Top 10 Must Visit American Cities

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These are the top tourist destinations brought to us by way of the US of A. Welcome to And today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten must-visit American cities. Just to be clear: while we’re fully aware that the American continent itself is comprised of numerous nations, we’re focusing on cities specifically in the United states. As other American nations are home to dozens of other cities that deserve their own separate lists, we’re ranking these cities based on how beautiful they are, how fun they are and how much they have to offer tourists. Number 10: Honolulu Hawaii Hawaiian for “calm port”, It’s not difficult to see how this state capital received its name. While the city houses many run-of-the-mill modern views from the high-rises of Waikiki Beach to the consumer outlets of what’s touted as the world’s largest open-air shopping center, it continues to remain a must visit paradise for its natural landscapes and native habitats. This Modern Eden is the perfect destination for tourists seeking an exotic escape near the borders of the contemporary world. number 9: Washington D.C. It’s not just politics as usual in the United States Capital, There are tons of things to see and do. Visitors can enjoy the City’s inspiring and diverse architecture with both modern buildings and historic structures that range in style from Georgian revival and Beaux Arts to Romanesque and much more. Home to numerous national landmarks including the Lincoln Memorial, the National Mall, Capitol Hill and of course the White House, it should come as no surprise that tourism is the second most profitable industry in the district of Columbia. number 8: Miami, Florida Ranked not only as one of America’s cleanest cities but also one of the richest, this child of the sunshine state is filled with views of cityscapes and coastline, making it one of the crown jewels of America’s southeast. Another reason to visit Miami is for its reputation as the supposed capital of Latin America. The City earned that nickname for its large Spanish-speaking and cuban American populations. As a destination for a perfect summer Getaway the City has garnered further prominence for its broad beaches, clean water and the port of Miami, currently dubbed the Cruise capital of the World. number 7: Boston, Massachusetts Located on the coast of one of America’s four Commonwealth States Massachusetts’ capital is a city rich in history, culture and business. Home to countless tourist hotspots like Fenway Park, Faneuil Hall and the old statehouse on the freedom trail, the city’s built environment embodies an unmatchable charm that perfectly preserves the spirit of a Colonial America meshed in a modern world. Today the capital continues to thrive with its proud achievements in medicine and higher education, the buildings and sites of which have garnered their own special breed of tourism. Number six, Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s gone by many other names from epithets including Glitter Gulch and the entertainment capital of the world but most famously Vegas is known as “Sin City”. Renowned for its ultimate tourist destination, “the strip”, Las Vegas is home to some of the world’s largest and most popular Mega Resort casinos and hotels. While it has recently begun drawing in more families and retirees Vegas and its collection of worlds within a single neon realm remains a prominent tourist destination for its novelty architecture, nightlife, gaming grounds and live entertainment, adult or not. Number 5: Los Angeles, California Known as “the city of angels” this colorful metropolis is home to a broad diversity of peoples and subcultures that make LA a world of its own. While popular tourist attractions in Los Angeles like Santa Monica Beverly Hills and Hollywood as well as other California cities like San Diego remain an absolute must, there are many other reasons to visit the film industry capital of the world. From the expanding nightlife in its downtown district to its thrilling amusement parks to its gorgeous scenery to its many museums Los Angeles has something for everyone, especially lovers of the movie Industry. number 4: New Orleans, Louisiana Another tourist destination rich in history and culture thanks to its reputation as the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans stands as the perfect Southern Belle in the form of a city. Garnering prominence for its legendary French quarter and the infamous nightlife Boulevard appropriately named Bourbon Street this city is crammed with all sorts of contained and colorful chaos, regardless of whether or not it’s time for Mardi Gras. Anarchic Avenues Aside Magazine Street just one of many other decorative and eccentric corners of the City is home to boutique shops and Antique stores with goodies that you’ll swear are from another world. Number 3: Chicago, Illinois Taking the third spot on our list is America’s third most populated city with an ever-growing Metropolitan area often referred to as Chicagoland, the Windy City’s history and Modern day evolution continues to attract more outsiders for tourists mainstays like cuisine sightseeing and sports, as it’s one of the few American cities to have professional athletic teams in all major sports leagues. Couple Bears and Cubs fans with historical landmarks like the Chicago Theatre, the Navy Pier and a magnificent skyline and you have a criminally underrated city worth visiting. Number two: San Francisco, California. As a center of culture and Commerce in Northern California this must visit city acts as central headquarters for dozens of contemporary enterprises including Gap and Twitter to name a few. Prominent for its wide array of architectural styles and areas like the famous Hippie District Haight-Ashbury. It’s cable cars and tourist attractions like the Golden Gate bridge, Lombard Street , Alamo Square and Alcatraz San Francisco should easily make the list of every building buff and sightseers’ musts. The cherry on top here is the City’s fine history as an epicenter of Progressive movements attracting diverse groups of visitors from every Generation. Before we unveil our top pick here are some honorable mentions. Number One: New York City, New York. Taking top honors on our list is the Big Apple, home to countless millions and Lady Liberty herself. Dubbed “the city that never sleeps” NYC is the hub of numerous multi-billion-dollar enterprises with Wall Street serving as the front line of all the commercial madness. Business aside the city is prominent for its unbeatable and breathtaking cityscape views, its appreciation for the Arts and its vivid individuals that bring it all to life year round. Whether you’re shopping or eating or heading to Central park to one of the city’s various quaint neighborhoods like Soho, or the West village to tourist Hotspots like the Empire state building or to one of the many world-class museums New York City is the place to see and be seen. Do you agree with our list? With so many other beautiful cities to choose from we’re sure we’ve missed a few of your favorites. Which American cities are at the top of your travel wish list? For more informative travel videos and entertainment top 10s be sure to subscribe to


