Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Warlords of New York: Story & Character Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

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[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: Agent, listen up. You and your squad are urgently
needed in New York City. A biological attack
hit lower Manhattan. We need your help to hunt
down the one responsible. Aaron Keener, call
sign vanguard. He’s the one behind the deadly
attack on division headquarters that killed dozens
of top division agents and countless
innocent civilians and we suspect he’s
just getting started. Keep in mind, Keener knows
this city inside and out, and he’s as cunning and
as lethal as they come. Originally, Keener
was one of us, but eight months
ago the division failed him by leaving him
to die in the Dark Zone. That was the day he lost
faith and went rogue. He disappeared and
gathered all the tools he needed to engineer his
own biological weapons. He doesn’t just want
revenge, he seeks chaos. He believes it is the only
way for humanity to thrive. Keener isn’t the
only one with an ax to grind against the
division, there are others. Keener has recruited
four rogue agents who not only share
his extremist vision, they have the skills
to execute it. They’ve worked their way ups
within factions ruling over lower Manhattan. If we want to get
to Keener, we’ll need to go through them first. First up, Vivian Conley, former
counterterrorism intelligence agent and chemical engineer. Conley’s last known location
was the Two Bridges sector. A hurricane ravaged the
coast a few months ago, so it’s a far cry from the
thriving urban sector it once was. Keener’s second rogue agent
is Javier Kajika, a master of stealth and infiltration. He was a Black Ops hitman
for the US government. With the government
collapse, his loyalty goes to whoever will
feed his need for blood. Our latest Intel locates Kajika
somewhere in the Battery Park area, the part of the city
that’s taken over by swamp. The terrain is rough and
scattered with giant sinkholes that used to be subway tunnels. Odds are he knows
you’re coming for him and plans to use the dicey
terrain to get the drop on you. Both Conley and Kajika work with
the Cleaners, a former New York City sanitation
unit that believes only fire can stop the virus. Conley was recruited by the
Cleaners when she went rogue, and thanks to her
technical expertise they’re deadlier than ever. We’ve been exchanging blows
with them for a while, but their methods are ruthless
and their cleansing fire takes no prisoners. James Dragov, former police
officer, a heavy weapons and defense specialist. His relentless fight for justice
made him a legend on the force. Yet, his allegiance has changed. Dragov took hold of
the Financial District and has been using it as the
center of his black market operation. Our Intel suggests
he’s still there. Be careful major flooding has
transformed the entire district into a mudslide. Last but not least, Theo
Parnell, a drone engineer and skilled hacker. He’s managed to
stay off the grid, so all we can say for sure is
he’s a true master of decoys and deception. Keener’s arranged for
the Rikers to protect him at an unknown location
in the Civic Center area. Dragov and Parnell
have both been linked to the Rikers, ex-cons
from Rikers Island prison. Regardless of who their
enemies were in the past, they’ve agreed to band together. Their motto, power by
numbers, and just like Keener, they thrive in chaos. Before you arrive at the base
of operations with agent Alani Kelso, I should warn you, a
lot has changed in New York. The days when division
agents were seen as knights in shining armor are long gone. The people around
here are survivors. Ever since Keener
and his rogue agents took over lower
Manhattan, there’s been a distrust of division
agents among civilians. Agent Faye Lau has been
the acting commander of the division in
New York City and is leading the hunt for Keener. Her methods are
unconventional, but we’re in a race against
the clock and Lau knows what it takes to
get results quickly. You’ll also find Paul
Rhodes, now the leader of the civilian settlement. Because he’s so
tapped into the city, he may be able to help you track
Keener and his rogue agents. Our mission is simple,
find and eliminate Keener. But to expose our
target, we’ll need to take down his chain of rogue
agents before they destroy us. Agents, the hunt
for Keener is on. [MUSIC PLAYING]


  1. So why did we leave New York and go to DC just to go back to New York? What happened to our agents from the first game? It just doesn't make any sense anymore

  2. LOL this is strait up from Ghost Recon and Farcry. Take out x number of lieutenant's in x number of zones before you can get the main bad guy. Do they really not have anything original they can do now a days?

  3. As a day 0 division 1 player
    If there's one thing that I've learned from UBI/Massive
    Is that they really know how to put up a trailer.

  4. This should've been The Division 2 in the first place… Also charging us again for this… I get it, milking fans dreams and wishes with Keener but some of us paid 100+ dollars for the god knows what edition of Div 2… Dissapointing

  5. So this screams breakpoint, far cry, and watch dogs 2 but online only and no ai teammates and not original story….I'll pass.

  6. Please tell me it’s not true that this DLC will cost 😩 Thought we had all established that charging for multiplayer dlc expansions or maps Is just a stupid / greedy idea. Just divides the community and kills the game

  7. Well here’s hoping I can make the decision to join keener. I’ve started to agree with him more and more, never really liked being the good guy in games.

  8. Seems like breakpoint : an ex-division/ghost commanding a couple of mini bosses.

    Ubisoft you really like copying and pasting your games huh?

  9. What happened to Cpt. Benitez?? Did he die? I didn't reply Lincoln Tunnel on Challenging mode for hours on end for him to kick the bucket. What happened to his favorite deli shop that reopened.

  10. I hope we get to see our characters from the last game if u played it like I think that would be cool if u saw the character u made in the first game


  12. Damn, this looks SICK. Really stoked about returning to New York. The post hurricane destruction is a really nice touch. Glad to see Faye and Paul are still in the fight, too.

    3:20 – Need to fix that barrel animation (or lack thereof), Ubi.

  13. And you have to pay for it right, cool that i have a broken useless game since the launch and now I have to pay again for what?

  14. His death must be in a form of a cinematic or cut scene. I don’t want those ordinary npc’s deaths because he’s more important than any of them.

  15. This looks pretty cool!

    I want to be able to claim Javier's bow after I take him out. I'd like to actually shoot one back lol.

  16. About time we went after him and get to see what he looks like. But, what about the Black Tusk group. Is keener working with them or did the Division deal with them before the events of this story?

  17. Too bad I can’t hook up with my agent I played in the Division 1. It would cool if they became AI controlled using the same gear set I used in that game.

    Or better yet, if I could switch between the two.

  18. Wait, so they killed off our Agent in New York? Cuz after the events of Division 1, that's the only way I can see Keener gaining ground again.

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