Top 10 Cities To Live In The United States For 2018

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Top 10 Cities To Live In The United States
For 2018. Generally speaking, living in the United States
Of America is a dream come true for many. Not just the immigrants that have moved from
all parts of the world, but the locals as well. However, like it is with all things, some
parts of America are just better than others. While picking a city to spend the rest of
your lives in can be quite difficult your choices just got easier. We’ve listed out the top 10 cities to live
in the United States. 1: Austin, Texas. With its spectacular weather, inviting people,
and Texan charm Austin makes the cut for the best cities to live in America. More than 50 new residents arrive on a daily
basis for a fresh start in the city. What you might not know is that Austin was
known as the Silicon Hills due to a large number of venture capital investments that
happened here during the 90’s. Austin also has an exciting music scene with some of the
country’s best music festivals taking place in the state. 2: Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ann Arbor is an excellent city especially
if you are thinking of starting a family. It has some of the best schools in the system. With a population of just over 116,000 people,
you enjoy a relaxed lifestyle while still enjoying all the benefits of a great society. 3: Rochester, Minnesota. Rochester has a population of just over 110,000
people and the city ensures to take care of each of them wonderfully. The city is well planned and managed by the
highly competent city officials. The school systems are some of the best in
the country and the high quality of life make it an excellent destination to put your root
in and settle down. 4: Colorado Springs, Colorado. The high quality of life Colorado Springs
has to offer can compete with the best in the world. With Aspen and Vail’s ski-resorts within
driving distance, you get several excellent holiday destinations close by. In fact, Colorado Springs is quite a tourist
destination for its own park system. 5: Naperville, Illinois. Naperville has an excellent housing and school
system. While it’s nightlife leaves much to be desired,
it ranks highly in the safety aspect. Naperville also has a highly diverse range
of people living happily in close proximity. 6: Des Moines, Iowa. Des Moines is now being recognized as one
of the most ‘hip’ cities in all of United States. It has taken to the millennial culture with
aplomb and several locally owned bars and restaurants are giving it a cool vibe. A city that people of all ages would love
to call home. 7: Olympia, Washington. Olympia has several natural as well as man-made
structural wonders for its residents and tourists alike to enjoy. The capital of Washington state is also one
of the safest cities in all of America. The housing is perhaps a tad bit too expensive,
but the utilities are top notch. 8: Fayetteville, Arkansas. Amidst the Ozark mountains lies the famous
University of Arkansas which calls Fayetteville home. Several multinational corporations such as
Walmart and Tyson Foods have set up their headquarters in nearby towns which really
helped Fayetteville the status it has accrued today. While the University of Arkansas has always
been renowned several other top-notch public school have been built since. 9: Portland, Oregon. With a slogan like ‘Keep Portland Weird,’
there are some surprising sights to see in this beautiful city. It is more than just a collection of offbeat
shops and events. There are plenty of jobs available with most
of them coming from the tech sector and companies like Nike, Intel, and several others have
their headquarters just outside city limits. 10: Huntsville, Alabama. ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, is sung truer in
Huntsville than in any other city. Ever since NASA first set up camp in the 1960’s
Huntsville has been experiencing a renaissance of sorts with several other tech companies
wanting to set up shop close to the space giants. This has led to better investments, more jobs
and a higher quality of life.


  1. Hi I recently won DV-lottery
    2020 and hopefully I am going to be AMERICAN, so I was wondering which city is
    the best city to immigrate. I am looking for a big city which is affordable and
    finding a job is not too hard and also a city which I can go to the university
    and get my Masters degree a place which I can seek my American dream it would
    be great if you advise me where I can find all those things as an alien
    resident thank you so much. ( and sorry for grammatical errors I’m working on
    my English)

  2. I heard Austin Texas, and Colorado Springs, Colorado are cool but they are not for me.

    I like living in the Washington DC Metropolitan area…but my next move is going to be out of the United States of America altogether.

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