  1. I adore NYC (New York City). I've been to New York twice. One in August and one in December

  2. I do not agree with this list. LA, Honolulu, Miami, and Denver should be omitted as they are not notable or compelling enough to visit. To get the authentic American experience, here’s my list. 1. New York City
    2. San Francisco 3. New Orleans
    4. San Antonio 5. Philadelphia
    6. Washington DC 7. Charleston
    8. Savannah 9. Seattle 10. Chicago

  3. My Top 10
    #10 Las Vegas Nevada
    #9 Atlanta Georgia
    #8 Los Angeles California
    #7 Austin Texas
    #6 Washington DC
    #5 Chicago Illinois
    #4 Miami Florida
    #3 San Francisco California
    #2 New Orleans Louisiana
    Honorabe Mentions:
    Honolulu Hawaii
    Denver Colorado
    Seattle Washington
    Orlando Florida
    Nashville Tennessee
    San Diego California
    Boston Massachusetts
    Philadelphia Pennsylvania
    Dallas Texas
    #1 New York City New York

  4. 5 out of 10 are done. I will target remaining few in next couple of years. Greatly compiled list

  5. Cities I want to visit the most
    8. Nashville
    7. Charlotte
    6. Anaheim
    5. Denver
    4. Dallas
    3. Chicago
    2. Washington D.C.
    1. New York

  6. this is so biased, aside from Mardi Gras, there is no reason New Orleans to top Miami, Boston, Los Angeles, & Las Vegas.

  7. My favorite it's Los Angeles CA because I don't like city like new york with only building I love environment and landscap

  8. I'd like it if the list wasn't so obvious, like let's do 10 Secondary Cities to visit that could also be cool. My list is random and in no particular order.
    Providence, RI
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Atlantic City, NJ
    Charleston, SC
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Tucson, AZ
    San Antonio, TX
    San Diego, CA
    Cincinnati, OH
    Seattle, WA
    Random list with a little diversity.

  9. Boston Massachusetts I think is good for life and travel tourism. That's why I choose Boston in United States

  10. San Francisco??? No. San Francisco sucks. Bum city. Aggressive police. Nightmare driving and triple nightmare parking. Expensive. Dirty. No.

  11. Who else thought of “WHAT EVER HAPPEN TO THE NEWSPAPER AND MILK MAN LEAVIN TV” when you seen the Golden Gate Bridge ?

  12. 4.45 min.: Just look at that dumb, drunken hippo – they tell me to fly around the world to visit New Orleans, for example, and I will run into these caricatures of human beings.God help me, if I would.

  13. Other cities
    Atlanta GA
    Philadelphia PA
    Memphis TN
    San Diego CA
    St. Louis MO
    Indianapolis IN
    Detroit MI
    Cleveland OH
    Minneapolis MN
    Cincinnati OH
    Portland OR
    Dallas TX
    Charlotte NC
    Savanna GA
    Grand Rapids MI
    Kansas City MO
    Jacksonville FL
    Columbus OH
    Pittsburgh PA
    Houston TX
    El Paso TX
    Virginia Beach VA
    Scranton PA
    Omaha NE
    Reno NV
    Salt Lake City UT
    Charleston SC
    Naples FL
    Des Meinos IO
    Ann Arbor MI
    Corpus Cristi TX
    Atlantic City NJ
    Louisville KY
    Oklahoma City OK
    Phoenix AZ
    Toucan AZ
    Oakland CA

  14. I like the fact that they chose Las Vegas as #6 great city lot of nice locals but it's also very racist, not only against blacks because blacks don't spend big money but Hispanics an homeless ppl.the police target black males , throw them in jail for as little as j walking, while they believe if they get rid of blacks "white" will feel more comfortable spending his hard earned stollen dollars, There's a lot of homeless ppl living in horrible living conditions, like in reservoir draining tunnels, alleys an private property, the city does very little if any to help them, while city an state tax paying $ help support drug trafficking, marijuana dispensaries, an prostitution, it's a fake hospitality social conspiracy to get ppl to spend unnecessary money because most tourists come from boring places an don't have much Imagination to know how to have fun, over the last 4 years I've lived here I've seen a major dip the gambling error, a lot of ppl just like to party an drink, a lot of places an shows are way over priced, the food is great but again way over priced, while there's a lot of ppl who just come here to party on the weekend's it's a very segregated place to play, the rich are atfraid to walk on the streets, paranoid someone will recognize them an Rob them or worse so they come out only in the day time.

