolololol } we just want to get on and play the game get the loot we want and grid out making our own fun on our on time not having to find or wait for a group . Since the game makers keep reading the post of the few that like playing in a group , gearing the game towards them and do not paying attention to those of us who do not like playing in a group {which way out number the guy who like playing in a group } They will lose out in the end because we will just stop playing and find a new game . they could fix this problem by making the program change based on your forming of a group for group play and / or for just logging in to play in non- group play and set up the games algorithms in the game to be fair to both pvp and pve players in groups and non-groups . they already know when your setting change and send in more stuff at you when your in a group. but that might be to much to ask for . lolololololol

  8. Its like this game has 2 different teams working on it, one that makes a good patch and then it rotates to the trash group that puts out garbage.

  9. So let me get this straight – unless you buy this dlc, you can basicly just uninstal the game! We have spent a year waiting for someone to "fix" the worst loot system ever created, A WHOLE YEAR! and now that it finally is fixed you eaither pay up AGAIN or you will be locked out not only from a new game mode (which would be understandeble) but also : top 10 lvls , seasons, shd wristwatch lvls, everyone else that moved on… THIS – IS – DISGUSTING !!!

  10. What are you all talking about? How dilissional are you all? This game is worse than the first division game. It still has the same exact glitches as the first division that they never fixed. For example you come across a mob of NPCs as soon as you start to shoot at the mob the mob teleports 20 ft away…really….really….. now NPCs are worst than the 1.3 update in the first division game. They still haven't fixed the disconnecting issue either. That's from the first division too. Yet y'all still funding this game and the broken DLC. They are laughing at you all, all the way to the bank.



  11. This season pass is really lacking, all the gear in the season pass don't roll with good stats, the cosmetic caches keys only roll items I already have and I don't have that many to begin with.

  12. So u mean the mysterious one , the bloody killer: warlord , and most scary character: Alex is back ??? All the divisions 1 new player still dream about that name :”they got Alex “

  13. March 12, 2020:
    * Irish Meadow Dance (JD2016) (Free)
    March 19, 2020:
    * ??? (Exclusive)
    * Kissing Strangers (Mashup) by DNCE ft. Nicki Minaj (Exclusive)
    April 16, 2020:
    * ??? (Exclusive)
    * Disturbia by Rihanna (JD4)
    April 23, 2020:
    * ??? (Exclusive)
    * Giddy on Up (Giddy on Out) by Laura Bell Bundy (JD3)
    April 30, 2020:
    * ??? (Exclusive)
    * Electric Boy by KARA (JDWUJP)

  14. There's a constant noise like a train in a tunnel that goes everywhere I go I've logged out and back in but it's still there hopefully it will disappear

  15. Plz nerf bullet sponges, we like a challenge but we prefer to be able to kill the enemies as fast as they kill us, if you make it like that the game will still be hard but just its not fun rn shooting a guy 100x in the head it makes no sense i understand you cant make it that all headshots kill instantly but we want fast kill speeds for npcs

  16. Im a fully god roled 100% dps build and ive been nurfed to the ground are ubisoft deliberately doing this to force players to pay for the expansion? Global events were for everyone in division 1 i see you learnt alot here.

  17. I don’t know what you guys do, stupid developers, in such a beautiful game, many changes, change is wrong

  18. Youre trying to get players to pay for stupid grind with seasons?

    Season 1 started and it took me 3.5 hrs to finish all tasks available, with global settings at challenging and i was soloing…

    And, now im supposed to wait 2 weeks to next unlocks?

    Stupid cash crab and btw, same missions over and over again. What a low effort try.. 😁

    You seriously want to cash 10€ for seasons and we only get stupid loot for playing same old missions? Do invaded mission—>do 3 control points—>do one stupid bounty. Rinse and repeat.

    Shame on you.

  19. I have a question Ubisoft!!!!!! I like the chameleon gun, but I can’t to use it, because this gun haven’t damage!)) do something!!!!!

  20. Welcome to warlords of SpongeBob, where your enemies soak up 100s and 100s of bullets while you get sniped by are new NPC with a shotgun from 200m away and loose your armor. But don't worry we made it so you can have over a million armor now to feel like a super tank. If you buy now we will make sure your tank builds get destroyed in 2 bullets while your telling your team you ran out of bullets while your still in the first 50feet of the mission. Plus will throw in are last year concept and make you play division 2 like it was and DPS is King once again. Enjoy

  21. Why tf are you locking battle pass behind paywall of warlords of new york expansion u could've got MORE money from those that didn't bougjt the expansion come on man

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