  15. Los Angeles ? Yeah if you like weirdo's cops an gang bangers, it's the most creapyest city iv lived in in the world, iv literally seen ghost an zombies in santa Monica, malabu, an Hollywood, ppl are paranoid there, middle schools, high school hold the geness world record for std's ppl are rude an buligerent, a lot of hit an runs, it's well over populated an mostly all the girls are under cover prostitutes on the side, well painted over slum lord city

  16. Last time i went to the USa, i saw all the time ugly and obese people. Where are the Jhonny Depp and Brad Pitt lol ^^

  17. This is bull shit. San Diego is not a part of Los Angeles. San Diego is America’s finest city.

  18. Amazing tourism. Please visit Indonesia tourism too. Visit my channel and you will know my the best object there.

  19. I’m french after my studies i Want to live in USA and i think SLC or Portand, Denver is a beautiful cities

  20. Hawaii is so damn underated it has black sand beaches, white sand beaches, snorkling, surfing, swimming, landmarks, nice people good food, and extremely low crime rate

  21. Bozeman MT is a beautiful and extremely safe city. More importantly, if global warming is not contained, Bozeman will be one of the cities,standing in the northern hemisphere.

  22. Cities I personally wish to visit one day if i'm capable
    -Santa Fe, NM
    -Mason City, IA
    -Newport, RI
    -Tulsa, OK
    -Kansas City, MO
    -Juneau, AK
    -Portland, OR
    -Denver, CO
    -Pittsburgh, PA
    -Baltimore, MD
    -Detroit, MI

    Also most of the cities in the video seem really cool too


  24. If you believe that "America" is one country, how can "North America" (the north part of "America" )and "South America" (the South part of "America") be two separate continents?? EITHER NORTH AMERICA IS THE NORTH PART OF A CONTINENT OR THE NORTH PART OF A COUNTRY. Which is it? I leave it up to you to choose, just make up your mind without contradictons. I also suggest you show me a map (google or whatever) where the U.S. is called "America" If you feel sad because the country between Mexico and Canada does not have a name, I'll help you find one: "Turkeyland" "Pilgrimmia" "Mayflowerland" "Trumpland" or a little more seriously: COLUMBIA. Heads up, kid!

  25. Go to America as a tourist ? Are you nuts? They have no history, they have no manners, they have no culture.  It is truly a very strange country where the people choose an insane president, walk around with weapons in their pockets, and think there are all sorts of other reasons why people shoot each other. Their morals are double and triple, almost morbid. I recommend Russia.

  26. Your country is beautiful! I love your country so much, can you help me get a visa? I'm a civil engineer diploma

  27. 1 new York my top 10
    2 la
    4san Diego
    5San Fran
    7 DC
    8 Boston
    11 why chicago is #11 because of the violence but just don't go the balck hoods gettho

  28. Bias video poll propaganda out of California…see this recent poll that contradicts this video polling, below.. California ranked the worst.
    Miami clean? You must be kidding. Dirty as hell too. Unscientific poll.

  29. Really appreciate this video….

  30. "Epi-THET, not TET." Jeez!
    Also, they mention Magazine St. but not the Garden District in New Orleans? Absurd! The Garden District is like a larger version of Savannah/Charleston, but even prettier! And Magazine Street is within its confines. Mojo don't know.

  31. Also, why Vegas as a must-see?! Unless you're into cheesy Vegas shows or gambling, what is there? Just empty glitz. Pshaw! You could have included Charleston, SC, or a beautiful western city in its stead!

  32. Memphis ? where is Philadelphia ? the only city in america to be listed as a world heritage sight —parts of it are like walking through the 18th century

  33. San Francisco: If you like the smell of human shit in the morning, the sight of street people having an obvious mental breakdowns and stepping on used drug needles, this is the city for you.

  34. My top cities that I already visited them

    New york, New york
    Chicago, Illinois
    San Francisco, California
    Philadelphia, Pensylvania
    Boston, Massachusett
    Seattle, Washington
    Miami, Florida
    Houston, texas
    Denver, Colorado
    Atlanta, Georgia
    Los angeles, California
    Washington, Distric of Columbia (DC)
    Saint Louis, Missouri
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    Baltimore, Maryland
    Detroit, Michigan
    Las vegas, Nevada
    Cleaveland, Ohio
    Pittsburg, Pensylvania
    Portland, Oregon
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Dallas, Texas
    Sanantonio, Texas
    New orleans, Louisiana
    Memphis, Tennessee
    Richmond, Virginia
    Sandiego, California
    Orlando, Florida
    Nashvill, Tennessee
    Phoenix, Arizona
    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Minneapolis, Minesota

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